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WWF Superstars 8/20/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation Superstars
From: Wheeling, WV

1.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel defeated Kevin Krueger
2.)Sparky Plugg defeated George Anderson
3.)Adam Bomb & The Smoking Gunns defeated Kwang & Well Dunn
4.)Bam-Bam Bigelow & IRS defeated Tom Stone & Sonny Rogers
5.)Tatanka defeated Todd Becker

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Bart Gunn and Steven Dunn start off the six man tag match. Bart catches Dunn in the corner and drops him chest first down to the canvas. Bart follows up with a few dropkicks to keep the advantage for his team. Billy slingshots himself into the ring and clotheslines Dunn for a near fall. Kwang tags in to spin kick Billy and gets the advantage over Billy with several strikes. Billy hits a crossbody on Kwang for a two count. That offense doesn’t last all that long, though. Billy attempts an inside cradle but Dunn kicks out at two. Billy is driven face first down into the canvas by Well Dunn. Dunn connects with a snap suplex and heads to the top rope. Billy dropkicks Dunn in midair, but that looked botched. Bomb gets the hot tag and he cleans house with right hands. Bomb connects with a side slam and heads to the top rope. Bomb leaps off the top with a flying clothesline but only gets a near fall. All six men go at it leaving Bomb and Dunn in the ring. Dunn accidentally knocks Harvey Wippleman off the apron and Bomb hits a pump handle slam on Dunn to win the match. (**. A decent little match here. The stable led by Wippleman looks extremely weak and I doubt they will be a force in the WWF for much longer. The fans are seemingly buying into Adam Bomb as a babyface.)

2. We go to Paul Bearer who is standing in a grave digging some dirt. Bearer says that he felt the power of DiBiase’s Undertaker. He asks if Ted felt the power of his own Undertaker. Bearer knows that the Undertaker that DiBiase has is truly evil. Bearer is confident that his Undertaker will destroy DiBiase’s Undertaker.

3. Tatanka cut a promo during his squash match. He said that he was going to prove that Lex Luger sold out at SummerSlam!

4. To close the show, Vince McMahon does a tribute for Joey Marella who passed away due to a automobile accident. That is an extremely nice gesture by the WWF. Marella was only 31-years old.

Final Thoughts:
An uneventful edition of Superstars this week which shouldn’t be overly surprising since SummerSlam is just a week away. There probably won’t be any major matches next week or anything major angle development wise. That’s the protocol it seems for when a pay per view is closing in.

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