WWF Superstars 6/2/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
: 6/2/1990
From: LaCrosse, WI

1.)Brutus Beefcake defeated Jim Ruby
2.)The Orient Express defeated Paul Roma & Greg Frent
3.)Dusty Rhodes defeated Tony Leone
4.)Dino Bravo defeated George Anderson
5.)Nikolai Volkoff defeated Boris Zhukov by disqualification
6.)The Bushwhackers defeated Black Bart & Kent Carlson
7.)Jim Duggan defeated Al Burke

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Tugboat shared some comments regarding Hulk Hogan being injured by Earthquake. He says he has never seen the Hulkster in that amount of pain before. Tugboat says that Hogan feels like he has let down everyone and Tugboat is playing the over the top babyface by putting Hogan over. We need to be there for Hogan now more than ever.

2. Nikolai Volkoff continues his babyface turn by singing the American national anthem, much to annoyance of Boris Zhukov, his former tag team partner. Boris attacks Volkoff before he can finish singing the anthem. Boris sends Volkoff to the floor following a few headbutts and rams him head first into the ring steps and post. Boris takes off his boot and begins to viciously beat Volkoff up with the boot. That causes a disqualification. I’m not sure how that is a disqualification since it’s just his boot. But, whatever.

3 .The number one contender to the WWF World Championship, Rick Rude, is the special guest on the Brother Love Show. Of course, Rude has Bobby Heenan by his side. Heenan wants Rude to be introduced as the next WWF World Champion from now on. Rude says that Warrior has to prove to him that he is the WWF World Champion. Rude can be ravishing or rude in the ring. He has the ability to make people feel real good or real bad! Heenan reveals there will no longer be Rude Awakening until Rude wins the WWF World Championship. Rude wants the WWF World Championship and that’s what he is going to have!

Final Thoughts:
It was an average episode this week. I was expecting Boris/Volkoff to be a dull match, but they instead went with an angle progression segment by having Boris viciously attack his former partner. It was a rather entertaining segment, I thought. Now, the Rude/Warrior feud is really lacking any reason. The whole angle is just what Rude has done in the past and there has been any new reason for them to wrestle each other. Sure, it will be a good match, but the lack of story hurts the overall importance of the angle. I’ll give the show a thumbs in the middle.

Thanks for reading.

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