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WWF Superstars 7/17/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Huntington, WV

1.)Tatanka defeated Brian Costello
2.)Adam Bomb defeated Rich Myers
3.)WWF World Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers defeated Money Inc. by reverse decision to retain the titles
4.)Mr. Hughes defeated Sonny Rogers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Gorilla Monsoon hosts WWF Update. The focus of the segment this week is Lex Luger’s Call To Action. Luger is trying to get a WWF World Championship match at SummerSlam. Luger is going to be traveling around the United States to tell everyone the good about the country. He wants the fans to write a letter to Jack Tunney to get the shot at SummerSlam. A decision will be made next week by Jack Tunney.

2. Scott and IRS started off the contest. Whenever Scott gets any kind of momentum, IRS quickly grabs the top rope to cause a break. IRS drop toe holds Scott but Scott reverses on the mat to control IRS with mat wrestling. IRS kicks Scott on the side of the head and beats him down with strikes. Scott quickly fights back with a scoop power slam but IRS bails to the floor. DiBiase tags into the bout as Scott remains in the match. DiBiase shoulder blocks Scott but runs into a dropkick which gets Scott a near fall. Rick tags into the bout and keeps control of DiBiase with a headlock. Rick drives DiBiase down with a belly to belly suplex for a near win as Superstars goes to commercial. DiBiase stops Scott with a knee lift but IRS misses an elbow drop. The Steiner Brothers tag in and out until IRS works over Scott to get the upper hand. Scott drops IRS throat first across the top rope but only gets a two count due to DiBiase distracting the referee. DiBiase trips Scott as he runs the ropes and IRS knocks him to the floor. DiBiase sends Scott face first into the ring steps. Scott is double teamed in the corner behind the referee’s back. Scott sends DiBiase face first into the top turnbuckle to break a sleeper hold. Scott drops IRS with a jaw breaker after he wasn’t able to tag in Rick. DiBiase gets a two count after a vertical suplex. Scott battles back with a vertical suplex of his own. Scott is still unable to make the tag to Rick. DiBiase distracts the referee as Scott had IRS pinned. Money Inc. continue to work over Scott. Rick finally gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines. Scott delivers a few dropkicks as well. DiBiase goes for a piledriver but Scott comes off the ropes to nail DiBiase with a forearm and Rick nearly wins the bout. Rick power slams DiBiase and sends IRS to the floor! Scott hits the Frankensteiner but IRS enters and hits Scott with the briefcase as the referee was distracted. DiBiase covers Scott and gets the three count! After the match, another referee comes out and tells the legal referee what just happened. The decision ends up being reverses and the Steiner Brothers retain! (***. A solid bout between two teams that usually put on quality matches. This was no different. Glad they got time on the show to put forth a good effort as well.)

3. Bonnie Blackstone enters the ring to talk to Money Inc. DiBiase believes they were robbed of the championships. They find the decision to be unfair. They don’t like that another referee overturned the decision. DiBiase thinks that Jack Tunney doesn’t like that they have so much money. DiBiase issues a challenge to the Steiner Brothers for next week for the championships.

4. To close the show, the WWF World Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers accept the challenge made by Money Inc. for next week.

Final Thoughts:
So here is the beginning of Lex Luger’s transformation into a Hulk Hogan type of character. He hasn’t exactly done anything to earn a title shot, but he has been quickly pushed up the card as a top babyface. The feature match this week was yet another good match. Superstars as of late has been a quality program. Thus, this gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading.


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