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WWF Superstars 11/21/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We start with a match!

Virgil vs. Bret Hart(c) for the WWE Title
McMahon and Heenan are on commentary here and Perfect is noticeably absent because he’s training for Survivor Series! The two share a handshake AND a high-five to start. And you thought today’s WWE was all PG? Virgil starts with a side headlock takeover to show he can hang with the champion. Bret kicks out of it and gets a side headlock of his own. He bodyslams Virgil and throws forearms in the corner. Virgil shoulders Bret down and then monkey flips him out of the corner for two. Virgil misses a crossbody and Bret hooks on the Sharpshooter for the victory at 4:13. Just in case you didn’t know; Virgil = JTTS. Virgil had some offense (more so than say, Mike Sharpe) but he really had no shot here. *1/2.

–SPECIAL BULLETIN! The Warrior is out and Mr. Perfect is in! We see clips from Primetime of Savage asking Perfect to be his partner and Bobby Heenan is not happy at this turn of events. We hear from Savage and Perfect as well.

Yokozuna vs. Todd Becker
Yoko manhandles Todd and finishes with the Banzai Drop at 2:25. It is funny to see Yoko now knowing what would happen in 3 years.

–Event Center with Sean Mooney. We hear from The Nasty Boys/Natural Disasters and Kamala, all hyping their Survivor Series matches.

–Updated Center with Lord Alfred Hayes: The Michaels title win against Bulldog and the Hart victory over Shango from the most recent SNME are recapped, as well as the interview between Hart and Michaels that sets up their Survivor Series match.

Natural Disasters vs. Steve Walker & Mike Kramer
The Disasters win with their Butt-Splash/Tidal Wave combination at 2:07. Aside from the opener, the three name wrestlers on here are all fucking huge (fat).

–Survivor Series Report! The report is brought to you by the Survivor Series Program, which still has Warrior on the cover! Okerlund discusses the new Main Event and we hear from: Ramon & Flair, Nailz, Big Boss Man and Kimchee/Whippleman. Are you ready for Survivor Series?


–Event Center. We run down the card again and we hear from High Energy, Rick Martel & Tatanka.

–Heenan and McMahon talk about the Perfect/Savage match and the Survivor Series.

–We end with another vignette of Paul Bearer and the casket match.

The Bottom Line
Wow, that was some episode. The absence of the Warrior/Shango match made this VERY light on actual matches and I’m surprised there was nothing else they could’ve replaced it with. The build to Survivor Series was awesome and I was stoked for the show (which I reviewed last month, of course).


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