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Exclusive Interviews Coming Soon!

That’s right, Wrestling Recaps has reached out to several professional wrestlers and promotions to set up interviews! I hope the readers of Wrestling Recaps will have some questions to ask the following wrestlers, and I hope if you don’t know who they are, you will learn something new and become a fan of them in the process! So, who is going to be interviewed?

Currently set up to have interviews are Ring of Honor stars BJ Whiter and Michael Elgin. I’m hoping to send them questions after this weekend. Also prepared to be interviewed is Northeast independent wrestler Slyck Wagner Brown. If you have any questions for these three men, feel free to pass them along whether that be via e-mail or in the comment section of this post. Your questions will be answered!

As always, thank you stopping by Wrestling Recaps and I hope you have found entertaining material. I hope these interviews are a blast for everyone involved!

BJ Whitmer
Michael Elgin
Slyck Wagner Brown

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