TNA Impact 5/10/2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
May 10, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo of

Y’all couldn’t get rid of me that easy! I want to thank Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo again for stepping in for me last week after I had a wreck, but I’m back now so let’s get to it.

This week’s Impact Wrestling opens up with a recap of the World Title drama from last week and then we cut to the arena where the World Champion, Bobby Roode, makes his way down to the ring. Roode asks if there is anything else he needs to do to prove to everyone that once and for all he is the greatest World Champion in the history of TNA and the most dominant World Champion in the history of TNA. He says last week not only did he defeat and embarrass Mr. Anderson but he also took him out. He says he also took out Jeffery Nero Hardy and his challenger RVD. He emphasizes that one man took out 3 men at the same time as an “RVD” chant starts. Roode says sometimes he even amazes himself at how great he is and speaking of great things he has great news for everyone. Roode says in 14 days it becomes official as the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in TNA history. He emphasizes that he will have held that belt longer than AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, and even Sting. Roode says in 3 days “Mr. PPV” will have to get into the ring with the “It Factor” (Roode) and if he thinks for one second he can outwrestle Roode and take his belt he is sadly, sadly mistaken. Roode says there is absolutely no one or nothing that will stop his “World Title domination.” RVD springs down to the ring and goes after Roode!

RVD takes Roode down with a couple of strikes and Roode bails. RVD picks up the World Title belt but then Mr. Anderson jumps Roode from behind on the ramp! Anderson tosses Roode to RVD who continues the assault. They toss Roode back into the ring and continue to beat on him! Jeff Hardy runs down as well and jumps in on the beating. Hardy and Anderson start brawling now as they try and toss each other away to get at Roode! TNA Agents and officials run down to break up the brawl! Hulk Hogan’s music interrupts the fracas.

Hogan says he smells blood tonight and says he likes it. Hogan says he loves the enthusiasm he’s seeing and it looks like Hardy and Anderson want a piece of Roode but also want to tear each other’s heads up. Hogan says it also looks like RVD doesn’t want to wait 3 days to get a piece of Roode. He says he has a great idea that will shake things up tonight and a Main Event that will flip flop things. He says RVD is the #1 Contender so he needs RVD to agree to it before making it. Hogan suggests a Fatal 4-Way between the 4 in the ring that will give each man something to gain but also possibly something to lose. He says if Anderson or Hardy win then that man will replace RVD in the Main Event at Sacrifice! RVD doesn’t like the sound of that. Hogan says if Roode wins then he gets to pick his opponent of the 3! If RVD wins then he gets to pick the stipulation for the Main Event! Hogan says it’s up to RVD and asks him if he’s willing “to make the Sacrifice” (pun intended). RVD thinks about it for a second and looks out to the crowd before accepting it! It’s on!

In the back Bully Ray says Austin Aries is 5’8″ and 175 lbs. on a good day soaking wet with a brick in his pocket, but he’s been the biggest thorn in his side in the 6 years Ray has been in TNA. Ray says last week Aries made a lot of disparaging comments about him and says he wants to raise his voice and talk down to Ray, but he’s sick and tired of Aries trying to bully HIM. Ray says it “ain’t happening again” and he says the whole locker room is talking about Aries and he says Aries is the real problem in TNA. Ray says he isn’t going to stand for it any longer and he’ll take care of the “little” problem. He says he doesn’t push people around, he takes them down and for Aries to “just watch.”

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

In the back Gail Kim complains about Brooke Tessmacher as Madison Rayne doesn’t seem to be paying too much attention to her. Gail asks Madison what’s up with her and she says there’s “just this guy” she’s thinking about.

Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Ah, I missed the pigeons. Velvet and Brooke lockup and Velvet forces Brooke into the corner and then she taunts Brooke with her “ASSets.” They lockup again and then Brooke forces Velvet into the corner before absolutely making my head explode by making her “booty clap.” They lockup again and this time Velvet gets Brooke in a side headlock but Brooke shoves her into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block from Velvet for a nearfall. Velvet hits the ropes again and then shoves Tessmacher into the corner and follows up with a Running Clothesline. Velvet then attempts a Bulldog but Tessmacher shoves her into the corner and then she Monkey Flips Velvet across the ring! Tessmacher goes for a 2nd Monkey Flip but Velvet blocks it and shoves Tessmacher off before getting another nearfall. Velvet kicks and chops Brooke and then hits the ropes but eats a dropkick from Brooke. Velvet retreats to the corner and then Tessmacher hits her with the Asstastic in the corner. Brooke goes for it a 2nd time but Velvet moves and then hits a Running Bulldog! 1…2…NO Tessmacher kicks out! Velvet tosses Tessmacher into the corner and puts the boots to her and then follows up with a series of facebusters followed by a Spapmare Takeover and then a sliding dropkick! 1…2…NO Brooke kicks out again! Velvet goes to pick Brooke up by the hair but Brooke catches her with an inside cradle! 1…2…NO Velvet kicks out! Velvet shows some frustration before setting up for the In Yo Face but Brooke shoves her into the corner to break it up. Velvet charges at Brooke in the other corner but she counters with a Drop Toe Hold sending Velvet crashing face-first into the turnbuckles. Brooke then hits her new finisher, the modified Belly-to-Back Slam for the pin.

Winner: Tessmacher via pinfall

Gail Kim runs out after the match and attacks Brooke from behind with the title belt and then nails Brooke with the Eat Defeat! Gail grabs the belt and holds it in Brooke’s face while calling her a “piece of trash.”

A clip previewing James Storm’s segment tonight is shown talking about his future.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from the break AJ Styles is shown arriving and looking pissed. The camera dude asks him about Daniels and Kaz’s “secret” on AJ but he shrugs it off and says he has Kurt Angle in 3 days and that’s what he has to worry about.

In the back Jeff Hardy talks about his match tonight saying it’s his chance to end the “selfish generation.”

Final Confrontation
Crimson vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

They are billing this match as the “Final Confrontation” which should show you how TNA feels about this feud. Bully Ray attacks Morgan from behind with his chain as Morgan was coming down the ramp! Ray punt kicks Morgan in the ribs and then scerams at Christy Hemme to move out of the way, and then grabs the chair she was sitting in and sandwiches Morgan’s head in between the chair and the ring post! Crimson laughs at that and then Ray looks into the camera and says, “Austin Aries…that will be you…that will be you, Aries.” Morgan is busted open.

TNA Agents run down to check on Morgan but Ray says if they touch Morgan then he’s going to bust them with the chair. Ray says that will be Austin Aries in 3 days before finally leaving so they can check on Morgan. Anybody know if we can get Bully Ray to make a visit to John Cena next? I kid, I kid.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

During the break Bully Ray came back down the ramp as EMT’s were trying to stretcher Morgan away. Ray stares down at the scene.

Back in the arena Crimson mockingly says what just happened was “very unfortunate” and he says what’s also unfortunate is that Morgan came out for weeks saying he was going to be the man to kick Crimson’s a** and finally end the streak. He says that delusion is a scary thing and he’s still standing here undefeated and Morgan couldn’t even make it to the ring this time. A “you suck” chant starts and Crimson says he’s feeling gracious tonight so he says he’ll give Morgan another chance to come down and fight like a man. He tells the referee to give him the 10 count which the referee does after some protest.

Winner: Crimson via countout

Crimson says that was very sad but also very predictable and says it’s just another footnote to a pathetic, under achieving career of Matt Morgan.

A vignette highlighting RVD is shown. RVD talks about how he was such a risk taker as a kid and talks about wanting to be a hero. RVD talks about making his “sacrifices.”

Austin Aries is defending his title next and TNA obviously thinks whoever he’s facing has such a good chance of winning that they don’t even bother to say who he’s facing.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Good lord, Christy Hemme’s top doesn’t leave much to the imagination (God bless her).

TNA X-Division Championship
“A-Double” Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

Aries is wearing a big cape to the ring that says “The GREATEST man that ever lived” on it. Aries and Zema lockup and Aries forces Zema into the corner before breaking clean. Aries then grabs Zema by the hair just as Zema picked up his hairspray and started spraying it on his head. Aries locks in a side headlock and then starts screwing up Zema’s hair. Zema shoves Aries into the ropes and then Aries slides through Zema’s legs. Zema turns around and tries to kick Aries but Aries catches his foot and then spins Zema around and takes him down with a Side Headlock Takeover. Zema counters with a headscissors but Aries is able to escape it with a headstand right into a dropkick! Zema rolls out to the floor and then Aries dives off the top with a Plancha but Zema moves out of the way and Aries hits the guardrail! Zema rolls back into the ring and hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Aries on the floor! Zema rolls Aries back into the ring and then hits a Slingshot Front Kick to the back of Aries’ head! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Zema puts the boots to Aries and then covers Aries again but only gets a two count again. Zema stomps on Aries’ head and then stands on it. Aries tries to fight back with some chops and elbows and then he tries to whip Zema into the ropes but Zema counters with a poke to the eyes. Zema hits the Hostile Makeover! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Zema follows up with a Scoop Slam and then he goes for a Springboard Moonsault out of the corner but Aries gets his knees up! Aries nails Aries with Forearms and elbows and then he whips Zema into the corner and follows up with a NASTY Rolling Elbow! Aries goes for a clothesline but Zema gets his boot up only for Aries to shrug it off and then answer with a nasty Lariat that sends Zema flying over the top to the floor! Aries hits the Heat Seeking Missile onto Aries sending him into the guardrail! Aries looks into the camera and screams “Bubba!” Aries tosses Zema back into the ring and then as Aries starts to get back in the ring Aries charges at him only to eat a shoulder block through the ropes from Aries followed by a Jawbreaker. Aries then comes in and hits a Back Handspring Splash off the ropes! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Aries grabs Zema and sets up for the Brainbuster but Zema senses it and backs Aries into the corner as a “this is wrestling” chant starts up. Zema puts Aries up on the top rope and climbs up with him setting up for a Frankensteiner, but Aries holds onto the ropes blocking it! Aries then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick! Aries follows up with the IED in the corner and then the Brainbuster! Aries screamed “BUBBA!” once again as he lifted Zema up in the air. 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)

In the back Daniels and Kaz talk about the secret and Kaz asks Daniels if they’re really going to do this. Daniels says AJ has been on top for far too long and he is NOT their friend. He says their contracts are signed and sealed so nothing can happen there either. He says it’s time to show the world.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from the break the brawl from earlier tonight that set up the 4-Way is shown.

RVD talks about “sacrificing” potentially his shot at the belt for a chance to do this match “his way.” RVD teases a potential Ladder Match and says you can’t beat him at his game.

A rundown of the history of this beef between AJ, Kaz, and Daniels is shown.

Daniels and Kaz are in the ring and Daniels gets HEAVY boos before he can even speak. He calls the fans “sad clowns” and then reminds us that he gave AJ an ultimatum last week to either reveal the secret himself or he would do it for him. Daniels says no one has heard from AJ in 7 days but he will give him one last chance to come out and set the record straight. Kaz and Daniels wait as an “AJ” chant starts but the Phenomenal One doesn’t show. Daniels laughs and mockingly says he hates to do this now but he feels the fans deserve to know the truth about their “boy”, but AJ’s music cuts him off.

AJ comes down the ramp and says he doesn’t know what they think they have over him but this thing needs to stop and it needs to stop now. AJ gets into the ring and says this thing needs to stop because they are about to make the biggest mistake in their lives. Kaz says AJ is the one that made the mistake and believe it or not but at first he was protecting AJ. Kaz says then he looked at everything he and Daniels have accomplished compared to everything that AJ has accomplished and then looked at “this” while holding up the envelope. Kaz says he asked himself why he’s protecting AJ and says he made a mistake and this is the proof. Kaz pulls out a picture and shows it to the camera. The picture shows AJ and Dixie Carter standing together holding hands looking at each other. AJ mockingly says that’s a “great picture” and says yes that is them together.

Daniels says they’ve all had conversations with Dixie Carter before and he could see how you could think that it’s nothing if that was the ONLY picture they had. Kaz pulls out a 2nd picture and this time AJ is holding Dixie’s face with his hand and Daniels says he’s never had his hands on Dixie. Daniels asks AJ what they could have possibly been talking about which would lead him to have his hands on the President of TNA. AJ seems to be speechless and then Daniels says if AJ has nothing to say about that picture then he can only imagine what his reaction will be to the next picture. Kaz pulls out a 3rd picture which shows AJ and Dixie kissing. Daniels says since day one AJ has been the poster boy of TNA and when he looks at those pictures “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Daniels leaves the ring and then Kaz drops the pictures at AJ’s feet and walks away leaving AJ lost for words in the ring. AJ puts his head down as the fans chant for him.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

A recap of what just went down is shown.

TNA Television Championship
Devon (c) vs. Robbie E. w/Robbie T.

I believe this is the 3rd match between these two for this title, do we really need this again? Devon hits the ring and takes down both Robbie’s before clotheslining the big man over the top to the floor. Devon beats Robbie E. down in the corner and then hits a Thesz Press. Devon follows up with a Diving Headbutt and then he attempts a whip, but Robbie reverses it and Terry trips him from the outside. Terry drags him to the floor but Devon comes back on him and connects with several right hands. Devon slams Terry into the ring steps and then Robbie E. comes out but eats a clothesline from Devon. Devon tosses Robbie back into the ring and connects with the Spinebuster for the pin.

Winner & STILL TV Champ: Devon via pinfall (Spinebuster)

Terry attacks Devon from behind and then hits him with a Powerslam.

Part of James Storm’s promo from last month after Lockdown when he talked about questioning his future is shown.

A video package of Storm when TNA cameras went down to his home in Tennessee. Storm says if you look at movies and compare it to the match at Lockdown he says that’s not the way it’s supposed to happen because the “good guy” didn’t win. He says the right guy didn’t win and he wishes he can say that Roode cheated but he can’t, but he can’t say the better man won either. He says he doesn’t want to be reminded of everyone’s faces after that match and he has to get his head clear. He says if wrestling is what he’s meant to do then there will be time for that but he has to get his head right. Footage of him in his farm are shown as he says this is a place of hard work and this is where he always comes to think and he’s always prided himself in being a hardworker and he does that in wrestling as well. He says he loves wrestling but he’s started thinking does he want to continue doing it and asks is it worth it to continue because he never thought he would second guess himself in wrestling, but when you lose the way he did it makes you second guess everything. He says when he puts in the hard work he gets the job done but at Lockdown he didn’t get the job done in front of all of his friends and family. Storm says they say home is where the heart is so if wrestling is still in his heart is then “this place” (his farm) will tell him.

Joseph Park is shown looking for the way to the ring.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

In the back Devon b*tches about Robbie E. & Robbie T. and challenges them to a match at Sacrifice.

Highlights of Joseph Park searching for his brother are shown.

Joseph Park (who is from Chicago, so I guess Abyss isn’t really from parts unknown?) makes his way down to the ring and says he watched a bunch of his brothers matches on tape and he tore the Impact Zone down to the ground. He thanks Hogan for allowing him to come out and address everyone. Park says he’s looking for his brother, Abyss as a “where’s Abyss” chant starts. Park says every clue and every lead he’s followed has all had one common thread, Bully Ray. Park says he told Ray last week he wasn’t going away until he got answers about where his brother is. Park says on the way in tonight he saw a sign out front advertising Sacrifice and Park says he might just show up there as well. Ray’s music cuts him off and the Bully makes his way out.

Ray says he’s tired of hearing this guys crap. Ray says there is something not right about Park and Abyss and he asks if this looks like a courtroom. He calls Park stupid and says this is a freaking wrestling ring and he has no business being there. Ray asks if he saw what he did to Morgan and asks how he would feel if he did that to Park. Park tells him to calm down and he says Ray is right. He says Ray is a bad man and he is everything he says he is, but it got him thinking back to the night his brother disappeared. He asks if Abyss beat Ray that night and Ray isn’t looking happy. Park says two weeks ago Ray’s former partner called him out and beat him too. Park laughs and Ray isn’t. Park reminds Ray that last week when the much smaller Aries beat his ass. The fans chant “you’re a loser” at Ray. Park asks Ray how that “Bully” thing is working out for him and Ray blasts Park. Ray stands over Park and says that’s how it’s working out for him. Joseph Park has a perspiration problem I think, dude looks drenched.

Mr. Anderson talks about the 4-Corners Match. Anderson says he’s taking his title back.

A commercial for MMA Live is shown with new TNA signing King Mo Lawal who says Bobby Roode isn’t the “it factor” he’s the “sh*t factor.” That is an interesting signing, to say the least.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Hulk Hogan’s debut is shown celebrating TNA’s 10 Year Anniversary leading up to Slammiversary next month.

Kurt Angle talks about his match with AJ at Sacrifice and says AJ better stop worrying about all of this drama and start worrying about him at Sacrifice. Angle says when he breaks AJ’s ankle AJ will have all the time to think about these allegations all he wants.

A video package hyping up RVD-Roode is shown. RVD talks about the toll his style takes on his body.

Main Event
Four Corners Match
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. “The It Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell rings and everyone goes after Roode. RVD, Anderson, and Hardy keep shoving each other away to get at Roode which leads to them going after each other as well. Hardy beats on Anderson in one corner while RVD stomps Roode out in the other. Roode starts to come back a bit with kicks to everyone and then he tosses Anderson down to the floor hard. RVD then charges at Roode but he backdrops RVD over the top down to the floor as well leaving Roode and Hardy alone in the ring! Roode kicks Hardy and slams him into the turnbuckles. Roode whips Hardy into the opposite corner and then charges at him but Hardy catches him with a back elbow and then springs to the top for the Whisper in the Wind, but Roode quickly ducked out of the way and Hardy crashes and burns! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out!

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from the break Roode hits a Vertical Suplex on Hardy followed by a Knee Drop attempt, but Hardy rolls out of the way and connects with an Atomic Drop! Hardy follows up with a Leg Drop to the abs of Roode and then a sliding dropkick! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Hardy then hits a sliding dropkick to Anderson as he tried to climb back in the ring sending Anderson crashing into the guardrail! Hardy dives off the apron onto RVD sending them both into the guardrail! Anderson sneaks back in the ring and covers Roode, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Anderson beats on Roode in the corner and then attempts to whip the champ into the opposite corner, but Roode reverses it only to see Anderson explode out with a clothesline! Anderson whips Roode into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop, but Roode stops and then sets up for the Payoff! Anderson blocks it and counters into a Spinning Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO RVD breaks it up! Anderson catches RVD with a knee and then goes to slam RVD into the corner but RVD blocks it with his boot and kicks Anderson in the head. RVD follows up with the Split Legged Moonsault! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! RVD attempts to whip Anderson into the corner but Anderson reverses it and charges at RVD but he nails Anderson with a back elbow. RVD then follows up with a Springboard Flying Back Kick! RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Roode catches him in midair with the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Roode whips RVD into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but RVD backflips over him and then catches Roode with a Superkick! RVD hits Roode with a Spinning Heel Kick in the corner and then goes for a Monkey Flip on Hardy as he climbed back into the ring, but Hardy blocks it! Hardy then springs off the top with the Whisper in the Wind on RVD! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Hardy goes for a kick but RVD blocks it and hits a Stepover Heel Kick followed by Rolling Thunder! Roode quickly runs back into the ring and tosses RVD out to the floor and then goes for the Payoff on Hardy! Hardy blocks it and counters into the Twist of Fate! Roode stumbles into the Mic Check from Anderson! Anderson tackles Hardy and they spill out to the floor and RVD climbs up top and hits the 5-Star Frog Splash on Roode!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash)

After the match RVD pulls out a ladder from under the ring as Roode looks on in disbelief. RVD sets the ladder up and climbs up it and poses it atop the ladder. Hardy and Anderson stare each other down and talk trash to each other, but then huge pyro goes off and Abyss’ music hits as everyone looks on in shock!

Abyss appears on the ramp with a microphone. He says this message is for his brother, “you’re getting too close to the fire…back off before you get BURNED!” What the hell?!


First off, how about that King Mo signing?! Things could get REALLY interesting with that guy. I’m really interested to see who he’s going to train with (OVW I would suspect). That guy could turn out to be as big as Kurt Angle or flame out like Bobby Lashley. Nice pickup by TNA though.

Tonight TNA crammed way so much into the show but there was a lot of fun stuff there.

The opening segment set things up and they played into the “Sacrifice” theme for the first time.

Velvet and Brooke put on the best match they could but neither is very good.

Ray looked like the Bully he should tonight and was featured a ton. Aries match with Zema was excellent but the belt was secondary and the feud (which is the best feud in TNA) with Ray was the focal point. They really need to get things kicking with the X-Division again quickly.

None cares about the TV Title.

The James Storm segment was excellent and I’m really looking forward to see what’s in his future.

The twist in the AJ drama is definitely different and it plays nicely into the whole AJ as the golden boy of TNA thing nicely with his rivals being able to say “this is why you were really the golden boy.” I really want to see where this goes but I’m sure the IWC is already crapping all over this.

Great Main Event tonight, it was mainly a Spotfest, but tons of great action and the Ladder Match adds a really interesting twist to the Main Event.

1) Brooke Tessmacher def. Velvet Sky
2) Crimson def. Matt Morgan via COUNTOUT
3) TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) def. Zema Ion to retain the title!
4) TNA TV Title: Devon (c) def. Robbie E. to retain the title!
5) 4-Corners Match: RVD def. Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, & Mr. Anderson

Promo/Segment of the Night: James Storm/AJ drama
Match of the Night: Main Event (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B

Sacrifice Lineup:
– TNA World Title Ladder Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. RVD
– AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
– Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
– TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher
– Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson
– TNA TV Title Handicap Match: Devon (c) vs. Robbie E. & Robbie T.

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