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WWF Superstars 8/13/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Wheeling, WV

1.)WWF World Tag Team Champions The Headshrinkers defeated Barry Horowitz & Reno Riggins
2.)Bob Backlund defeated John Paul
3.)Adam Bomb defeated Timothy Well by disqualification
4.)Doink the Clown defeated Ted Miller
5.)The Undertaker defeated Major Yates

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. We heard from Lex Luger and Tatanka early on in the show about Luger possibly selling out. Luger says that Tatanka is listening to liars and is ungrateful that he helped him on RAW. Tatanka chimed in and said that Lex tried to take him out on RAW for revealing Lex for being a sellout.

2. Timothy attacks Bomb before the bell but Adam quickly recovers and connects with a clothesline. Well comes off the ropes and tries to knock Bomb off his feet with a clothesline and does so after several shots. Timothy drives Bomb down to the canvas with a running bulldog. Well hits a top rope elbow strike but can’t keep Adam down on the mat. Bomb clotheslines Well and plants him with a DDT. Harvey Wippleman has gotten up on the apron to distract Bomb. Steven Dunn enters the ring and Well Dunn plant Bomb with a double DDT. The referee turns around to see Bomb being double teamed and calls for the bell. (NR. It was going along fine until they decided to make the match more into an angle and not a match.) After the match, Bomb is able to clear the ring with clotheslines and Wippleman runs away.

3. Razor Ramon revealed that Walter Payton will be in his corner at SummerSlam to combat Shawn Michaels.

4. The Heartbreak Hotel is back this week with Shawn Michaels as the host. Michaels and Diesel talk about Ramon getting Walter Payton to watch his back. They joke around that Payton won’t have any impact on the match at SummerSlam. Shawn’s guest this week is Jim Cornette. Shawn wants to talk about why Yokozuna doesn’t have a match for SummerSlam. Cornette says that Yokozuna couldn’t find top level competition and is now boycotting SummerSlam. Apparently, everyone else think that Yokozuna is afraid of the Undertaker. Cornette defends Yokozuna and asks why should Yokozuna be afraid of the Undertaker. Cornette is clearly afriad but is trying to convince himself that Yokozuna is not afraid. Jim assures Michaels that Yokozuna is not afraid of the Undertaker. Michaels says he is going to bring the Undertaker out after the commercial so that Cornette can slap the Undertaker in the face. Cornette bails on that idea quickly.

5. We go to the graveyard where Paul Bearer is walking. He feels the Undertaker around him and he promotes his appearance on RAW to confront Ted DiBiase on Kings Court.

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster episode this week for Superstars. The featured match was just an angle advance between Adam Bomb and Harvey Wippleman. The main interview segment was okay, as they are certainly going to be doing a Yoko/Taker feud after SummerSlam. So, that will be getting plenty of hype moving forward.

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