Rebooking The WWF: WWF Royal Rumble 1993


The rebooking of WWF Royal Rumble 1993 is upon us! WWF World Champion Bret Hart defends against Randy Savage, find out who wins the 1993 Royal Rumble and much more!

World Wrestling Federation presents Royal Rumble
From: Sacramento, California
Arena: Arco Arena
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

A video introduced by Vince McMahon opens up the pay per view. there are several brief promos by men involved in the Royal Rumble match. Those wrestlers included Money Inc., Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, Razor Ramon, Tatanka and Crush (not in a specific order).

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to the 19993 Royal Rumble. Monsoon and Heenan briefly run down the under card which they mainly focus on the WWF World Championship match between Bret Hart and Randy Savage. Monsoon turns his attention to the Royal Rumble match and believes that the Undertaker will overcome the odds and win the Royal Rumble. Heenan scoffs at that prediction and proclaims that Ric Flair will win a second straight Royal Rumble and go to Wrestle Mania IX where Flair will win the WWF World Championship. Monsoon isn’t surprised by Heenan’s prediction. Monsoon sends it over to the ring to start the action!

Opening Contest: the Steiner Brothers defeated the Headshrinkers:
Scott Steiner and Fatu started off the contest with Scott controlling Fatu with mat wrestling. Fatu is able to get the upper hand as Scott runs into a big boot in the corner and Fatu delivers a vicious chop to drop Scott. Fatu follows up with a side slam and a quick leg drop for barely a two count. Fatu works on Scott in his corner with Samu for a few moments before Samu got the tag. Samu splashes Scott in the corner and drives Scott down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex for another near fall. Scott ducks under a clothesline and hit’s a exploder suplex on Samu. Scott charges towards Samu but is dropped throat first across the top rope. Samu scoop slams Scott and comes off the middle rope connecting with a splash but doesn’t go for the cover. Scott blocks a vertical suplex attempt and takes Samu over with a side belly to belly suplex. Scott blocks a backdrop attempt and is able to connect with a double under hook power bomb! Samu tags out to Fatu who prevents Scott from tagging out. Fatu attempts a short arm clothesline but Scott ducks under and connects with a German suplex. Scott crawls to his corner and tags in Rick. Rick cleans house with a series of clotheslines and power slams Samu as he comes off the ropes. Rick stops Fatu with a overhead belly to belly suplex and the crowd is heavily behind the Steiner Brothers! Samu tries to clothesline Rick from behind but Rick is able to back drop Samu to the floor. Fatu gets a few clubbing blows in on Rick and comes off the ropes with a swinging neck breaker. Fatu delivers a few falling head butts but only gets a near fall on the pin attempt. Scott is able to get a sneak tag in as Samu pulls the top rope down and Rick crashes to the floor. Scott works on Fatu with right hands and comes off the ropes but Fatu plants Scott with a Samoan Drop. Fatu climbs to the top rope looking for a big splash but Rick gets on the apron and shoves Fatu off the to canvas. Scott gets up and has Fatu on his shoulders. Rick leaps off the top rope and connects with a bulldog! Scott covers Fatu and picks up the win as Rick prevents Samu from making the save! (10:02, ***)
After the match, the Steiner Brothers celebrate their pay per view debut win.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. Gene tries to interview Michaels but before a question can be asked, Marty Jannetty comes into the picture and tackles Michaels! Gene gets out of the way as Jannetty brawls with Michaels towards the ring!

Second Contest: Marty Jannetty defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels by DQ, Michaels retains the title:
Jannetty hammers away on Michaels as they make their way down the aisle way. Jannetty sends Michaels back first into the guard railing and follows up with a backdrop on the floor as Michaels stumbles towards Jannetty. Jannetty attempts a vertical suplex on the floor but Michaels blocks it and drop toe holds Jannetty face first into the ring steps! Michaels rolls into the ring and begins to count with the referee. Jannetty staggers to his feet and rolls in before the count of ten. Michaels sends Jannetty into the ropes and connects with a snap power slam for a two count. Michaels works on Jannetty in the corner with right hands. Jannetty battles back with open hand chops and drops Michaels with a clothesline. Jannetty dropkicks Michaels into a corner and hip tosses Michaels as Michaels bounces out of the corner. Jannetty plants Michaels with a DDT but is only able to get a near fall. Jannetty heads to the top rope but is crotched by Michaels. Michaels goes for a superplex but takes too long and Jannetty knocks Michaels off with a head butt. Jannetty regains his footing and connects with a cross body! Jannetty covers but Michaels is able to kick out at two! Jannetty mounts Michaels with right hands until the referee pulls Jannetty off because of the closed right hands. Jannetty turns around and is poked in the eyes by Michaels who then sends Jannetty shoulder first between the top and middle rope which causes Jannetty to hit his shoulder on the ring post. Michaels rolls Jannetty up out of the corner but Jannetty kicks out. Michaels works on Jannetty in the corner with right hands and clotheslines Jannetty as well. Michaels brings Jannetty out of the corner and delivers a shoulder breaker which causes Jannetty to scream in agony. Michaels goes for the cover but Jannetty will not stay down for three. Michaels argues with the referee in the corner and eventually turns around only to be met with a super kick from Jannetty! Jannetty slowly goes for the cover but Michaels gets his foot on the bottom rope at the count of two! Jannetty follows up with a snap suplex and a standing fist drop as Jannetty begins to get a second wind. Jannetty comes off the ropes with a spinning back elbow and takes Michaels down with a head scissors that sends Michaels to the floor. Jannetty is prevented from going to the floor by the referee. Michaels grabs his championship and clutches it to his chest as he sits on the apron. Jannetty grabs Michaels and pulls Michaels up only to be nailed with the championship, right in front of the referee which causes the DQ. (12:37, **½)
After the match, Michaels casually walks to the backstage area while Jannetty is checked on by several officials. Michaels is clearly happy with himself.

Previously recordered promos by several wrestlers involved in the Royal Rumble match are aired. Those wrestlers include Jerry Lawler, the Natural Disasters, and the Undertaker.

Third Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Jim Duggan:
They trade right hands until Bigelow jumps up and spin kicks Duggan. Bigelow works on Duggan in the corner with several shoulder rams and delivers a running big splash in the corner. Bigelow scoop slams Duggan and comes off the ropes looking for a back splash but Duggan moves out of the way. Duggan nails Bigelow with a series of jabs and comes off the ropes with a clothesline, knocking Bigelow down to the mat. Duggan ducks a clothesline and atomic drops Bigelow. Duggan back suplexs Bigelow but only gets a one count. Duggan signals for a running lariat but Bigelow is able to move out of the way and plants Duggan with a jumping double arm DDT! This allows Bigelow to make his way to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a flying head butt! Bigelow covers Duggan and picks up the win. (4:46, *)

A video promoting the recent happenings between Yokozuna and Big Bossman is aired. Bossman cuts a brief promo saying that tonight Yokozuna is going to serve hard time!

Fourth Contest: Yokozuna defeated Big Bossman:
Bossman tries to get the upper hand with several right hands but Yoko shoves Bossman into a corner. Yoko blocks a right hand and throat thrusts Bossman to get the advantage. Yoko sends Bossman across the ring and big splashes Bossman in the corner. Yoko follows up with a belly to belly suplex and Bossman is in trouble. Yoko comes off the ropes and attempts a leg drop but Bossman is able to roll out of the way. Bossman comes off the ropes a few times delivering a few clotheslines that stagger Yoko. Bossman gets riled up and comes off the ropes one more time but is met with a savant kick from Yoko. Yoko quickly comes off the ropes and leg drops Bossman who is out cold. Yoko drags Bossman to the corner and after taunting the fans briefly, connects with the Banzai Drop! Yoko sits on top of Bossman and picks up the win. (5:25, *¼)

A video hyping up the WWF World Championship match between Bret Hart and Randy Savage is shown.

Fifth Contest: WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Randy Savage to retain the title:
They shake hands before the bell showing respect for each other. They circle around the ring briefly and lock up with Hart backing Savage into a corner. Hart cleanly breaks away from Savage. Lockup again and this time Savage backs Hart into a corner. Savage goes to break free but ends up delivering a right hand. Savage hip tosses Hart out of the corner and plays to the crowd. Hart goes behind Savage and leg trips the challenger. Hart has a hammerlock on Savage for a few moments until Savage snap mares Hart to break free from the hold. Hart gets up but is clotheslined back down by Savage. Savage sends Hart into a corner and delivers a few punches until Hart is able to atomic drop Savage. Hart comes off the ropes and drives Savage down with a running bulldog for a two count. Hart follows up with a snap suplex and begins to work on Savage’s left knee by delivering a few elbow drops. Hart sends Savage into the ropes and delivers a boot to the gut followed by a side Russian leg sweep for another two count. Savage is able to send Hart into a corner and nails Hart with a running double sledge, sending Hart to the floor. Savage heads to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a double axe handle! Savage rams Hart back first into the ring apron a few times before sending Hart back into the ring. Savage sends Hart into the ropes and connects with a running high knee lift for a two count. Savage sets Hart up and connects with a vertical suplex. Savage grabs Hart and drives Hart back down with a backbreaker for a two count. Savage heads to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a knee drop! Savage covers but Hart kicks out at two, again. Savage pulls Hart up and backs Hart up against the ropes. Savage charges looking for a clothesline but Hart drops down and Savage falls over the top to the floor. Hart comes off the ropes and dives through the middle rope taking Savage out with a suicide dive! Hart pummels Savage with right hands on the floor, briefly. Hart rolls Savage back into the ring and crotches Savage on the top rope. Hart delivers a few right hand and connects with a superplex! Hart goes for the cover and gets a two count. Hart nails Savage with a quick leg drop and gets a two count as a result. Hart works on Savage in the corner with a flurry of right hands and charges towards the corner but Savage moves. Hart ends up hitting the top turnbuckle hard chest first and Savage drops Hart with a reverse neck breaker! Savage covers but Hart manages to kick out. Savage pulls Hart up and plants Hart with a pile driver. Savage signals for the elbow drop and heads to the top rope. Savage takes his time and leaps off, but misses the elbow drop as Hart rolls out of the way. Savage crashes hard down to the mat! Hart is able to deliver a backbreaker and a forearm drop off the middle rope. Hart quickly goes to Savage’s legs and locks in the Sharpshooter. Savage tries desperately to reach the bottom rope and nearly reaches it but Hart drags Savage back to the middle of the ring where Savage is forced to tap out. (24:57, ***½)
After the match, Bret Hart celebrates the win. Savage recovers and embraces Hart.

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan talk about the WWF World Championship match and it was a great back and forth contest. Monsoon believes this has proven that Bret Hart is the real deal and is the leader of the New Generation. Heenan scoffs at that statement and says he is going to introduce the man that everyone has been talking about, the Narcissist Lex Luger! ! Heenan leaves the booth and grabs a microphone telling the fans to be quiet as they are about to lay eyes on greatest talent to step foot in the WWF. Several attractive women make their way out holding mirrors as Heenan continues to put over the Narcissist. Eventually, Lex Luger makes his way out and slowly takes off a robe and admires his body in the four mirrors being held by the women. Heenan raves about Luger and how sooner rather than later Luger will added some gorgeous gold to his gorgeous body!

A video promoting the Royal Rumble match is aired.

Main Event: Mr. Perfect won the 1993 Royal Rumble last eliminating Ric Flair:
Order of Entry:

1. Owen Hart
2. Rick Martel
3. Max Moon
4. Earthquake
5. Papa Shango
6. Tatanka
7. Butch
8. Ric Flair
9. Brian Knobbs
10. Typhoon
11. Bob Backlund
12. Luke
13. Mr. Perfect
14. IRS
15. Jerry Saggs
16. Beau Beverly
17. Kamala
18. The Undertaker
19. Koko B. Ware
20. Ted DiBiase
21. Razor Ramon
22. Crush
23. Blake Beverly
24. Doink
25. Damien Demento
26. Virgil
27. Repo Man
28. Skinner
29. Tito Santana
30. Jerry Lawler

Order of Elimination:
(followed person who eliminated them)
1. Butch (by Ric Flair)
2. Papa Shango (by Earthquake)
3. Max Moon (by Tatanka)
4. Owen Hart (by Ric Flair)
5. Bob Backlund (by Ric Flair)
6. Luke (by Rick Martel)
7. Earthquake (by Tatanka, Brian Knobbs and Mr. Perfect)
8. IRS (by Mr. Perfect)
9. Beau Beverly (by Earthquake)
10. Rick Martel (by the Undertaker)
11/12. Brian Knobbs and Kamala (by the Undertaker)
13. Typhoon (by the Undertaker)
14. Koko B. Ware (by Razor Ramon)
15. Jerry Saggs (by Ted DiBiase)
16. Blake Beverly (Tatanka)
17. Damien Demento (by Crush)
18. Tatanka (by Doink)
19. Ted DiBiase (by Crush)
20. Virgil (by Ric Flair)
21. Razor Ramon (by Crush)
22. Repo Man (by Mr. Perfect)
23. the Undertaker (by Mr. Perfect, Ric Flair and Crush)
24. Doink (by Crush)
25. Tito Santana (by Jerry Lawler)
26. Jerry Lawler (by Mr. Perfect)
27. Skinner (by Crush)
28. Crush (by Ric Flair)
29. Ric Flair (by Mr. Perfect, 1:02:11)
After the match, Mr. Perfect celebrates his win by leaping to the middle rope and playing to the crowd. Perfect drops down to the mat and to his knees showing real emotion, knowing that he is going to Wrestle Mania having a shot at the WWF World Championship. The Royal Rumble comes to a close with Mr. Perfect standing in the ring with his arms raised with a smile on his face with his music loudly playing.

End of show

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