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Are You Tough Enough? Season 1 Ep. 4

Two people decide that wrestling isn’t something they are truly interested in. Darryl confronts some of the house guests.

We start off the show with Big John talking to Victoria,who admits she isn’t sure she can be a wrestler. She has never quit at anything. Al gives a 24 hour notice for the first cut of the series. The cut will be only one person, not a male and female.

Everyone is afraid for Victoria as she continues to land on her neck on bumps. They are learning how to put Al Snow in a headlock. Al works with Darryl in the ring and Snow tells Darryl that he needs to wash his pants. Al is mad when he hears Darryl talking under his breath. We hear from Darryl who doesn’t care if Al likes him or not.

Nobody wants to wrestle with Darryl because he is smelly and isn’t safe in the ring. The housemates don’t understand Darryl and his way of thinking.

Victoria is still battling with the decision on whether or not she wants to be a wrestler. Paulina is doubting herself too because everyone else is too, well at least the females are. Darryl predicts that Victoria will be the first person to be cut.

Oh my God, Victoria and Bobby Jo walk up to Big John and they both tell him that they don’t want to be in the wrestling business. This is incredible. John makes a phone call and lets someone know about the two people quitting. Victoria felt like she wasn’t giving 100%. Nidia is really upset by this and Paulina is breaking down too. Al forgot Victoria’s name when announcing the decision for them to quit.

Everyone else in the house are wondering who else will quit since three people have quit already. Maven and Josh have some fun late at night with Maven tackling Josh in the hallway. There is now a fire in one of the rooms. Nidia puts the fire out quickly. Darryl finds this out tomorrow and he missed it. He feels left out a little bit. Darryl thinks everyone is jealous of him.

Al announces that there will not be a cut this week since two people quit. Tazz comes back to the facility and takes the people who quit are nothing but quitters. Paulina is struggling with herself to get through the pain.

Al decides to do mat wrestling the contestants and Greg is one of the people to actually get up to his feet. Actually he is the only person shown to stand up.

Stephanie McMahon picks the ladies up in her limo to hangout. Stephanie says she enjoys playing the heel role and admits it’s very difficult to not laugh in the ring. They were supposed to meet with Trish Stratus as well, but she wasn’t able to make it. Stephanie puts over the roster in the WWF as being the best it has ever been. The women in the WWF are very supportive of each other.

Nidia, Paulina and Taylor really enjoyed their time with Stephanie at lunch. Lets go back to Darryl who is upset that he can’t play college football anymore. Josh is tired of hearing Darryl talk all the time about football.

Darryl wanted to talk with Chris Nowinski about tension. Chris feels like Darryl isn’t trying hard. Chris says that he is sick and tired of hearing Darryl say he is the best when he isn’t. Darryl acknowledges that he is cocky. Maven says he doesn’t have a problem with Darryl.

Big John announces that everyone will be going to Smackdown because Al Snow has a match at the show. They are all really excited like they are children. They enjoy the show and Chris Nowinski says “I know one thing… I better win this damn thing. Once you get so close to it, you never wanna go back.”

I’m getting annoyed with all the people quitting. Jason, Victoria and Bobby Jo all left because they can’t deal with the either the life on the road or because it’s too painful. How did they not realize that it would be tough to get through and it’s not a picnic? There were people like ODB and others in the top 25 who would’ve died for this chance and they were bypassed for people who didn’t have the will or drive to be a WWF superstar. That bugs me and I’m not even in the business.

The show will probably get a lot more interesting once we actually get an elimination instead of people quitting.

Feel free to leave your opinions on the show below! Thanks for reading.

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