TNA Impact 5/3/2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
May 3, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo of

Well, it took a while but I am back to doing another professional wrestling recap. Josh Boutwell took the day off as he suffered an injury and needed some help. Look no further than the Wrestleview Resident Teacher to be the substitute. Don’t worry people (and the haters); Mr. Boutwell will resume duties next week.

They show replays of Garret Bischoff’s win over Eric. Later, Ric Flair and his allies celebrate Eric Bischoff’s time with Impact and all of wrestling. However, Garret Bischoff, Jeremy Borash, and their allies invite Eric to the TNA Shed of Shame (aka a port-a-potty)

We kick off the show with Ric Flair. Flair said that Hulk Hogan always plays with him, like a pawn. Flair does not buy any of Hogan’s status. He said that he is Ric “g-o-d” Flair and calls him a god. He said that Hogan, Garret, and others sent Eric off. Flair wants to “talk it out” because he is pissed. Then Flair runs down how much his wardrobe costs. He “calls out” Hogan. The crowd chanted for Hogan until Hogan’s music hits.

Hogan walks down the ramp to much applause. Flair said this is good (Hogan) vs. evil (Flair). Flair said he is the baddest man on the planet! Flair said what does he have to do, bring Dixie Carter to the Hard Rock again? Hogan said he won’t fight Flair. Flair accuses Hogan of bossing around. Hogan said he will step the game up at Impact Wrestling. Hogan then said that Eric is the evil one from all the talents to his own son. Hogan said he will take this GM position seriously and that Impact can have a long run and wants to make it that way with Flair’s help. Hogan said that Flair “works for him”. Hogan asks Flair to be a judge on “Gut Check” to check the future of this business. He said with Flair they can live forever. Flair accuses Hogan of “setting him up again”, but Hogan asks Flair to do something for the fans. Hogan said “just be the Nature Boy”. Flair accuses Hogan of “telling” him instead of asking him, and then said he loves the kids and will do it.

Ric Flair is on the Judging Panel of Gut Check.

Gut Check Hype, as well as Rob Van Dam vs. Robert Roode will be up later. But next, we have Knockouts action.


Backstage, Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher chat about Gail Kim. Velvet said she will beat Gail. Brooke said she will beat Gail for a third time. Velvet said one of them will beat Gail for the title.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher

Last Thursday, Brooke Tessmacher pinned Gail Kim to earn a Knockouts Title Match. If I am in accurate, my apologies. As for Ms. Sky in case one is asking she “did” let the pigeons loose. That means 6 more weeks of spring (or fall for the other hemisphere).

Earl Hebner is the official. The heels attack from behind. Kim attacks Sky to start. Sky responds with a clothesline along with knee strikes and some quick attacks. Rayne does a cheat shot then tags in. Rayne works the corner and chokes Sky at the corner. Kim is tagged in and they do some double team work. Kim then poses outside the ring and takes Tessmacher out. Rayne is tagged in. Kim does some legwork and Rayne grounds Sky by ramming Sky’s head to the mat. Rayne takes out Tessmacher and Sky comes back with chops. However, Rayne rakes the eyes and Kim is tagged in and delivered a kick.

Kim then hits the running clothesline and gets a two count. (Chants for Tessmacher). Kim then misses the Frankensteiner and Sky does a bulldog off the corner on Kim. Kim tags Tessmacher and she enters the hot tag segment with dropkicks and some head scissors. However, Kim ends the run with a lariat clothesline. Brooke avoids Eat Defeat. Sky takes out Rayne. Kim caught Tessmacher’s foot and taunts her. However, Tessmacher turns the table.

Winner via Pinfall (Eat Defeat): Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky
Grade: C-

Backstage, Rob Van Dam warms up. Who will RVD pick for Roode?


Slammiversary X Hype is shown. Jeff Jarrett defeated Raven in 2003.

Rob Van Dam is on the microphone now and is in the ring. Van Dam said the fans love him and we were entertained of his moves. Van Dam said that he is a great wrestler. He is “One of a Kind” and is Mr. Pay-Per-View. He said that he will beat Bobby Roode and be the next TNA Champion.

Bobby Roode enters the scene. Roode then said he sat in the back but could not help but her RVD’s overconfidence. Roode introduces himself as “The It Factor” and his other credentials. Roode said that he is a dominant champion because he defeated Jeff Hardy, Sting, James Storm, AJ Styles, and soon Rob Van Dam will be added to that list. Roode then talked about Hogan’s plan and Roode asks RVD who his opponent is tonight.

Rob Van Dam said that he will be facing Mr. Anderson. Roode said “great”, but he picks someone familiar. Roode picks Jeff Hardy as Van Dam’s opponent. Tenay and Taz call the matches “treats”.

Still to Come, we have a 6-Man tag match and Devon will have another opponent next.


TNA Slammiversary X Hype

TNA Television Championship Match
Robbie T (with Robbie E) vs. Devon (c)

First off, the matching sweaters by the two are exquisite.

Robbie T attacks from behind and attacks Devon at a couple of the corners. Robbie T then hits a clothesline on Devon and poses. Devon comes back with strikes, but Robbie T cuts him off with a back elbow. Robbie T then hits a power slam, and then covers for a two count. Devon then cuts Robbie T off at a corner and then hits shoulder tackles. Devon then hits a great diving headbutt off the top rope. Devon covers for a two count.

Robbie E distracts, but Devon was still able to hit a Spear on Robbie T. However, Robbie E ends it thanks to “The List” clipboard by smashing it all over Devon’s head.

Winner via Disqualification: Devon (retains title)
Grade: D+

After the match, Robbie E poses with the TV Title.

Backstage, Al Snow thanks Flair for being a judge. Now the third judge is none other than Bruce Prichard.

Three Judges for TNA’s Gut Check: Ric Flair, Al Snow, and Bruce Prichard.


Last Thursday, Alex Silva lost to Robbie E. The three judges discuss Silva’s performance. Flair calls Silva “a twig”. Snow looks at potential, but Flair said he does not have it. Prichard is not sure at the moment, but Flair won’t compromise. Prichard talks X-Division, but Flair said he was not good enough for this. Snow said he choked the opportunity. Prichard talks more about Silva, who is 20 years old. Twitter likes Silva, but Flair said it should not be run by the fans. Then it becomes a big debate. Flair said “No”. Bruce said “I don’t know”. Snow said it takes two to say yes.

Later, we will have Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode. Next, Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy.


Backstage, Mr. Anderson and Hulk Hogan talk about Anderson’s upcoming match. Hogan said that Anderson can be the #1 guy in the #1 spot. Hogan said the match will be “No Disqualification”. Anderson asked if he can use chairs. Hogan said NO DQ FOR YOU! Then they say MR. ANDERSON a couple times.

Singles Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

The match begins with a headlock by Hardy. Van Dam tried to escape, but Hardy keeps the lock on. Van Dam with a leg sweep pin for a two count. They stop and the crowd applauds. (Hardy chants). Waistlocks are exchanged, then Hardy connects with a back kick, then Hardy shows aggressive side with a dive off the ring frame.

They go back into the ring and Hardy covers for a two count. They both exchange hits, then Hardy catches RVD off guard for another two count. RVD then reverses a whip and connects with the Monkey Flip. After a few counters, Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind move for a two count. RVD then uses the chinbreaker and then hit a Thrust Kick. However, when RVD was about to set up Rolling Thunder Hardy got his knees up. (Bobby Roode enters with the title belt. Referee Brian Hebner is distracted.) Meanwhile B-Heb escapes a moving Hardy and Roode accidentally hits Hardy in the back with the TNA World Title. RVD hits a superkick to end the match.

Winner via Pinfall: Rob Van Dam
Grade: C (leaned toward C-)

After the match, Roode is upset. We have our Direct Auto Insurance Impact of the Night replay.

Backstage, Bully Ray is walking and Joseph Park enters the scene. Bully Ray refuses to give answers. Park said he would be brief. Park said that Ray is reason for his brother’s absence. Ray then said he knows what he can do to people. Ray said back off or he will do what he did to his brother, Abyss.

Still to come, a 6-man tag team match and Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualification Match.


We come back to yet another replay of the TNA Shed of Shame in which Eric Bischoff is covered in feces.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash talks about why he called out Eric Bischoff. He did it for all the people who had to deal with this prick? Borash said he wanted to say something about it. Bully Ray enters the stage and wants to hear it all again. Ray wants Borash to keep talking about how he took care of Eric. Ray said to come to the ring and discuss it out there.

Bully Ray walks to the ring grabbing Borash. Ray ordered Borash on his knees. Ray on the mic talked about how Borash bullied Eric Bischoff. They enter the ring and Borash asked if Ray could leave him along. Ray said he was sick and tired of the anti-bullying, then said if Borash took a step he would destroy him. Ray said we should have a “stick up for yourself” campaign. He calls Borash a little b!tch and then said that he bet that people wanted Borash to punch him. Ray said he can push punks like him all the time.

Austin Aries enters the scene and in a way called out Ray. Ray demands Aries to not stand in the ring, but Aries does it anyway. Aries does not care about lawyers and Borash. Aries said Ray called him out on his size. Aries believes that Ray craps bigger than him, and then called Ray “Blubber Ray”. Ray drops his mic, then shoves him and said “playtime is over”. Ray said he will now have to do something about it. He said he represents small men and he won’t do a damn thing. Ray said Aries is all talk and then Ray spat in Aries’ face.

Aries then had enough and clobbered Ray like Ralphie from The Christmas Story taking out that bully. After TNA Security broke up the fight, Ray runs up and kicks Aries right in the testicles. Ray walks back to the ramp with blood in his mouth.

Backstage, Kazarian talks to Daniels while Kurt Angle is warming up for their upcoming match. Kazarian said Hogan used bad judgment and said he and Daniels will take the tag championships. Daniels said he will humiliate AJ Styles. Kurt Angle said the only thing he cares about is to make Styles tap out. Angle then told the two to stay out of his way. Daniels asks why he is grumpy despite winning all the time. Kazarian thinks it is the ostrich jerky.


Tomorrow (or Today), Taz and Tenay are hoping that James Storm’s theme song gets some time on CMT Television. Also, James Storm will speak for the first time since he walked away two weeks ago.

Backstage, Bobby Roode is upset. He said he beat Anderson beat him again and asked Hulk Hogan who he thought he was to bring in the new stipulation. Roode said he will take care of Hulk. As for RVD, Roode said he has another thing coming if he thinks he can beat him.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian vs. AJ Styles and the TNA World Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe

Well, the match goes haywire at first. Joe, Magnus, Daniels, and Kazarian all brawl around the ring area while Styles and Angle officially start the match. Styles and Angle exchange blows Later, Styles just connects with that quick dropkick. Daniels hits Styles with a cheap shot. Angle shoves Daniels and it was enough for Styles to tag Joe. Joe attacks Angle at the corner. Magnus in and he and Joe hit some great combination moves. Magnus then attacks at the corner. However, Kazarian with a cheap tatic and they plead for Angle to tag them (off topic, since Kazarian shaved his head I can’t tell those two apart).

Angle then hits Magnus with the uppercut and then a chinlock is applied. Magnus escapes the hold, then hits the clothesline similar to one Ted DiBiase, Jr. uses. Styles is in and hits Kazarian with a dropkick and a neckbreaker. However, Daniels hits a cheap shot and now all heck breaks loose. Joe tossed Daniels over the ropes and Daniels landed head first to the ring steps! Magnus then attacked Daniels at ringside. Joe then flies and takes out Daniels with a Suicide Dive.

Styles and Angle are in the ring. Angle apples the Ankle Lock on Styles to counter Styles’ air attack. Kazarian then blind tagged Angle in. Daniels tried to talk to Angle and Joe shoves Daniels to Angle. Magnus gives Kazarian a boot and Styles ends it by hitting the Styles Clash and pinning Kazarian.

Winners via Pinfall: AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Magnus
Grade: C

After the match, Angle is yelling at Kazarian while the victors celebrate their victory. Angle shoves Daniels and then corners him. They show the replay of the final moments of the match and then Daniels take the microphone.

Daniels then talks about AJ Styles. Daniels said they will end this with Styles next week. Daniels talks about the “evidence”. He will either make him tell the secret or THEY will tell the secret.

Later, Anderson will battle Roode. Soon, we will know the fate of Alex Silva.


Al Snow, Ric Flair, and Bruce Prichard are now in the middle of the ring and Snow talked about last week’s Gut Check with Alex Silva. Snow introduces his other judges. Snow then brings out Alex Silva.

Alex Silva enters the ring to find out what his fate will be. Snow asks Flair about his thoughts. Flair tells Silva to grow up. Prichard told Silva he saw what he could do at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Snow said that he has the passion to be here on Impact. But the decision is not up him, but the judges. Flair said (after Silva WOOOOs) No. Snow said Yes. It is up to Prichard. Snow said it will be all about how bad he wants this.

Silva said to the judges (in 30 seconds) that they are here all those years (eight of them) and talks about how poor he was. Flair said don’t talk to the marks talk to the judges. Silva screams about how he stands up for himself. Silva wants his contract. Flair changed his mind and that Silva is in. Prichard said it “was” no because of his performance. Snow said Silva is a TNA Superstar.

Alex Silva is IN (3-0 in favor).


Now we have the Sacrifice card rundown. Now Jeff Hardy will face Mr. Anderson.

No Disqualification Match (Non-Title)
Mr. Anderson vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode

Mr. Anderson does his own introduction and reminded the audience of the stipulation.

They start fighting right away. Anderson uses the barricades and got the early edge. However, Roode uses the Russian leg sweep off the frame to gain the advantage. Wow! Anderson counters a potential piledriver on the mat outside the ring and turns the tables with a slingshot in which Roode hit head-first on the ring post. Anderson then hits his Plunge move (ok, a Rolling Fireman Carry Slam) onto the floor as the show hits its final commercial break.


Now Anderson is down and Roode is in favor of this match (with a low-blow). Roode then stomps on the abdominal region of Anderson. They go outside the ring once again and Roode brawls for a moment. Roode then tries to pin and gets a two count. Roode slowed the pace down with some stomps. Roode then executes a suplex and drops the knee. After another two count, Anderson started swinging, but Roode gets a back elbow in and Anderson is down.

Roode now grabbed hold of a chair and wedged it between the buckles. Anderson turns it around and Roode enters face-first to the chair! After a few moments, Anderson and Roode exchange right hands. Anderson has another run with a spinning neckbreaker and hits a solid enzugiri. Anderson covers Roode, but Roode kicked out at two. Anderson does not get in the Mic Check, but later was able to block Roode from a high risk move. However, Roode hit the Spinebuster and covers Anderson. After another two count, Roode sets the chair in the center of the ring. Jeff Hardy runs in and takes out Roode with a back kick. Anderson, still a bit out of it (in the story) hits the Mic Check…on Jeff Hardy and realized what he did. Roode quickly grabbed the chair and clobbered Anderson twice and hits the Fisherman Suplex for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Bobby Roode
Grade: C (leaned toward C+)

After a series of replays, Roode’s work was not done. Roode then hits Anderson and Hardy with chair shots. Rob Van Dam runs in for the save. Roode walks away, but then runs and attacks RVD when his back was turned and ends the show with a DDT on the chair. Roode looks at RVD and the show is over.


1) Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne (Pinfall)
2) Devon def. Robbie T to retain the TNA World Television Championship (DQ)
3) Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy (Pinfall)
4) AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Magnus def. Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, and Kurt Angle (Pinfall)
5) Bobby Roode def. Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualification Match (Pinfall)

Other: Alex Silva is a member of the TNA Roster.

Mr. V’s Thoughts

This recap is presented by Uncle Jesse’s Moonshine. It’s either a potent alcoholic beverage or an alternative fuel. Only Uncle Jesse knows.

On a personal note, where is Hernandez?

Now, time to be straight forward.

The opening segment was done well with Hogan asking Flair to do him a favor and be a Gut Check judge. I like the move actually because we can have Ric Flair be the “Simon Cowell” of the portion and it gives him a new character as it appears that Immortal is all but disbanded.

The Knockouts tag match was not bad. Sure, nothing truly stood out but the one thing that I am intrigued is the improvement of Brooke Tessmacher. Now I don’t know what the future is in regards to the Knockout’s Championship, but personally I have a feeling that a change will be nice. It looks like Tessmacher’s quest will continue to the next PPV.

The Roode/RVD promo after that was pretty lackluster. I really thought the delivery could have been better.

Devon vs. Robbie T was all about power. The match was not all that great, but I have to applaud both wrestlers. Robbie T looks like he has improved over the past couple years, while Devon just look rejuvenated and appears to be in great shape.

After that, Flair is joined with Al Snow and Bruce Prichard to be the judging panel. If this was the original American Idol, I would say Bruce is the Randy Jackson, Snow is Paula Abdul, and Flair is Simon Cowell. While I am still uncertain on the Gut Check, I do like this panel of the legend, a solid agent in Snow, and a man behind the scenes in Prichard. Well done.

Hogan and Anderson’s backstage segment was goofy. Also, I know it will never be done but Anderson REALLY needs a gimmick change. I hear Impact does this on a consistent basis, but Anderson just needs it.

Hardy vs. Van Dam was ok in terms of quickness, but this match was just to lead to the bigger picture. Roode wanted to get the upper hand and failed when he hit Hardy in the back with the title. Honestly, I wished the match lasted a couple minutes longer.

Well, after weeks it looks like Joseph Park found his perpetrator. Bully Ray is trying to avoid the questions like Floyd Mayweather avoids questions regarding Manny Pacquiao.

From my column, some may know how much I can’t stand Jeremy Borash and I was not looking forward to the next segment. However, just watching Bully Ray just “bully” the guy actually made me feel sorry for Borash. That is what I should feel like so I applaud their efforts there. But when Austin Aries took over the segment, it was absolutely perfect. Though I have a feeling we will get an Abyss (or Joseph Park/Ray feud, I am finding Aries vs. Ray very interesting. Both are probably the best talkers on Impact at the moment and (wait for it) might be the 2nd-best feud for TNA this year (behind Roode vs. Storm).

The 6-man tag team match had some twists. Are they teasing an Angle face turn? It sure started to look like it. It even looked like Angle is burned out as well in this story. Joe and Magnus were just there, but they continue to improve as a tag team.

So, after all these months of the build up to “what is the AJ Styles secret” is going to be aired abruptly? Seems a bit confusing in my opinion.

The Gut Check segment was ok. I thought Flair did a great job making Silva focus on the people judging him. Silva has a lot to improve on in his delivery, but did enough to “earn” a spot. Had Flair not been a judge, this would have been wasted time. Kudos to Silva for “winning” a spot on the roster.

The main event was a solid brawl between the two. They actually set up the story nicely between Anderson and Hardy and now they HAVE a reason to wrestle in a match. I am so happy Roode got booked with the victory. It makes him dominant a bit after what is a lackluster title reign with all the way he continues to be the face of the company.

Promo/Segment of the Night: The Austin Aries promo after Bully Ray cornered Jeremy Borash.
Match of the Night: Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson (C leaning toward C+)
Overall Grade: C

Preview for Next Week:
– The Truth behind what is between Daniels, Kazarian, and AJ Styles
– James Storm speaks

Sacrifice Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
– AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
– TNA World Tag Team Titles: Samoa Joe and Magnus (c’s) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
– Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (JUST ANNOUNCED)

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