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WWF Superstars 6/11/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Erie, PA

1.)Yokozuna & Crush defeated the Smoking Gunns
2.)Doink the Clown defeated Derrick Stone
3.)IRS defeated Kenny Hendrix
4.)Duke Droese defeated Reno Riggins
5.)Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike Davis

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The Gunns slide into the ring and they quickly go to work on Yokozuna and Crush. They send their opponents into each other and double dropkick both Yoko and Crush to the floor! The fans are 100% behind Billy and Bart! Crush and Billy legally start the match with Crush working over Billy until he runs into a big boot and Billy hits a reverse bulldog for a near fall. Crush misses a clothesline and Bart tagged in to hit a double vertical suplex. Gunns hit a double elbow drop for a near fall on Crush. Bart runs the ropes but Yokozuna pulls down the top rope and that causes Bart to crash to the floor. Crush delivers a backbreaker and Yokozuna gets tagged into the bout. Bart is worked over by Yoko and Crush with a double clothesline. Billy is knocked off the apron by Yoko. Crush drops Bart with a standing side kick but Bart refuses to stay down. Yoko turns Bart inside out with a clothesline! Bart avoids a running back splash by Yoko in the corner. Bart manages to tag in Billy, who enters and drops Yoko with a running bulldog. Billy rams both guys into each other and all four men are going at it. Yoko dumps Bart to the floor but Billy hits a fist drop on Yoko. Crush gorilla press slams Billy and Yoko comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop. Yoko covers Billy and wins the match. (***. A good match that saw the crowd really get into it. They played the crowd well and it was hard fought. That’s all you ask for in wrestling. Nice for a good match on Superstars, since it felt like a while since the last good match.)

2. IRS has his three tax cheats this week. His tax cheats this week are Oscar, Mabel and Tatanka. IRS will be wrestling Mabel at King of the Ring next week. During the squash match, Mabel shared some comments regarding his match with IRS. Mabel says that IRS will wrestling a 500lbs man for the first time ever. He asks if IRS will be able to handle him!

3. The Heartbreak Hotel is back with Shawn Michaels and WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel! Michaels says that next week Diesel will be adding the WWF World Championship to his collection. Shawn’s guest this week is Ted DiBiase! DiBiase is happy because the Undertaker is his! He says no one believed him that he would produce the Undertaker! DiBiase recalls being the guy to bring the Undertaker into the WWF to begin with. He introduces the Undertaker! The lights go out and the Undertaker makes his way out! Michaels can’t believe that DiBiase was able to get the Undertaker! DiBiase says Taker is under his control. Ted wants everyone to pay attention to what the Undertaker has to say. The Undertaker says “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself and the wrath of the Undertaker. Rest in peace.” DiBiase laughs to end the segment.

Final Thoughts:
A very good edition of Superstars this week. The feature match was a good one and the big reveal of DiBiase getting the Undertaker under his control makes this a memorable episode.

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