WWF Superstars 11/28/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Is this another revised opening? I don’t remember that shot of Hart with the title. Anyways, we’re in Terre Haute, Indiana and the Humlan Arena with McMahon and Heenan calling the action. Heenan, by the way, is livid at Perfect.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Jerry Fox
This would be Bigelow’s debut. Bigelow looked impressive, ending with a diving headbutt off the top rope at 1:57.

–Update Center with Gene Okerlund. We have some Survivor Series fallout which basically shows Flair and Ramon complaining as they storm out of the arena after the show.

Headshrinkers vs. George Anderson & Kevin Kruger
We hear from the Natural Disasters who have issues with the Headshrinkers. The Headshrinkers end with the top-rope splash at 4:09 (which is a very long match). One of the jobber’s got busted open during the match.

–Event Center with Sean Mooney. We hear from Yokozuna and the Undertaker. Undertaker mentions a feud with Nailz. I wonder what came of that.

–Reverend Slick, who had debuted again at Survivor Series, is here to preach. He’s happy to be back in the WWE.

Bob Backlund vs. Tom Stone
Bob Backlund, All-American, shakes hand with Stone before the match. He eludes Stone early on and then rolls him up with an O’Connor roll to end this at 2:15.


–Kimchee and Harvey Whippleman are here to tell us they blame Kamala for his loss because he didn’t listen to them.

Damien vs. Joey Maggs
There’s a good chance I’ll see Joey Maggs on WCW Saturday Night, too. Anyway, Doink appears during this match, Demento talks to himself and he ends this with a boring neck-breaker/knee drop combination at 2:34

–A recap is shown of the Jannetty/Michaels saga, starting with Jannetty getting sent through the Barber Shop window, returning, and hitting Sherri with a mirror after Shawn pushed her in the way.

–It’s Special Interview Time! We hear from Jannetty himself and he just has one thing on his mind – revenge!

Razor Ramon vs. Gary Jackson
Ramon is still pissed at Perfect and what he did. That’s another match we never got an ending too, at least not on PPV. Considering Raw was just around the corner they never fought on there, either. Anyway, Ramon ends this with the Razor’s Edge at 3:14.

Crush vs. Red Taylor
Crush ends this with the Kona Crush at 1:57.

–Event Center w/Sean Mooney. We hear from Virgil (who tips his hat to Bret), Rick Martel and High Energy.

–Finally we have a preview for next week. Looks like Kamala, Yokozuna, Duggan and Michaels will be wrestling next week and there’s a special interview with Nailz.

The Bottom Line
Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve reached the Lame Duck zone. Survivor Series is over, Royal Rumble hype hasn’t started yet and there’s nothing going on. There were debuts and the Michaels/Jannetty angle was advanced but this was basically a post-Survivor Series throw-away show.

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