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WWE Main Event 1/2/2013

WWE Main Event on ION!
WWE Main Event on ION!

WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro defends against the Great Khali. Also, new WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett goes through a gauntlet!

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Main Event

Michael Cole and The Miz are in the ring to kick off the show. Cole says that we will have the decision regarding WWE Champion’s CM Punk health for RAW next week. We will find out if he can compete in the TLC match with Ryback later on.

Cesaro is upset with the music video that promoted him minutes earlier. The Miz cuts Cesaro off and tells the champ that if he doesn’t like the United States he can simply leave.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with the Great Khali. Hornswoggle and Natalya come over and hype Khali up. Natalya is reminded of Bret Hart with Khali. They all chant USA before heading to the ring. A Canadian, an Indian and a guy from Ireland are defending the United States tonight.

Opening Contest: WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Great Khali: Khali works on Cesaro in the corner with several chops to open the title bout. Khali clotheslines the champ to the floor where Hornswoggle jumps onto him. Cesaro can’t get any momentum until he yanks Khali’s leg across the top rope and that’s the focus of attack for the champ. Cesaro kicks Khali in the face and follows up with a double stomp for a two count. Cesaro comes off the middle rope to stomp Khali’s left leg again. Khali fights back with a chop and a big boot as we go to commercial.

Cesaro drops Khali chest first across the top rope from the apron. That doesn’t affect Khali too much as he quickly regained control of the bout. Khali misses the chop and Cesaro hit a nice springboard uppercut! Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer and he hits it! Cesaro covers and wins the match!

Your Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Match Rating: **.
I bumped this up a star just for the effort of Cesaro to hit the finishing move. Besides, it wasn’t actually all that bad. Cesaro continues to impress.

After the match, Matt Striker conducts an interview with Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro says this isn’t about him hating the United States but rather being superior to everyone. He says the people are soft and can’t stop him. Cesaro turns his attention to the Miz and suggests he face him like a man if he has a problem. Miz tells Cesaro that his title reign will end prematurely just like his hairline. Cesaro is disgusted by Miz. Miz says there is no group of people tougher than the US. Miz finishes off saying that America is Awesome to close the segment.

There is a Tout by Michael Sampson, a doctor for the WWE, and announces that Punk is completely healthy to compete against Ryback on January 7th in a TLC match.

Wade Barrett is upset that Kingston described his win as a one time thing. Kingston isn’t going to make the same mistake again. Kofi needs to have the championship back. Wade says the title deserves to be around his waist a fighter. Wade issues an open challenge for people to wrestle him in a gauntlet match. Of course, it will be non-title.

Main Event: WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett Gauntlet Match:
The first challenger is Yoshi Tatsu. Barrett simply nails Yoshi with his elbow and wins the match. The next guy is JTG. Barrett works over JTG with a series of shots as soon as JTG enters the ring. Barrett hits a snap suplex and maintains control with a headlock. JTG fights back with a spinning elbow and a dropkick. Barrett tosses JTG away on a monkey flip attempt. Barrett puts JTG away with an elbow as well.

Here comes Justin Gabriel. Gabriel hits a shoulder block, dropkick and clotheslines the champ to the floor. After a commercial, Justin has kept control with an arm bar. Barrett cuts Gabriel off with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Wade ducks a clothesline and kicks Gabriel in the chest before hitting a pump handle slam for a near fall. Wade big boots Gabriel out of the ring and to the floor. Wade hit a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall. Gabriel delivers a few kicks to knock the champ off his feet. Gabriel hits a springboard cross body for a two count. Gabriel connects with a nice springboard moonsault but Barrett pops his shoulder up at two. Wade drops Gabriel across the top rope and delivers his elbow shot to pin Gabriel.

The next challenger is Kofi Kingston! Kingston hits a springboard clothesline and chops! Kingston delivers a leg drop and hits the Trouble In Paradise to win the match!

Winner of the Gauntlet: Kofi Kingston
Match Rating: **1/2.
Barrett dominating Yoshi and JTG was a good start, and his battle with Gabriel was entertaining. Gabriel needs to be given a shot to get over, the kid is talented. The crowd enjoyed Kingston being an entrant. A decent way to close the program, I thought.

Next week, Sheamus will wrestle Dolph Ziggler on Main Event.

Final Thoughts:
An average show this week for Main Event. The matches were rather standard, but the opening bout was better than I would have expected. I’m not going to give the show a recommendation, though. No need to go out of your way to watch it.

Thanks for reading.

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