WWF Rebellion 2000 12/2/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Rebellion
From: Sheffield, England

Mick Foley and Debra make their way out to the ring to kick off the program. Foley puts over the main event that will be taking place tonight. Apparently, Triple H didn’t agree with the main event booked for the evening because he wanted to be involved. Foley didn’t believe that HHH deserved to be in the main event because of his recent actions. Mick begins to mock Hunter and was told that Hunter wouldn’t be part of the show if he wasn’t going to be in the main event. Debra announces that the main event will have no disqualifications or count-outs. WWF World Champion Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring not happy about the announcement just made. Angle thinks it is unfair and ridiculous that he has to defend the championship against three other guys. Kurt is trying to get Foley to reconsider and considers himself a legend along with Foley. Debra says that the decision is final and he will have to live with it.

Opening Contest: Edge & Christian vs. Test & Albert vs. Dudley Boyz in a Elimination Tables Match: Albert and D-Von open the match with Albert working over D-Von in the corner. The Dudley’s hit a double team suplex on Albert and Bubba enters to chop Albert, which doesn’t hurt the big man. Test and Albert get a table but Albert kicks the table into the Dudley’s! D-Von saves Bubba from being back dropped through a table. Test drops Bubba with a big boot and Edge tags in to stomp away on Bubba. D-Von avoids a big boot and clotheslines Test. Albert splashes Test on accident and the Dudley’s hit a back suplex/neck breaker combo. Edge and Christian slam Albert off the middle rope and send him through a table to get the first elimination. D-Von is stuck in the ring getting worked over by Edge and Christian for a few moments. D-Von dropkicks a table into both Edge and Christian as they tried to slide the table into the ring. The referee didn’t see Bubba get tagged in. D-Von plants Christian with a jumping reverse DDT. Bubba gets the tag and cleans house. Edge stops him with a spear, though. They go for the What’s Up but Bubba counters it and D-Von shoves Edge off the top and right into Christian’s groin. The Dudley’s hit the What’s Up on Edge. Christian saves Edge from the 3-D but the Dudley’s put Christian through the table with the 3-D to win. (**1/2. An alright way to start the match. I don’t know why they had to do tags in the match, but that’s not a big deal. The crowd was into it and the Dudley’s are really over big as faces at this point.)

Backstage, Michael Cole is talking to Lita. She is excited to be in England and she wants to win back the WWF Womens Championship. Lita is going to give Ivory the beating of her lifetime.

Second Contest: WWF Women’s Champion Ivory vs. Lita: Lita slides into the ring and spears Ivory before the bell sounds. Lita tosses Ivory down to the mat several times. Lita dropkicks Ivory’s upper back for a near fall. Ivory misses a clothesline and Lita hit a back suplex. Steven Richards is knocked off the apron by Lita. Ivory hammers away on Lita to get control of the match. Lita fights back with a head scissors and a Twist of Fate! Lita takes Richards out with a dive on the floor! Lita sunset flips into the ring but Ivory sits down and grabs Richards to get the cheap win. (*1/2. It was a quick match and had some decent action for what they were given.)

Backstage, Michael Cole is talking to the Rock. Rock is predicting that tonight is the night that Kurt Angle loses the WWF World Championship. Rock says he could give Angle new gold medals but instead he will kick his candy ass tonight!

Third Contest: WWF Hardcore Championship Steve Blackman vs. Perry Saturn: Saturn attacks Blackman before the bell to get the early advantage. Blackman strikes Saturn several times but is sent to the floor. Saturn takes the champ out with a slingshot cross body for a near fall on the floor. Blackman suplexs Saturn on the floor. Steve gets a cookie sheet and just whacks Saturn several times with it for a near fall. Blackman sets a trash can up in the corner but Saturn is able to send Blackman face first into it for a near fall. Saturn ducks a kick and whacks him over the head with the sheet. Blackman tries to pull himself up to avoid hitting the floor but Perry hits him with the sheet over the head. Saturn tried a suicide dive but Blackman hits him with the sheet in the head. Saturn uses a fire extinguisher and a chair. Steve drop toe holds Perry face first into the chair. Blackman suplexs Saturn with his sticks for a near fall. Saturn low blows Blackman and nearly wins with an inside cradle. Blackman kicks the chair into Saturn’s face to win the match. (*1/4. Nothing all that good about this one. It was rather basic and uninteresting for me.)

Backstage, Michael Cole is talking to William Regal. Regal is happy to be back home and is happy to be champion. Regal lists some sports heroes from England and doesn’t consider guys like Lennox Lewis to be really British like him. Regal rips on his own people saying that they smell bad and stuff. He is going to represent Britain proudly.

Fourth Contest: WWF European Champion William Regal vs. Crash Holly: Holly attacks Regal before the bell and hits a head scissors. Regal sends Crash into the ring post shoulder first and gets a near win with a spinning slam. Regal keeps the control of the mat with a chin lock. Crash nearly wins with a roll up but is stopped by a knee strike from Regal. Crash starts to try several roll ups but Regal kicks out each time. Crash nearly wins with a hurricanrana. Regal slams Holly down to the mat face first and pins Crash but Crash’s foot was on the bottom rope. So, the referee changes his mind. Molly Holly hits a missile dropkick off the top and Crash covers Regal to win the championship. After the match, Regal attacks both Crash and Molly! Regal takes the championship and walks backstage believing he won the match. (*1/2. Crash’s title win would last all of two days, any way. I suppose this supplied some shock for the show. I mean, who really thought Crash would win this?)

Fifth Contest: WWF Lightweight Champion Dean Malenko & Eddie Guerrero vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Billy Gunn & Chyna: Guerrero attacks Gunn from behind before the bell and dropkicks Gunn’s left knee to keep the advantage. Gunn quickly battled back to hit a tilt a whirl slam. Gunn fakes Guerrero out on a handshake and delivers a clothesline. All four wrestlers are in the ring where the Radicals are sent into each other and are driven down to the mat thanks to double gorilla press slams. Chyna and Malenko get involved with Chyna working over Dean with a hip toss and clothesline. Chyna hits Malenko with a handspring back elbow but is tripped by Guerrero from the floor. Eddie enters and begins to stomp over his former love interest. Chyna is being double teamed by the Radicals, briefly. Gunn gets tagged in and he hits a double clothesline. Gunn nearly pins Malenko following a snap power slam Chyna and Guerrero go to the floor while Gunn hits a Jackhammer on Malenko! Gunn hits the Fameasser but Eddie breaks up the cover. Eddie is sent to the floor and Gunn hits a cobra clutch slam on Malenko to win the match. (**. Nothing special here. Chyna looked pretty solid in the ring and Gunn was probably the most over with the crowd in a singles role than he had ever been.)

Sixth Contest: Kane vs. Chris Jericho: Jericho starts the match working over Kane with several strikes after insulting Kane on the microphone. Kane stops Jericho with a big boot but misses an elbow drop. They both go to the floor when Jericho connects with a clothesline. Jericho knocks Kane off the apron with a springboard dropkick. Jericho tries a top rope cross body but is caught by Kane in the ring. Kane power slams Jericho but only gets a near fall. Kane drops Jericho gut first down onto the canvas. Jericho gets out of a stretch with a roll up but Kane kicks out and thrusts Jericho several times. Jericho is able to crotch Kane on the top rope to make his comeback. Kane shoves Jericho off the top and goes for a clothesline but Jericho dropkicks Kane in midair! Jericho hits a missile dropkick but can’t get a three count. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho after sending Kane into the corner, but he is having a difficult time turning the big man over. Kane counters the move by grabbing Jericho by the throat. Jericho breaks free to hit a bulldog but Kane gets his knees up to block a moonsault. Kane plants Jericho with the choke slam to win the match. (**3/4. A solid enough match here. They did a good job of showcasing all of their trademark moves and kept a decent pace to the match. The beginning of the bout was slow, though.) After the match, Jericho attacks Kane with a steel chair on the ramp way. Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on the big man as well and Kane is tapping out!

Backstage, Trish Stratus is mocking Lita for not winning the title tonight. So, Lita takes exception to that and attacks Trish. Lita rips Trish’s shirt off brings her to the locker room where Ivory is hanging out in her bra. Steven Richards is there to cover Ivory up.

Seventh Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather vs. The Hardy Boyz: Val Venis is with the champs for this match. The champs attack before the bell sounds but the Hardy Boyz slide to the floor and hit double slingshot cross body’s on the floor. Bull and Jeff legally start the match with Bull working over Jeff with a knee lift and blows in the corner. Jeff quickly comes back with a head scissors take down and plays to the crowd only for Goodfather to clothesline him from the apron. Goodfather keeps control of the bout by working over Jeff in the corner. Well, there is an odd botch where Jeff just stumbles across the ring and falls to the floor. He might be seriously hurt. Matt proceeds to enter the ring and cleans house. Goodfather misses Matt with the belt and he hits Bull on accident. Matt hits a middle rope leg drop but Goodfather makes the save and sends Matt shoulder first into the ring post! The champs are focusing on Matt’s left shoulder. Matt is able to eventually plant Goodfather with a DDT. Goodfather prevents Matt from making the tag and misses a splash in the corner. Bull is knocked off the apron and Jeff is tagged in. Jeff dropkicks Goodfather and appears to be fine. Jeff takes the champs out with a corkscrew moonsault! Jeff hits the Poetry in Motion and Matt hits Goodfather with the Twist of Fate! Jeff hits the Swanton but Venis is on the top rope and splashes Jeff! Bull yanks Matt down by the hair and Goodfather pins Jeff! (***. That was a good match as the power of the champs was displayed very well with the speed of the challengers. I was surprised to see how well they worked together, actually.)

Backstage, Kurt Angle is talking to Edge and Christian who are hurting. Kurt says that Eric wasn’t able to make it to England. The champ is hoping they will come out to ringside. Kurt thinks they are selfish when Christian says he doesn’t know how useful they would be.

Backstage, The Radicals attack the Undertaker! Saturn holds Taker’s left knee and Benoit smashes a trash can across the leg!

Eighth Contest: Chris Benoit vs. The Undertaker: Benoit wants to win by forfeit, but on the third entrance attempt, the Undertaker walks out with a limp. Obviously, Benoit focuses his attack on the left knee of the Undertaker as soon as the bell sounds. Taker is able to stop Benoit with a big boot in the corner and works over Benoit with strikes in the corner. Benoit comes off the ropes but Taker hits a gorilla press slam. Benoit regroups and they trade shots briefly. Taker sets Benoit up for Old School and hits it for a near fall. Benoit pulls Taker down while on the floor but Taker sends Benoit face first into the ring post. Benoit knocks Taker off the apron and jumps off the apron only to be caught and rammed back first into the ring post, twice! Back in the ring, Taker is working over Benoit’s lower back. Benoit wiggles out of a power slam and dropkicks Taker’s bad left knee. Taker tries to battle back but Benoit takes him out by attacking his knee again. Benoit locks in the figure four but Taker is able to reverse it! Benoit reaches the bottom rope which disappoints the fans. Benoit takes the big man down with a back suplex and slams his left knee down onto the canvas. Benoit comes off the top rope to hit a head butt to Taker’s knee. Taker wins the match with an inside cradle. (**1/2. An alright match, but that finish was really bad. It came out of nowhere but felt flat.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Kurt Angle vs. The Rock vs. Rikishi vs. Steve Austin: This has no disqualifications or count outs stipulation attached to it. Rock and Rikishi go at it while Austin hammers away on Angle! Austin hits a spine buster on Angle for a near fall. Austin takes Angle over with a snap suplex for another two count. Rikishi trips Austin and brings him to the floor where Austin hammers away on Rikishi. Rock nearly pins Angle with a Samoan Drop! Angle works on the Rock with right hands but is tossed over the top to the floor! Rikishi is being punched by both Austin and Rock. Angle is taking the championship and leaving up the ramp. Rock leaves and clotheslines Angle from behind. Rikishi clotheslines Austin in the corner. Austin with a Thez Press and hammers away on Rikishi. Austin does the same to Angle. Austin and Angle go to the floor while Rock pummels Rikishi and hits a leaping clothesline. Austin chokes Angle with a cable. Rikishi splashes Rock in the corner and goes for the stink face. Rock avoids that with a low blow and hits a spine buster! Rock goes for the People’s Elbow which he hits! Rock goes for the cover but Angle breaks that up and gets a near fall on Rikishi. Austin covers too but Rikishi kicks out. Rikishi and Angle are in complete control, but that doesn’t last long. Rock and Austin are left in the ring and the fans are wanting this to happen! They begin to trade right hands with Austin getting the better of the exchange. Rock comes back, and is getting booed. Austin hits the Stunner but only gets a two count due to Angle. Rikishi leg drops Angle and gets a near fall on Rock! Austin clotheslines Angle and Rikishi. Rock waits for Austin and hits the Rock Bottom but Rikishi pulls the referee out! Rock turns around and Angle hits the Olympic Slam but the referee is still outside the ring. Rock is able to kick out at two! Austin rolls Angle up for a two count! Edge and Christian run out but are punched by Austin. Rock with the Rock Bottom on Rikishi but Edge breaks up the cover! Edge attacks Rock on the floor. The Radicals come out and Austin hits the Stunner on Rikishi! Austin is attacked by Guerrero and Saturn on the floor! Angle enters to hit the Olympic Slam and wins the match! (***. Sure, there was a bunch of interference, but it was a solid main event that had a lot of energy. I enjoyed it.) After the match, the Radicals continue to attack Rock and Austin. Benoit and Malenko have come out as well. Austin hits the Stunner on Malenko and Benoit bails. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Saturn and Malenko. Guerrero and Benoit enter again but Benoit is met with a Stunner and Guerrero gets a Rock Bottom for his actions. The faces are left standing to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
A solid show overall that only had a couple of matches that were bad. The England shows tend to have a lot of crowd energy, which helps with the overall presentation of the show. I’m going to give the show a mild thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.

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