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WWF Superstars 8/6/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Ocean City, MD

1.)Owen Hart defeated Mike Khoury
2.)Kwang defeated Jim Powers
3.)Jeff Jarrett defeated the 1-2-3 Kid
4.)Duke Droese defeated Ray Hudson
5.)Razor Ramon defeated Mike Haywood

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The Heartbreak Hotel is back with Shawn Michaels as the host, as per usual. His guest this week is Lex Luger! Michaels is happy that Luger has “finally seen the light.” Luger tells Shawn that no one owns him and Michaels nodding as if it’s a joke. Shawn gets Luger to admit that he has met with Ted DiBiase. Luger also admits that Ted has offered him a deal. Michaels wants to know how much money Luger was offered. Michaels mentions the new watch and car that Luger has recently gotten. Lex defends himself saying it’s none of Shawn’s business. Luger has accepted the challenge issued by Tatanka for SummerSlam. Luger is going to prove that there was not a price that could buy him.

2. It’s time for the rematch between Jarrett and Kid from two weeks ago. Kid surprises Jarrett by coming into the ring through the crowd and opens the match with a crossbody for a near fall. Kid kicks Jeff to the floor and takes Jarrett out with a slingshot crossbody on the floor. Jarrett stops Kid by ramming him into the ring steps but Kid backdrops Jarrett on the floor! Jeff drops Kid throat first across the guard railing. Kid dropkicks Jarrett in the corner and gets a two count. Jeff counters a piledriver with a backdrop but Kid nearly rolls Jeff up for a win. They both go down after Kid delivered a clothesline and gets a two count. Jeff kicks Kid on the chest but misses a middle rope fist drop! Jarrett misses an elbow drop coming off the ropes. Kid counters a suplex attempt with an inside cradle but can’t keep Jeff down long enough. Jeff puts a sleeper hold on Kid and looks to get a submission out of this. Kid ducks under a clothesline but is rammed into a corner by Jarrett. Kid atomic drops Jarrett and hammers away on Jeff with right hands. Jeff shoves Kid down and rolls Kid up with his feet on the ropes to win the match! (**1/2. Better than their encounter two weeks ago, that’s for sure. They had some nice spots at the start and there was energy throughout the bout.) After the match, a second referee comes out to tell the referee what happened but the decision is not reversed. Jarrett runs away from the ring to keep his victory.

Final Thoughts:
A good edition of Superstars this week. The promo by Luger wasn’t really needed since he just said the same stuff he said last week, but I suppose he needed his own time to do that too. The featured match was fine as well. There wasn’t anything bad on the show, really.

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