WWF Grudge Matches 1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation Grudge Matches 1993
Release Date:

1.)Randy Savage defeated Papa Shango
2.)Tito Santana fought Terry Taylor to a 10-minute draw
3.)Virgil & Big Bossman defeated the Beverly Brothers by disqualification
4.)Bob Backlund defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels via count-out
5.)Bret Hart defeated Repo Man
6.)High Energy & WWF World Tag Team Champion Natural Disasters defeated Money Inc & Beverly Brothers
7.)Crush defeated Rick Martel via count-out
8.)Tito Santana defeated the Berzerker via disqualification
9.)Papa Shango defeated Marty Jannetty via count-out
10.)Typhoon defeated Kamala
11.)Virgil defeated IRS via disqualification
12.)Tatanka defeated Blake Beverly
13.)The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Shango keeps his offense rather basic as he controls Savage for several minutes focusing his attack with a bear hug as a high point of the offense. The crowd is losing interest after being loud and pumped for the match it seemed. Savage avoids a middle rope elbow drop and makes his comeback. Savage puts the voodoo weirdo away with a top rope elbow drop moments later. *1/4

2. Santana arm drags Taylor several times early on to get the early advantage over the former rooster. They are keeping this very basic with rest holds mostly, nothing interesting going on. Taylor gets a two count following a swinging neck breaker. Santana blocks a middle rope splash by getting his knees up. Santana with a flurry of offense hitting Taylor with a flying forearm smash and a couple of atomic drops. As soon as Santana hits another forearm, the bell sounds because it’s a time limit draw. 1/2*

3. Virgil is worked over by Beau early on in the contest but fights back with an atomic drop and a dropkick. Blake is sent to the floor by Virgil with a clothesline too. Bossman enters on fire cleaning house on both Beverly Brothers. Beau regains control for his team by hitting Virgil with a clothesline. Beau leaps over Blake’s back to splash down over Virgil as Bossman had the referee distracted. Virgil continues to be double teamed as the Beverly Brothers are putting together some quality offense. Bossman gets the hot tag and all four men end up brawling in the ring. The Genius tosses the nightstick into the ring but Bossman gets it and whacks the Beverly Brothers with it. Although Bossman used it, they still win by DQ because Genius tossed it into the ring. *1/2

4. Michaels has his way with Backlund in the opening minutes of the bout with a hip toss and scoop slam. Michaels is clearly not taking the former WWF World Champion seriously. Backlund comes back with a few take downs and a slam of his own causing Michaels to bail to the floor in anger. Michaels gets frustrated after being in a full nelson for a few minutes and stomps away on Backlund to go along with several strikes. Backlund rebounds with a double under hook overhead suplex for a near fall. Michaels has had enough and takes his belt to get counted out. After the match, Backlund tosses the champ back into the ring. Backlunds counts himself a pin fall after an atomic drop. *

5. Repo struggles early on against Hart and bails to the floor after a clothesline. Repo pokes Hart in the eyes to get the cheap advantage and drops Hart throat first across the top rope. Repo maintains control of the bout for several minutes but can’t put Hart away. Hart makes his comeback with an atomic drop and clothesline. Hart counters a small package and wins the bout. *

6. All eight men brawl in and out of the ring to start the match. Typhoon and Quake splash Money Inc. in a corner to clean house. The Beverly Brothers suffer the same fate seconds later. The heels are simply unable to get anything going for themselves in the opening minutes. Owen dropkicks DiBiase as the match settled down and had some order to it. Koko is hit by IRS on the apron and that allows the heels to get the advantage on Koko. The Beverly Brothers hit their double team splash move against the ropes. Koko continues to be worked over for literally all of the match. Koko clotheslines Blake and Typhoon gets the tag. All eight men start brawling in the ring again. Typhoon splashes Beau and Quake hits a sit down splash as well. Koko covers and wins the bout for the team. *1/2

7. Martel taunts Crush early on by doing jumping jacks and whatnot after avoiding his offense. Crush has enough of that and drops the Model with a few clotheslines. Crush sends Martel shoulder first into the ring post. Martel avoided Crush in the corner and drives Crush face first into the canvas. Crush fights back with a tilt a whirl back breaker after getting out of a chin lock. Martel bails to the floor after a military press slam and is counted out. *1/4

8. I have next to zero interest in a Santana/Berzerker match. Late in the match, Berzerker almost pinned Santana after catching him on a crossbody attempt and slamming him down to the mat. Mr. Fuji trips Santana with his cane from the floor to cause the disqualification. Berzerker attacks Santana but Santana gets the cane from Fuji and hits Berzerker!

9. Shango dominates Jannetty early on with basic offense for the most part. Jannetty kicks Shango in the corner and hammers away on Shango while the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels makes his way down to ringside. Jannetty notices Michaels and the distraction allows Shango to regain control of the match. Jannetty clotheslines Shango to the floor and comes off the top to dropkick Shango on the floor! Jannetty runs over to Michaels and hits a hurricanrana on the floor! Shango returns to the ring and wins by count-out. *1/2

10. Oh, how am I suppose to like the idea of Typhoon vs. Kamala? Seriously.. Kamala accidentally hits Kimchee on the apron and Typhoon rolls him up to win the match. After the match, Kamala decks Kimchee as he is or was near his face turn at this time.

11. The bout between Virgil and IRS didn’t last all that long and was more of an advancement of their issues. IRS avoided Virgil in the corner and Virgil crashed to the floor. IRS really controlled the majority of the contest. On the floor, IRS hit Virgil with his steel briefcase a couple of times. The referee didn’t call for the bell, but Big Bossman ran down to the ring and attacked IRS to make the save on Virgil. *1/4

12. It takes Tatanka less than three minutes to have his way with Blake Beverley making this tape full of more filler matches. Tatanka got the victory after a Samoan Drop!

13. It’s the match I am most looking forward to watch since it is probably the first time they wrestled. Taker shoves and shoulder blocks Flair to open the bout and quickly press slams Flair! Flair gets the upper hand with an eye poke but his punches don’t have much of an impact on Taker. Flair avoids a leaping clothesline by Taker crashes to the floor where Mr. Perfect get a cheap shot in. Flair distracts the referee to low blow Taker and drives Taker to the mat with a back suplex. Taker doesn’t stay down and rises up quickly. Taker suplexs Flair from the apron back into the ring. Perfect gets on the apron and tosses Flair a pair of brass knuckles. Taker goes for a choke slam but Flair decks Taker with the brass knuckles! Flair locks in the figure four leg lock right in the middle of the ring! Taker grabs Flair by the throat and choke slams the champ! Taker covers but Perfect yanks the referee out of the ring to save Flair. Back in the ring, Taker hits a leaping clothesline but Perfect enters to hit Taker with a chair to cause the disqualification. After the match, Taker plants Flair with the tombstone piledriver. **1/2

Final Thoughts:
This was a rough tape to get through. The only match on the tape that had any redeeming quality to it was the Flair/Taker match to end it. Everything leading into it was incredibly boring and uninteresting. Avoid this tape at all costs, folks.

Thanks for reading.

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