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WWF Wrestlefest ’92

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation Wrestlefest ’92
Release Date:

1.)Shawn Michaels defeated Virgil
2.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated the Bushwhackers
3.)Davey Boy Smith defeated Rick Martel
4.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated the Barbarian
5.)The Natural Disasters defeated the Nasty Boys
6.)WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion IRS
7.)Tito Santana defeated Repo Man by disqualification
8.)Legion of Doom & Natural Disasters defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. & Nasty Boys

Angle Advancements/Notes:
1.Mean Gene and Bobby Heenan will be playing tennis throughout the course of this video. Heenan thought they were going to play table tennis.

2.Virgil is sporting a nose protector since his nose was recently broken by Sid Justice leading into WrestleMania VIII. It didn’t take long for Michaels to work over the injured face of Virgil but Virgil fought back with some basic moves to get a near win with a roll up. Virgil drops Michaels with a series of clotheslines to get the fans behind him. Well, that comes to an end when Michaels tosses Virgil to the floor. The referee is distracted by Sherri Martel to allow Michaels to just casually punch Virgil right on the nose. Michaels focuses on the injured face with several strikes including a big boot for a near fall. Virgil tries a couple of times to make a comeback but Michaels cuts him off with a quick clothesline after getting out of a backslide attempt. Michaels rams Virgil’s face right into the top turnbuckle, which was the way it was broken in the first place. Virgil drives Michaels face first into the canvas and delivers a couple of atomic drops. Michales kicks out of a cover attempt after a side Russian leg sweep. Michaels avoids Virgil in the corner and hits the teardrop suplex to win the match. I wasn’t expecting anything from these two, but it was a fine match. Virgil played the underdog role rather well here and Michaels gave him enough to make it a competitive match.

3.Oh joy, it’s the Bushwhackers. The champs attack the Bushwhackers before the bell to get the early advantage. The champs are sent into each other and have their butts bitten by the challengers. DiBiase and IRS bail to the floor so the Bushwhackers can get their pop. Butch is worked over by the champions until he drives IRS down with a bulldog and Luke does the same to DiBiase. The champs regain control over Luke when the referee is distracted by Butch. The double teaming isn’t all that great as it’s just abdominal stretches. Luke blocks a backdrop attempt by DiBiase by hitting him with a boot to the chest. Butch and IRS get hot tags and Butch nearly gets a three count. Jimmy Hart gets on the apron and IRS knees Butch from behind before hitting a standing elbow drop to win the match. Moving on…

4.Mean Gene is teaching Bobby Heenan how to serve on the tennis court.

5.Martel has the early advantage with a knee to the midsection and leapfrogs over Smith in the corner so he can taunt him. Smith slingshots Martel from the apron back into the ring. Smith works over Martel’s arm with an arm lock. Smith is knocked to the floor and Martel follows up by ramming Smith back first into the apron. Smith runs into a high knee in the corner and is almost pinned. Smith battles back with a few clotheslines and Martel bails to the floor. Martel counters a sunset flip attempt from the apron and holds onto the ropes. However, the referee sees that and Smith rolls Martel up for the win. That got just under six minutes and they just kept it really simple and basic. I was hoping this was going to be some kind of hidden gem, but it was just a stinker.

6.Barbarian quickly sends Hart to the floor with a shoulder block after he came full speed off the ropes. Hart tried to do the same moments later but failed to even make Barbarian budge. Hart rethinks his strategy and take Barbarian down to the mat to work on his large arms. Barbarian catches Hart with a bear hug, but Hart bites his way out of the hold. The fans are chanting “We Want Bret!” Well, you got him already. Barbarian drops Hart throat first across the top rope. On the floor, Barbarian rams Hart back first into the ring post a couple of times. Back in the ring Barbarian sends Hart hard chest first into a turnbuckle and follows up with a back breaker. Barbarian runs into a big boot in the corner and Hart connects with an atomic drop and a clothesline for a near fall. Hart delivers a back breaker and hits a middle rope forearm drop for another two count. Barbarian powers out of another cover after a side Russian leg sweep. Barbarian kicks out of a sunset flip cover attempt and drives Hart back down with a vertical suplex. Hart counters a suplex attempt with a small package and wins the match. This was a decent match which showcased Barbarian in a good way, I thought. His size and power advantage was highlighted early on and Hart stealing a victory was a fine way to put an to the match.

7.Typhoon splashes Sags in the corner to kick off the bout. Knobbs enters to try his luck against Earthquake, who gets tagged in as well. Quake shoulder blocks and scoop slams Knobbs and delivers an elbow drop. Sags hits Quake from behind with the megaphone from the apron. Quake is worked on in the corner by the Nasty Boys as they just choke him. Knobbs rams his shoulder into Quake’s midsection in the corner to maintain the advantage. Quake big boots Knobbs in the corner but can’t quite make the tag out. Quake blocks a sunset flip by Sags by sitting down for a two count. Knobbs is splashed by both Typhoon and Quake. Quake pins Sags after an elbow drop. Typhoon gorilla press slams Jimmy Hart onto Knobbs. That was just a bad match with nothing happening. It’s just really hard to put on a good match the Natural Disasters, I guess.

8.The World Championship is actually on the line for this bout. It’s a slow start to the bout with IRS stalling after Savage controlled him with a side headlock. IRS bails to the floor after a clothesline by Savage. Savage sends IRS over the top to the floor with an atomic drop. On the floor, Savage sends IRS into Jimmy Hart with a high knee lift. Savage gets a two count following a double axe handle off the top rope. IRS battles back and tosses the champ over the top to the floor. IRS rams Savage head first into the ring steps. Savage tries to get a roll up back in the ring but can’t keep IRS down long enough. Savage sends IRS back first into a corner and follows up with a right hand but misses IRS and hits the ropes hard chest first. IRS nearly wins following a lariat. IRS runs into Jimmy Hart and the briefcase on the apron and Savage manages to hit the flying elbow off the top to win the match and retain the title.

9.The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji teach us how to throw a party. Berzerker showed us how to get people to go, blow up balloons and make food.

10.Repo Man focuses on Santana’s left arm in the opening moments of the match. Santana delivers a dropkick to make a comeback. Santana delivers an atomic drop and a leaping cross body for a two count. Repo pulls Santana chest first into a corner and drives Santana down to the mat with a back suplex for a two count. Repo has an arm bar on Santana but isn’t able to get a submission. Santana dropkicks and clotheslines Repo before knocking Repo to the floor with a flying forearm shot. Repo gets his towing hook and hits Santana on the floor right in the midsection. That causes the bell to be sound giving Santana the disqualification victory. After the match, Repo chokes Santana with the rope and rams him shoulder first into the ring post.

11.Hawk and DiBiase kicked off the contest with Hawk shoving DiBiase into a corner a couple of times. DiBiase chops Hawk in the corner but is dropped by Hawk after a clothesline. The Nasty Boys are clotheslined by Animal and Hawk. The Natural Disasters send them to the floor with a clothesline too. Once everything is calmed down, Hawk remains in the ring with IRS. Hawk gets the better of him with a big boot but is kneed by DiBiase on the apron to give IRS a chance to tag out and Knobbs comes in. Hawk is worked on in the corner and knocked down by Sags with a back elbow shot. DiBiase drives Hawk down to the canvas with a swinging neck breaker. Hawk is worked on in the corner when IRS enters only to be clotheslined by Hawk. DiBiase misses a clothesline and goes down with Hawk following a double clothesline spot. Animal gets the hot tag and cleans house with dropkicks. Typhoon slams Knobbs but is cut off by Sags as he looked to run the ropes. Earthquake blocks a sunset flip attempt by Sags and sits down on him to win the match. I’m actually just happy to be done with the tape. The match was average and I was kind of surprised that Hawk worked the whole match.

Final Thoughts:
At the most there are three matches that are entertaining which were Savage/IRS, Michaels/Virgil and Hart/Barbarian. Aside from those this tape is seriously lacking on the entertainment side of things. While I’m a big Money Inc. mark and there are three matches that feature them, there is no need to go out and get this one.

Thanks for reading.


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