Rebooking the WWF: Week 4, 1993

The week after the Royal Rumble sees Randy Savage look to get back on track when he competes against Rick Martel on RAW. Doink shows just how evil of a clown he can be at the expense of Tatanka and Jack Tunney announces a huge stipulation involving WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty!

WWF RAW 1/25/1993: (Manhattan, NY)
1. Randy Savage defeated Rick Martel in 8:18 following a top rope elbow drop. During the bout, taped promo by Razor Ramon aired. Ramon is upset over Randy Savage being given a title shot last night. Ramon felt that he had earned a title shot himself. Ramon believes that Savage’s time has passed him by and if Savage doesn’t accept that, Ramon will take him out once and for all.
2. Royal Rumble 1993 Report: Mean Gene goes over what happened last night, which saw Mr. Perfect win the Royal Rumble. A angry by Ric Flair is also shown as he isn’t livid over the fact that his former manager and friend tossed him over the top rope to earn a title shot at Wrestle Mania. “This isn’t over Perfect, not by a long shot.. WOOO!”
3. Jerry Lawler defeated Max Moon in 3:25 following a pile driver.
4. Tatanka defeated Glenn Ruth in 1:56 following a Samoan Drop. During the bout, a pre-tape promo by Doink the Clown was shown. Doink taunted Tatanka about burning his head dress and actually wears the burnt head dress while mocking Tatanka’s War Dance.
5. Lex Luger Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Lex Luger in the ring to discuss Luger’s intentions in the WWF. Bobby Heenan was alongside Luger acting as his manager. Luger told McMahon that he has only one goal in mind and that is to win the WWF World Championship by the end of the year. Luger isn’t going to be like Randy Savage and ask for one, but rather he is going to earn his title shot. Luger claims that he is going to use his pure skill to just run through the WWF roster before taking out “everyone’s hero” Bret Hart. Luger asks Heenan how great the championship will look around his waist, which Heenan replies “the belt will be around the waist of the greatest athlete to ever step foot in a WWF ring.” Heenna finishes off the segment by proclaiming his man as the future WWF World Champion as Luger poses in the ring.
6. Yokozuna defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 0:35 following the Banzai Drop.

WWF Superstars 1/30/1993

1. Jim Duggan defeated the Brooklyn Brawler in 3:17 following a running clothesline. During the bout, a pre-tape of Duggan issuing a rematch for Bam-Bam Bigelow next week on RAW.
2. Mr. Perfect Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with the 1993 Royal Rumble winner. Perfect talks about how great it felt to eliminate that “piece of trash” Ric Flair in order to earn a title shot at Wrestle Mania IX. Gene brings up how Perfect has never had a WWF World Championship shot on pay per view and only a few period but that was years ago. Perfect says that he is a different wrestler since a few years ago and he knows what it takes to beat Bret Hart since he has beaten Hart once before. Perfect finishes the promo off by saying that at Wrestle Mania IX, their “will be the perfect ending.”
3. Razor Ramon defeated Jim Powers in 1:34 following the Razors Edge.
4. The Headshrinkers defeated PJ Walker/Russ Greenberg in 1:06 when Fatu pinned Walker following a top rope splash.
5. Money Inc. Interview: Mean Gene conducts a interview with the WWF World Tag Team Champions. Gene brings up the Nasty Boys challenge for a tag team title shot. Jimmy Hart chimes in and rips on his former clients by saying that the Nasty Boys do not measure up to the greatest tag team in recent memory. Hart insults the Nasty Boys intelligence and puts over Money Inc’s overall brilliance when it comes to outsmarting opponents, which wouldn’t be difficult to do against the Nasty Boys. DiBiase ends up saying that the Nasty Boys will not get a title shot because they haven’t done anything to earn it.
6. Marty Jannetty defeated Repo Man in 4:49 following the Rocker Dropper.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/31/1993
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Scott Taylor in 2:06 following a super kick.
2. Jack Tunney Interview:Tunney is at his office to conduct a interview by himself. Tunney announces the return of Saturday Night Main Event! Tunney says the return of SNME will take place on February 20th. Tunney brings up the Michaels/Jannetty match from the Royal Rumble and how WWF officials are not happy with the cheating ways of Michaels. Thus, Jannetty will be getting a rematch at SNME but this time it will be inside a steel cage where anything can happen!
3. WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated Joey Maggs/Mike Sharpe in 2:38 when IRS pinned Maggs following a lariat.
4. Big Bossman defeated Barry Horowitz in 3:19 following a side walk slam.
5. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow. Gene brings up Duggan’s challenge for RAW. Bigelow is short with his interview as he simply tells Gene and the fans that if Duggan wants more of a butt kicking, Bigelow will be more than happy to give him one.
6. The Undertaker defeated Reno Riggins in 0:58 following the tombstone pile driver.

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