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Rebooking The WWF: Week 7, 1993

This week features the thirty second installment of Saturday Night Main Event. Marty Jannetty challenges WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels in a steel cage. Also, Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair compete to see who main events WrestleMania IX!

WWF RAW 2/15/1993 (Manhattan, New York)
1. Lex Luger defeated Max Moon in 1:38 following a running forearm smash.
2. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with WWF World Champion Bret Hart. McMahon mentions that in five days, Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair will be wrestling each other for a shot at Bret Hart’s WWF World Championship at Wrestle Mania IX on April 4th. Hart tells McMahon that both Flair and Perfect are great wrestlers but only one of them has any class. Hart rips on Flair for being a crybaby and for being someone who can’t handle defeat. Hart doesn’t care who wins at the end of the day, but would like to see Mr. Perfect win so they can have a “good, honest wrestling match.” Bret Hart finishes the interview off by saying no matter what, at Wrestle Mania he will prove that he is “the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be!”
3. Jim Duggan defeated Terry Taylor in 5:06 following a running clothesline. During the bout, a pre-tape promo by Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna was aired. Fuji says that Jim Duggan and the American people will suffer their greatest defeat when Yokozuna steps in the ring with Duggan.
4. Rick Martel defeated Duane Gill in 1:53 with the Boston Crab.
5. Razor Ramon Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with Razor Ramon where Ramon poked fun at the interview Gene conducted last week with Randy Savage. Ramon tells Gene that he isn’t afraid of Randy Savage and he will never be afraid of that old man. Ramon says that he will be waiting for Savage to get the courage to comeback to the WWF and fight Ramon. Ramon finishes off the interview by telling Savage that he isn’t going to go anywhere and will keep his spot, at the top.
6. Mr. Perfect defeated Barry Hardy in 1:05 following the Perfect Plex.

WWF Superstars 2/20/1993

1. Crush defeated Tony Roy in 0:57 with the Kona Vice.
2. Mr. Perfect Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with Mr. Perfect. Gene asked Perfect about the upcoming match against Ric Flair at Saturday Night Main Event, which Perfect is dead serious about. Perfect keeps it simple when he tells Gene that in a matter of hours, Perfect will be competing in the biggest match of his career. Perfect says this is his one shot to prove to the world and to Ric Flair that he is better than Ric Flair. This is Perfect’s time to shine!
3. Kamala defeated Repo Man in 4:41 following a big splash.
4. Big Bossman defeated Russ Greenberg in 1:22 following a side walk slam.
5. Jim Duggan Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with Jim Duggan, regarding Duggan’s recent confrontation with Yokozuna on RAW. Duggan tells McMahon that he isn’t going to stand by and allow Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji to wave around a Japanese flag while putting down the American people and country. Duggan tells the “tough guy” to step up to plate and fight Duggan to see which man representing their countries is better!
6. Jack Tunney Interview: Tunney announces that a match between Tatanka and Doink the Clown has been added to the Saturday Night Main Event show. Tatanka and Doink both cut promos regarding the contest. Tatanka stated that he is going to get revenge for his tribe due to Doink burning his head dress, while Doink stated he was going get the ultimate laugh by destroying Tatanka at Saturday Night Main Event!
7. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Scott Taylor in 1:39 following a top rope flying head butt.


World Wrestling Federation presents Saturday Night Main Event XXXII
Date: 2/20/1993
From: Tampa, FL
Arena: USF Sun Dome
Attendance: 10,330
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

Dark Matches:

Steiner Brothers defeated the Headshrinkers
Rick Martel defeated Owen Hart
Lex Luger defeated Crush
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Razor Ramon to retain the title.

Saturday Night Main Event XXXII opening video featuring promos by Michaels, Jannetty, Flair and Perfect kicks off the show.

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to Saturday Night Main Event! Monsoon puts over the big night ahead of us, which will see a steel cage match between former friends WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Heenan acts as if he is scared for Shawn Michael’s well being, but is actually more concerned for his good looks being ruined by a jealous former friend in Jannetty. Monsoon also hypes up the main event which will see Mr. Perfect putting up his number one contenders spot against Ric Flair! Heenan, as usual, believes that Ric Flair will come out on top while monsoon is disgusted by Heenan statements. The cage behind them has been fully set up and thus the show is ready to start!

Opening Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Marty Jannetty in a steel cage match to retain the title:
As soon as the bell sounds and the cage door is shut, Michaels attempts to scale up the cage but is stopped by Jannetty who crotches Michaels on the top rope. Jannetty wiggles the top rope up and down continuing to low blow Michaels. Jannetty clotheslines Michaels several times after Michaels falls off the ropes. Jannetty hip tosses Michaels and manages to send Michaels head first into the side of the cage. Jannetty hammers away on Michaels in the corner until Michaels knee lifts Jannetty. Michaels ducks a clothesline and connects with a back suplex. Michaels heads to the middle rope and leaps off nailing Jannetty with a knee drop. Michaels grabs Jannetty and attempts to send Jannetty into the cage, but Jannetty counters and rams Michaels into the cage head first. Jannetty heads to the top rope and leaps off hitting Michaels with a double axe handle. Michaels rolls under the ropes and pulls himself up but is dropkicked by Jannetty into the cage, a couple of times. Jannetty grabs Michaels and holds him elevated over the top rope before planting Michaels with a DDT! Jannetty plays to the crowd before again heading to the top rope. Jannetty leaps off but took too much time and Michaels is able to roll out of the way and Jannetty misses a body splash. Michaels gets up and knocks Jannetty down with a flying forearm smash. Michaels connects with as snap suplex to maintain control of the contest. Michaels follows up with a swinging neck breaker. Michaels goes for a pile driver but Jannetty trips Michaels and catapults the champion face first into the cage! Jannetty attempts the Rocker Dropper but Michaels is able to flip out of the move and connects with a tear drop suplex and both men are laid out in the middle of the ring! Michaels gets up first and begins to climb out of the cage. Michaels manages to get to the top of the cage before Jannetty grabs Michaels foot. Jannetty yanks Michaels down to the top turnbuckle and after a brief exchange of right hands, is able to superplex Michaels back into the ring! Jannetty rolls under the ropes as Michaels gets to his feet. Jannetty struggles to his feet until Michaels gets up and super kicks Jannetty face first into the steel cage! Jannetty falls backwards with his head directly in front of the door. Michaels crawls over to the door and taunts a unconscious Jannetty before crawling through the door and to the floor for the win! (18:26, ***¼)
After the match, Shawn Michaels crawls up the aisle way with a smile on his face while officials check on Jannetty in the ring.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with Tatanka. Gene talks about Tatanka’s upcoming match against Doink. Tatanka tells Gene that tonight Doink will pay the consequences for disrespecting his heritage and that the only thing people will be laughing at is the beating Doink is going to be suffering tonight!

Second Contest: the Undertaker defeated Skinner:
Skinner tried to get the upper hand by punching Taker in the corner but didn’t have any real affect. Taker quickly counters and hammers away on Skinner in the corner. Taker sends Skinner into the ropes and nails Skinner with a big boot followed by a side slam. Taker wrenches on Skinner’s arm before walking the top rope and jumping down across Skinner’s arm. Skinner stumbles to his feet only to be met with a choke slam and soon thereafter a tombstone pile driver! Taker covers and wins the match. (3:03, *)
After the bout, as the lights go off during Undertaker’s celebration, Bam-Bam Bigelow runs down to the ring and attacks Paul Bearer, grabbing the urn in the process. Undertaker tries to attack Bigelow but misses a right hand and Bigelow nails Taker with the urn! Bigelow beats Undertaker down several times with the urn before heading to the top rope and ramming the urn down into Undertaker’s face! Officials run down to pull Bigelow out of the ring, who still has possession of the urn!

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with Doink the Clown, who is wearing Tatanka’s burned head dress and laughing while mocking Tatanka. Doink believes that his burning of the head dress has made it look better than it was before. Gene points out that it isn’t intended to be a fashion statement. Doink shrugs off that comment and says that while he may be continually be pranking wrestlers, he can and will beat Tatanka tonight. Doink laughs and wears the head dress while taunting Tatanka again as Gene is left standing confused by Doink’s statements and actions.

Third Contest: Tatanka defeated Doink the Clown:
Tatanka corners Doink and delivers several right hands until Doink pokes Tatanka in the eyes and connects with a snap suplex. Doink controls Tatanka briefly with a rear chin lock while delivering several elbow strikes to Tatanka’s head. Doink sends Tatanka into the ropes and nails Tatanka with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Doink chops Tatanka a few times before Tatanka fights back with a series of overhand chops and sends Doink into a corner back first. Tatanka charges towards the corner but Doink moves out of the way and Tatanka hit’s the corner hard chest first. Doink goes behind Tatanka and connects with a back suplex for another two count. Doink continues his offense with a northern lights suplex for another near fall. Doink gets aggravated with the referee as Tatanka gets to his feet in the corner. Doink regains controls and attempts a backdrop but Tatanka blocks with a jumping DDT! Tatanka chops Doink several times before connecting with a vertical suplex for a two count. Tatanka crotches Doink on the top rope where Tatanka goes for the superplex but Doink fights off and shoves Tatanka to the canvas. Doink gains footing on the top rope and leaps off looking for a leg drop but Tatanka rolls out of the way. Doink tries to club away on Tatanka but they don’t have affect as Tatanka goes on a War Path. Tatanka fights Doink off with several overhand chops and a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Tatanka and Doink trade right hands until Tatanka ducks a clothesline and manages to drive Doink to the mat with the End of the Trail (Samoan Drop) to win the bout! (8:44, **½)
After the match, Tatanka reclaims his burned head dress and wears it with pride as he celebrates the win in the ring.

A video hyping up the main event between Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair is aired.

Main Event: Ric Flair defeated Mr. Perfect to become the new number one contender for the WWF World Championship:
Perfect takes Flair down early on and slaps the back of Flair’s head showing the ultimate disrespect. Flair quickly gets up and chops Perfect a few times before Perfect comes firing back with right hands. Perfect sends Flair into the ropes and connects with a backdrop. Perfect sends Flair to the floor with a dropkick and Flair flips out on the floor. Flair rolls back in but Perfect is quickly back on the attack stomping away on the Nature Boy. Flair stops Perfect’s momentum by grabbing onto Perfect’s tights and sending Perfect face first into the middle turnbuckle. Flair brings Perfect out of the corner and drives Perfect down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex and gets a near fall on the pin attempt. Flair locks in a sleeper hold but Perfect is able to get out of it quickly with a jaw breaker. Perfect comes off the ropes connecting with a swinging knee lift, twice to knock Flair down. Perfect follows up with a back suplex and comes off the ropes with a knee drop for a two count. Perfect heads to the middle rope and leaps off looking for a knee drop but misses. Flair recovers and hammers away on Perfect with several quick shots. Flair follows up with a few knee breakers and works on Perfect’s left leg. Flair stomps away on Perfect’s leg in the corner but Perfect battles back with a series of wild right hands. Perfect manages to knock Flair down to regain his composure. Perfect snap mares Flair and follows up with a rolling neck snap for a two count. Perfect attempts a vertical suplex but Flair gets out of it and atomic drops Perfect followed by a chop to regain control. Flair continues to work on Perfect’s leg by delivering several knee breakers and has a leg lock on Perfect until Perfect is able to reach the bottom rope. Flair backs Perfect up against the ropes and chops Perfect until Perfect drops Flair throat first across the top rope and rolls Flair up for a near fall! Perfect grabs Flair and accidentally sends him into the referee in the corner. Perfect goes for a sleeper hold on Flair but is low blowed by Flair! Flair goes into his tights and reveals to have brass knuckles! Perfect stumbles to his feet but is only met with a brass knuckles shot from Flair! Perfect is out cold as Flair revives the referee. Flair goes over to Perfect and proceeds to lock in the figure four leg lock! The confused referee rolls over and makes the count and counts Perfect’s shoulders down. Flair has won the number one contenders spot! (17:55, ***)
After the match, Ric Flair celebrates his win as a woozy Perfect tries to tell the referee what happened but the referee can’t do anything about it. Flair taunts Perfect, who is sitting on the apron as Flair struts and taunts the fans as well.

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan sign off from Florida with Heenan overjoyed with Ric Flair going to Wrestle Mania IX to wrestle WWF World Champion Bret Hart!

End of show

WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/21/1993

1. Doink the Clown defeated Louie Spicolli in 2:16 following the Whoopee Cushion.
2. Recap of Saturday Night Main Event XXXII: Mean Gene goes over some very brief clips highlighting the previous night’s event.
3. WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated PJ Walker/Mike Bucci in 3:05 when IRS pinned Walker following a lariat.
4. Owen Hart defeated the Brooklyn Brawler in 4:55 following a missile dropkick.
5. Crush Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Crush, not knowing what was on Crush’s mind. Crush is sick of the hype and attention that the Narcissist Lex Luger has been getting in the WWF. Crush believes that despite having a million dollar body, Luger only has ten cents worth of actual wrestling skill. Crush challenges Luger to a match to prove to the WWF fans and officials that Luger is all talk and not a worthy wrestler for the WWF!
6. Razor Ramon defeated Bushwhacker Butch in 1:11 following the Razors Edge.

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