WWF Superstars 2/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Fayetteville, NC

1.)Shawn Michaels defeated Gary Sabaugh
2.)1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated Fidel Sierra & Barry Horowitz
3.)Kwang defeated John Paul
4.)Steiner Brothers fought WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers to a draw
5.)Doink the Clown defeated George South

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The Quebecers are confident that they will take care of the Steiner Brothers tonight. The Steiner Brothers remind us that if they win tonight next week they get a tag team title shot.

2. Paul Bearer was at a cementary where he was saying he can feel the spirit of his Undertaker. There is a shadow of the Undertaker on a tombstone. Bearer knows it is not true that the Undertaker is gone. Bearer screams out that the Undertaker will return, oh yes!

3. The tag match has a ten minute limit. The Steiner Brothers need to beat the Quebecers within the ten minutes to earn a title shot next week. Scott and Pierre kicked off the contest. Pierre got the cheap advantage with a back elbow but Scott recovered quickly to hit a double under hook power bomb. Pierre bails to the floor where he is rammed into Jacques head first. Rick tagged in but is slammed quickly by Pierre who also hits a missile dropkick! Rick slams Pierre in midair after he leaps off the top rope and follows up with a clothesline on Jacques. Jacques legally tags in and is press slammed by Rick for a near fall. Pierre attacks Scott from the apron but Scott is able to avoid a double tag team and Pierre accidentally hits Jacques after he comes off the top. Scott has a roll up on Jacques but is clotheslined by Pierre to save the match. Scott is lifted high into the air and is dropped chest first across the top rope as the champions have a clear advantage now. Jacques scoop slams Pierre onto Scott for a near fall and backdrops Pierre onto Scott! Pierre is backdropped over the top by Scott as the match time continues to dwindle. Jacques plants Scott with a pile driver and slaps Rick on the apron so the Quebecers can attempt the Tower of London, but they miss it! Rick gets the hot tag and the Steiner Brothers send Jacques to the floor. Rick hits a overhead suplex on Pierre who came off the top rope. Scott connects with the Frankensteiner but Johnny Polo hits the ring bell to distract the referee! Rick hits a top rope bulldog on Jacques but Johnny Polo enters the ring. The Steiner Brothers hit a double team bulldog on Polo! That allows the time to officially run out and the Quebecers survive the ten minutes! A very good television match between two good tag teams. These four guys have great chemistry. If the Steiner Brothers were to have stayed longer in the WWF these guys could have had one hell of a tag match at Mania.

4. Owen Hart cuts a promo on his brother Bret Hart, whom he will wrestling at WrestleMania X. Owen says that Bret has never wrestled him and everything Bret has done has been done in the past and were before he wrestled him. Owen promises that he will beat Bret one, two, three at WrestleMania X. It makes him better than Bret when he beats him at Mania. There is nothing that will stop the Rocket!

Final Thoughts:
A solid episode this week with the tag match delivering a very good match. It’s worth the time just for that match alone.

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