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WWF Superstars 11/14/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Okay, so I’m trying something different with Superstars. I found that doing the reviews was getting a bit tedious so I changed it up a bit. I won’t be doing as much play-by-play since the matches are basically squash matches and I won’t be recapping every little interview since they’re basically the same thing (Wrestler A, I am coming for you!) So this will be an abbreviated rundown of what went on in the show which allows me to pay attention to the show without having to focus solely on it. It helps fight my boredom and keeps me doing them, basically.

–Looks like there’s a new or revised opening with guys like Yokozuna in there.

–We’re in Saskatoon, Canada for this one. It feels like it’s been in Saskatoon forever.

–Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect are calling the action here and they tell us there are only 10 days until Survivor Series! It’s amazing that the main event hadn’t been changed yet because Warrior hadn’t bailed yet. I never realized the build with Perfect was that short.

–There’s a new Intercontinental Champion! Shawn beat Bulldog at the most recent SNME and a lot of the match is shown here.

The Headshrinkers (w/Afa) vs. Jim Powers & Bobby St. Laurent
The Headshrinkers win with a Top Rope Splash at 2:15. Doink makes an appearance during the match, but he’s not evil yet.

–Event Center with Lord Alfred Hayes. We hear comments from Rick Martel and Big Boss Man about their upcoming Summerslam matches.

–Bam Bam is coming!

Marty Jannetty vs. Iron Mike Sharpe
This would be Marty’s first match back. He beats Sharpe with a top-rope fistdrop at 2:05.

–Update Center with Lord Alfred Hayes: There’s a recap of the Hart/Berzerker match from Saturday Night’s Main Event and we hear from Hart who will be battling Virgil for the title on next week’s episode.

Nailz vs. Ken Johnson
Nailz wins via chokeout at 2:06, just like every other time.

–Special Interview with the Natural Disasters and the Nasty Boys about their upcoming match at Survivor Series.

–Survivor Series Update! We hear from Flair, Ramon and Perfect as well as the Ultimate Maniacs.

Kamala vs. Steve Gillespie
Kamala wins with the big splash at 2:00.

–There’s more build to the Undertaker Coffin Match at Summerslam with a vignette featuring Bearer and the Deadman making the casket.

–Event Center. We hear from Tatanka and the Money Inc/Beverly Brothers team.

–Previews for next week! Hart vs. Virgil for the WWE Title! Shango vs. Ultimate Warrior!

The Bottom Line
This was your standard Survivor Series build-up episode, though things would drastically change by next week.


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