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WWF Superstars 11/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Burlington, VT


1.)Men on a Mission defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & Chuck Greenman
2.)Ludvig Borga defeated Dan Dubiel
3.)Bastion Booger defeated Joe Brenan
4.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Rick Martel by count-out to retain the title
5.)Diesel defeated Chaz Ware

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The Fink interviewed Lex Luger and the Steiner Brothers in the ring to talk about Tatanka being taken out of the Survivor Series match. Who will be replacing Tatanka? Luger tells us that Tatanka will be at the pay per view in spirit. Luger is happy to introduce their new tag team partner. He reveals the new partner to be… the Undertaker! Taker comes out to the ring and opens his coat to show that the American flag has been painted inside it! Taker will be showing his American pride at Survivor Series. The Foreign Fanatics come out but are held back by officials.

2. During Booger’s entrance a few Doink’s appear on the big screen to taunt him. Booger is going to tear the hair off of Doink’s head, so he says.

3. Jeff Jarrett continues to share comments about how he will be using the WWF to catapult him country music singing career.

4. Martel attacks Ramon from behind and dumps him to the floor. Martel rams the champ into the apron several times. Martel hits Ramon with a chair behind the referee’s back. Martel kicks Ramon on the left leg to keep control of the champ. Ramon avoids an elbow drop. Martel hammers away on Ramon’s leg to maintain control of the title match. Martel wraps Ramon’s leg around the ring post. Harvey Wippleman is making his way down to ringside to support Martel. Ramon kicks Martel to the floor as the show goes to commercial. Ramon has control of Rick by wrenching on his left arm. Martel misses a springboard crossbody but Ramon only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Ramon hits a fall away slam but Rick kicks out at two. Ramon goes for the Razor’s Edge but Wippleman distracts Ramon. Martel knee lifts Ramon to the floor. Martel and Ramon brawl on the floor until Ramon atomic drops Martel into Wippleman and he enters the ring to win the match by count-out. (**. Just a match to continue to hype up the Survivor Series. It was a fine four minute or so match. I wonder if there could be a face turn for Martel though.) After the match, Diesel and IRS come out to calm things between Martel and Adam Bomb.

Final Thoughts:
A good episode this week, I thought. It felt like a quick episode with a major announcement (Taker) and the feature match involving two of the better talents in the WWF. I enjoyed the show.

Thanks for reading.


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