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WWF Superstars 3/24/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Sacramento, CA

1.)The Big Bossman defeated Bob Bradley
2.)The Barbarian defeated Bob Allen
3.)Greg Valentine & the Honkytonk Man defeated Jerry Monti & Jim Gorman
4.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior defeated Steve Vega
5.)The Rockers defeated The Brooklyn Brawler & Buddy Rose

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.We are inching closer to the WrestleMania VI! This week, Jesse Ventura continues to flip flop on his prediction for Warrior/Hogan and even has his face painted like Warrior does.

2.Akeem cut a promo during Bossman’s squash telling him that he has the answer for a bully and that’s his right hand. They will be squaring off at WrestleMania VI, by the way.

3.Footage from SNME is shown where Warrior accidentally clotheslined Hulk Hogan as he was fighting off Mr. Perfect and the Genius. That will surely add some tension their match. We also see footage from the Main Event where Hulk Hogan saved Warrior from a post-match beat down by Earthquake. Warrior would return the favor and save Hogan from being attacked by Earthquake, who had splashed Hogan once already. Better late than never, I guess.

4.It’s time for comments from Warrior and Hogan. This is also known as the moment where I learn a new language since they both grunt and growl more than anything. Warrior talks about a path and the ultimate destiny for themselves. He looks into that light without any fear. Warrior says he must take Hogan into his world, or his darkness. Warrior tells Hogan that he will never return from it. Hogan will be going to places he would never have gone otherwise. Hogan will surrender to the power of the Warrior. Hogan chimes in and says that his fans have had enough of hearing Warrior spit out words. Hogan tells Warrior that after Mania he is going to be a ghost and nothing more. Hogan is going to prove he is the greatest champ when he beats Warrior at Mania, brother!

5.The Bushwhackers were scheduled to compete in a match on the show, that wouldn’t end up happening because of Greg Valentine and the Honkytonk Man. They decided to stay at ringside after their match and they ended up attacking Butch and Luke! Valentine smashed Butch over the head with a guitar and they were beaten down. Honky smashed Luke over the head with a guitar as well and they kept beating them up with the guitars for a few moments.

6.This week on the Brother Love show, Brother Love is joined by Earthquake and Jimmy Hart. Love talks about how Hercules said that it was going to be the end of Quake at Mania. Quake tells us that no one can survive the Earthquake at WrestleMania! Quake predicts that there will be a natural disaster between Hogan and Warrior at Mania! Jimmy Hart tells Love that Hogan has already paid for attacking Quake. Hart knows that Hogan is still hurt thanks to Quake. Hart assures Hogan that Quake will squash Hogan with a earthquake reaching ten on the richter scale. He also believes that Quake will become the next WWF World Champion!

7.To close the show, we see Roddy Piper cut a promo in black face. Yeah, that’s right. He cuts a promo half as himself and then goes into a stereotypical black thug voice as a way to promote his match with Bad News Brown.

Final Thoughts:
This was another standard episode of Superstars. Since we are getting to the tail end of the hype for Mania, there isn’t going to be any new angle developments. Instead, just hype videos for the big matches. We did see a fine promo by Quake and Hart as it’s obvious that Quake and Hogan will be having a feud after Mania and for most of the summer. I’m in favor of that as the feud has been actually entertaining as of now. The attack on the Bushwhackers was not expected and I enjoyed it. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Butch and Luke so it was fun to see them get destroyed. I’ll give the show a mild thumbs up this week.

Thanks for reading.


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