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Random Ramblings #9: Stolen Gimmick?, Dixie/AJ Finale and More!

Random Ramblings #9
Written by:
Bob Colling

Rambling #1: It has been reported, or actually stated, by Ernest Miller, that he feels like Brodus Clay stole his gimmick. They dance and they have the same catchphrase of “Somebody Call My Momma.” Is that exactly the same gimmick? I don’t think so. Miller didn’t have female dancers next to him. Miller was also an authority figure for most of his gimmick, while Clay is just a big dancing dude. It sounds like to me that Miller is just trying to keep his name out there for whatever reason. I could see him having an issue with the gimmick if he was actually still active, but since he isn’t, I don’t see the problem.

Rambling #2: I find it remarkable that the WWE decided against putting the WWE Championship on Daniel Bryan at the last pay per view. He is the most over heel in the company and people have bought into what he is doing. Don’t get me wrong, Punk is a good wrestler and I’ve enjoyed his work, but the title reign is becoming stale. If he were to lose it to anyone, why not have him lose it to Bryan and chase after him? According to reports, it looks like the idea is have Big Shoe wrestle CM Punk at SummerSlam. That makes sense considering Show has been turned heel and is Johnny Ace’s enforcer. Personally, I don’t have much interest in that, at all. I don’t care what day it is, I would take Punk/Bryan over Show/Punk every time.

Rambling #3: The Bound For Glory series has returned to Impact television! Eleven guys are part of the series, but really only six of them should be taken seriously. James Storm, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Magnus, Jeff Hardy, The Pope, Rob Van Dam, Daniels, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and Robbie E are the men involved. First off, I would like to see Magnus get a deep run in the series. Realistically, Robbie E, The Pope, Samoa Joe and Daniels don’t have a chance in winning the series. This is probably going to come down to Storm, Anderson, Angle, or Rob Van Dam. Yeah, it should be used to elevate a guy, and if they were to do that, most likely it would be Magnus. I like the talent selected this go around for the series and expect to see some solid matches on television and pay per view for the men in the series. Well done, TNA.

Rambling #4: The big reveal for AJ/Dixie was ridiculously disappointing. AJ Styles and Dixie Carter were helping out a drug addict and Daniels just lied about it? Are you serious? Why on earth would AJ and Carter take the situation so seriously knowing it was them just covering up for a drug addict, that they apparently didn’t even know that well? It just doesn’t add up as a good ending to the story. That’s the problem with a lot of stories that are big for a promotion. They start off great but then they never have a suitable ending because of how big the angle is. It’s not the first time and it’s not the last time a blow off for a story will be lackluster. But this one was just silly.

Those are my ramblings for this time around. Feel free to leave your ramblings!

Thanks for reading.


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