WWF Superstars 2/19/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: White Plains, NY

1.)Owen Hart defeated Marty Jannetty
2.)Kwang defeated Scott Taylor
3.)WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze defeated Heidi Lee Morgan
4.)Earthquake defeated Jim Massenger
5.)Diesel defeated Mike Moraldo

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Owen shoves Jannetty early on to prevent a clean break and the announcers hype up his attitude change. Jannetty gets some early offense with an arm drag. They shove each other but Owen slaps Marty only to be hip tossed and dropkicked to the floor. Owen stomps away on Jannetty and drives him down with a backbreaker. Owen nails Marty with a spinning heel kick. Owen walks right into a superkick after missing Marty in the corner but Marty only gets a near fall. Marty powerslams Owen for another two count. Owne nicely hits a belly to belly suplex but Marty powers out at two. Jannetty fights back with a clothesline. Jannetty gets a near win on a cross body. Owen puts a stop to his offense with a swinging neckbreaker. Owen locks in the Sharpshooter and wins the bout. (***. I thought it was a quality television bout by these two. A nice good paced match with good action. Well done, guys.)

2. Bret Hart shares some comments wishing Lex Luger good luck against WWF World Champion Yokozuna. Bret is confident that he will win the WWF World Championship. He says that Owen is going to pay for his mistake at WrestleMania X.

3. This marked the return of Earthquake to the WWF. He hadn’t been in over a year on WWF television, I believe.

4. The Funeral Parlor is back with Paul Bearer. Hey, since the Undertaker is off television Bearer has to do something. The set comes up from below as Bearer yells about the spirit of the Undertaker and whatnot. His special guest this week is a man who will wrestle the Undertaker in the future again. His guest is WWF World Champion Yokozuna! Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji come out and they are a little worried about being there. Oh, Jim Cornette is with them too. Bearer asks them if they are in fear. Cornette says he is getting the same feeling he gets whenever the Undertaker is around. Bearer warns them that the heat will be turned up on them once again in the future. Cornette assures us that Yokozuna will be the winner despite all the odds. Lex Luger makes his way out to confront Yokozuna and company. Luger tells Cornette that he knows Cornette has been doing whatever it takes to keep him away from the championship. Luger knew that he would get another opportunity at the WWF World Championship and it happens at WrestleMania X. Luger is confident that he will win the championship. Luger looks forward to defending the title against Bret Hart. Cornette chimes in and brings Luger back to earth and tells him that he doesn’t have a chance against Yokozuna! Luger makes it clear that he will win the title, again!

Final Thoughts:
A good episode this week with the featured match being a good one and a confrontation between Luger and Yokozuna. That is enough for me to keep my interest throughout.

Thanks for reading.

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