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TNA Impact 1/31/2013

TNA Impact on SPIKE!
TNA Impact on SPIKE!

Does Bully Ray get reinstated? Dixie Carter has a major announcement (again). Two new members for Aces & Eights are revealed. Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson compete inside a steel cage!

TNA Impact Wrestling: Open Fight Night
Manchester, England (Manchester Arena)
January 31, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, and Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact from the UK opens up and we get a few shots of the big crowd for tonight’s show and then Tenay & Todd hype up tonight’s card including a major announcement from Dixie Carter and the Steel Cage Match between Angle & Anderson.

Bad Influence makes their way down to the ring wearing kilts and Braveheart facepaint. TNA is using the same sort of ramp they did for Bound for Glory (and the one they used on Impact for awhile a few years ago that goes from the tunnel straight to the ring). Kazarian tells the Manchester crowd not to fear because the “Bad Influence of TNA” is here for their viewing pleasure. A big “you suck” chant starts and Kaz says that its once again “Throwback Thursday” so this week they’re throwing it back to the 13th century and pay homage to the “true warriors” of the United Kingdom the Scots. Big heat for that one. Kaz says that Daniels SHOULD be the World Champion right now and calls him “King Daniels.” Daniels says that he hears all the “frumpy Brits” booing him and he knows they’re disappointed that Jeff Hardy is still champion. He says that he had no idea that the facepaint on Hardy’s face was toxic and it made him go into “anaphylactic shock” which caused him to lose the match. Daniels says that won’t be his last chance to become champion and when he does become champion he promises he’ll bring the title back to this country, and he’ll he even defend it against an English wrestler because everyone knows that there is nothing easier than beating the English. Daniels then says that until then he gives the UK fans permission to worship Bad Influence.

Magnus’ music hits interrupting Bad Influence and he hits the ring to a big reaction from the hometown crowd. This is the first time we’ve seen Magnus since the Aces & Eights attack on him a few months ago. A “Magnus” chant starts and he says that he his own theory on why Daniels isn’t the World Champion and that it was because Hardy beat Daniels like he owed him money. Magnus makes fun of the way Daniels talks and then says Bad Influence are a couple of “disrespectful puppets” in need of a slap. A “slap them” chant starts and then Magnus says if they feel like being William Wallace for a night and they feel like fighting an Englishmen then they can fight him. Daniels says that “as they say in the this armpit of a country…in for a penny, in for a pound” and then shoves Magnus. Magnus decks Kaz and then Daniels! Bad Influence gets the better of Magnus and start beating on him. Magnus comes back and backdrops Kaz over the top and then nails Daniels with a Big Boot! Magnus clotheslines Daniels over the top and Bad Influence retreats.

Magnus says it’s an honor and a privilege for every man and woman to come out and do what they do for the fans. He says that privilege was taken away from him by Aces & Eights, led by one man and he’s calling that man out because tonight is Open Fight Night. Magnus calls Devon out and challenges him to face him one-on-one.

Devon walks out alone from a side entrance through the crowd to accept Magnus’ challenge.


Magnus vs. Devon

Back from the break the bell rings and Magnus goes right after Devon. Magnus nails Devon with a series of Forearms in the corner and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner, but Devon reverses it only for Magnus to explode from the turnbuckles with a clothesline! Magnus whips Devon into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Devon ducks and then he grabs Devon and tosses him over the top. Magnus tosses Devon into the guardrail and then drags him to the other side of ringside and slams him into the guardrail again. Magnus continues this all the way around the ring and then he connects with a slap and a forearm before grabbing a fans beer and slamming it against Devon’s head. Magnus tosses Devon back in the ring but as Magnus was climbing back in Devon kicks the ropes into Magnus’ nuts. Devon hits a clothesline and then chokes Magnus in the ropes before connecting with a series of right hands and knees. Magnus answers with a series of rights but Devon rakes his eyes and then connects with a Snapmare Takeover and a Leg Drop. Magnus tries a comeback but Devon catches him with a Corkscrew Elbow and then he blatantly chokes him. Devon hits a Snapmare Takeover and then puts Magnus in a nerve hold. Magnus fights out of the hold and hits the ropes but eats another clothesline from Devon and then Devon connects with a Scoop Slam. Devon climbs up top and dives off with the Diving Headbutt, but Magnus rolls out of the way and then nails Devon with a series of clotheslines. Magnus whips Devon into the ropes and misses a clothesline but connects with a Flying Knee! Magnus whips Devon into the ropes and attempts a backdrop but Devon kicks him and then bounces off the ropes again only to eat a Lariat from Magnus! Magnus hits the MDD! Aces & Eights hit the ring but Magnus takes both KNOX & DOC out as they come down, still the referee DQs Devon.

Winner: Magnus via DQ

Aces & Eights stare Magnus down as he celebrates the win.

A video package highlighting Joseph Park’s open challenge for tonight is shown.


Back from the break Sting and Bully Ray talk backstage. Bully says that he’s tried to call Hogan all week but got no response while Sting said that Hulk told him he would be there tonight. Bully tries calling Hulk from Brooke’s phone as we cut back to the arena.

Joseph Park is in the ring and he says everyone was right, the UK fans are the loudest and craziest fans. He says that it has been a stressful week of deliberation for him and it’s been a tough decision, but before he can say anything else Robbie E’s music hits.

Robbie E and Robbie T come out and Robbie E says this a joke while Park says he didn’t pick Robbie. Robbie says the last thing that Park is, is a wrestler and that he’s just a hamster like everyone else in the UK. Robbie repeats that again and pokes Park in the chest while saying it. As he repeats the line about the UK he notices Robbie T staring him down and he says “uhh everybody but you Bigger Rob” and then says that he lives in America now so he’s basically American anyway. Robbie takes Park’s notebook away (that he was writing notes for) and then wipes his ass with it. He says tonight is “Open Bro Night” and he should fight Robbie. Robbie then acts like he’s going to punch Park causing Park to flinch. Robbie laughs at him and then dares him to fight him. Park says he’s on!

Joseph Park vs. Robbie E w/Robbie T

Robbie ducks an attempt at a lockup and then kicks him and attempts an Irish Whip, but Park blocks it and tosses Robbie into the ropes. Robbie ducks a clothesline attempt and then goes for a Cross Body but Park just shrugs him off! Robbie nails Park with a gut shot and then puts the boots to him. Robbie hits the ropes but eats a Hip Toss from Park followed by an armdrag! Park follows up with a Scoop Slam and then goes for a Big Splash, but Robbie moves out of the way and then kicks Park repeatedly. Robbie taunts Park and then lays into him with a series of right hands. Robbie climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Clothesline and then climbs back up the ropes and dives off with the Fist Pump Drop! 1…2…NO Park kicks out! Robbie charges Park in the corner but he moves and Robbie crashes and burns! Park goes nuts and hits Robbie with a series of clotheslines and then goes for a Corner Splash, but Robbie moves and then charges at Park! Park catches him and nails him with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Park climbs up the ropes and dives off with a Big Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: Park via pinfall (Big Splash)


Back from the break Hulk Hogan is shown arriving to the arena.

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode are in the ring and Aries says he knows everyone is excited to be in the ring with “greatness and dominance.” He says the funny thing is that in a company where some people just steal money the two MVP’s of the roster continue to be robbed. He says that’s okay because all of that is going to change because the “It Factor and the Common Denominator of Greatness” are going to usher in a new era in TNA. He says that he and Roode are getting on the same page and what they’re going to do is collect all of the gold in TNA one by one. He says they’ll take the Knockout Championship and the TV Championship and then he’ll take the World Heavyweight Championship, but Roode doesn’t like that one. Aries says they’re going to start with the easiest titles to capture in TNA, the Tag Team Championships. Roode says that they view Hernandez & Guerrero the same as they view the UK fans, nothing but a bunch of “wankers.” Before Roode can say anything else Chavo & Hernandez come out and interrupt them.

Chavo asks them if they are crazy and asks if they are even a tag team because to earn a Title shot you need to be at least a tag team. Aries says they are a tag team and Roode already beat Hernandez all by himself but Chavo says he cheated. Chavo says that since tonight is Open Fight Night then they should fight tonight! Aries agrees and says if one of them beats Chavo or Hernandez then they should get a title shot and Chavo agrees. Aries says he’s got this one and Chavo is going to go for his team as a big “Austin Aries” chant starts up.

“A-Double” Austin Aries w/Bobby Roode vs. “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/Hernandez

Chavo climbs in the ring and immediately avoids a clothesline from Aries and then hits a big right hand followed by a series of rights and lefts. Chavo hits a Back Suplex and then puts the boots to him. Chavo attempts to whip Aries into the ropes but Aries counters and catches Chavo with a Hot Shot onto the top rope. Aries climbs out the apron and then goes for the Eddie Guerrero style Slingshot Somersault Senton, but Chavo gets his knees up and then catches Aries with a Hot Shot of his own! Chavo then hits the Slingshot Somersault Senton and then nails Aries with a European Uppercut sending him into the corner. Chavo puts the boots to Aries as we go to a break.


Back from the break Chavo sends Aries into the ropes but Aries holds onto the ropes and retreats to the floor. Roode tells him to get back in there and win the match but Chavo hits a Baseball Slide sending Aries into Roode! Chavo then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top but Aries moves and Chavo lands onto Roode! Aries slides back in the ring and dives through the ropes with the Heat Seeking Missile onto Chavo on the floor! Aries drags Chavo back in the ring and nails him with an elbow for a nearfall. Aries tosses Chavo into the corner and lights him up with chops and then chokes him with his boot. Aries connects with a Snapmare Takeover and then dives off the ropes with a Corkscrew Elbow to the back of Aries for another nearfall. Aries rakes Chavo’s back and then catches Chavo with a high knee as Chavo attempts a comeback. Aries hits a big roundhouse kick to Chavo and covers him for a nearfall. Aries boxes the ears of Chavo and then knees him in the gut and takes him down with a Side Headlock Takeover. Aries locks in the side headlock as “Austin Aries” chants continue. Aries shoves Chavo into the corner and now we’re getting dueling “Lets Go Chavo-Austin Aries” chants. Aries hits a backdrop for another nearfall. Aries double stomps Chavo’s head and then climbs up top and mocks Chavo before attempting the Frog Splash. Chavo moves out of the way and then lays into Aries with right hands. Aries catches Chavo with a chop to the head and then bounces off the ropes only to walk into a dropkick from Chavo. Chavo lays into Aries with rights and lefts in the corner and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner, but Aries reverses it and charges at Chavo. Chavo floats up and over Aries and then backdrops Aries. Chavo goes for the Three Amigos but Aries blocks it and attempts a rollup but Chavo blocks it and then connects with a Rolling Liger Kick! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Chavo hits the Three Amigos and then climbs up top and hits the Frog Splash! Roode climbs into the ring causing the referee to stop him and not count. Hernandez hits the ring and Roode bails. As the referee is holding Hernandez back Roode distracts Chavo allowing Aries to murder Chavo with the IED and then Brainbuster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)

Aries and Roode argue up the ramp about who was the reason that Aries won.

Backstage Brooke tells Bully that he’s in the arena and they walk towards the tunnel.


Backstage Samoa Joe talks to Kurt Angle about the Cage Match tonight as Brisco & Garett listen. Joe says that last time they were in a Cage Match with Aces & Eights they locked Joe in with the members alone, but Joe guarantees Angle that won’t happen tonight and it will be Angle & Anderson one-on-one. Brisco & Garett say they have Angle’s back but Joe says they don’t need their help, and he told them last week that he doesn’t need them riding his jock. He says that HE will handle this and walks away.

A video history of the Bully Ray/Hogan drama runs. Bully Ray & Brooke come out and Ray says that it’s been a rough couple of weeks for them. He says that he loves her very much and it’s his love for her that got him suspended. Ray says they are family now and they have a common enemy, Aces & Eights. He says that he and Hulk Hogan have to bury all of their problems and he needs to lift the suspension. He says there may be one person that can get him to do it and gets the fans to start chanting for Sting.

Sting’s music hits and he gets the massive reaction you would expect. A huge “Sting” chant starts and he says it feels good to be back in the UK. Sting says that Bully is wrong about one thing, he doesn’t have the stroke to get Hogan out but the fans do. Sting tells them to forget about the “Sting” chant and gets them to start a “Hogan” chant going. Hogan’s music hits and he finally makes his way down to the ring.

A huge “Hogan” chant erupts when the music stops and Sting says there is a warzone going on in TNA because of Aces & Eights, and he can’t figure a better place for Hogan to make things right with Bully Ray than right here and right now. Hulk says there is no doubt that there is a war going on in TNA and he needs to tell him something he doesn’t already know, but whether he or Sting have been friend or foe over the years he always does the right thing. Hulk says that the day of Brooke’s wedding he did the right thing and walked her down the aisle. He says he always does the right thing when it comes to his family and that’s why Bully is reinstated now! Brooke & Bully hug and then Hulk says the one thing that makes him get a little crazy is when he gets confused with business and family. Hulk says that he’s making a match for next week with two guys from Aces & Eights against Bully & Sting next week! He says to make sure he takes care of all of the business next week the Tag Match will be a Tables Match! Bully & Hulk shake hands before they leave.

Velvet Sky is shown walking backstage.


Dixie Carter backstage says for the past 8 years fans have traveled all over the world to see TNA at Universal Studios, but now it’s time for them to take Impact on the road PERMANENTLY. She says that will start March 14th live from the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago! Dixie thanks the fans and says they couldn’t do any of this without the fans.

Velvet Sky comes down to the ring and says she has a little something to get off her chest (big pop for the mention of her chest). She says that tonight is a special night for her and since it’s Open Fight Night it gives her the chance to call out the two reasons she’s not the Knockouts Champ right now. Velvet Sky calls out Tara and tells her to bring out her “girlfriend” Jesse with her!

Tara comes out with Jesse and Velvet says it’s not a handicap match she wants because she has something up her sleeve too. She says that she has a partner of her own and James Storm’s music hits!

“Cowboy” James Storm & Velvet Sky vs. Jesse & Tara

Jesse and Storm will start the match off. They lockup and Jesse forces Storm into the corner but they break clean until Jesse shoves him. Storm shoves back and lights Jesse up with right hands. Storm bounces off the ropes and connects with a shoulder block and then a Hip Toss. Storm whips Jesse into the corner and then catches a floatover attempt from Jesse and then drops him with Snake Eyes onto the turnbuckles. Storm connects with a big uppercut and then Tara distracts him allowing Jesse to hit him from behind. Jesse hits a back elbow and then series of right hands as Todd Kenely drops an atomic bomb amount of “ether” on Taz with the line of the night as he asks Taz what kind of bike he rides with Aces & Eights “a tricycle or a big wheel.” Jesse puts the boots to Storm and then covers him for a nearfall. Jesse puts Storm in a keylock and then connects with a series of knees. Jesse hits a Leg Drop on Storm for a nearfall. Jesse goes for a Scoop Slam but Storm blocks it and hits a Backstabber and then both tag out. Velvet hits Tara with a clothesline and then a 2nd one before hitting a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Velvet hits a Russian Leg Sweep, 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Tara comes back with a knee to the gut on Velvet and then goes for a German Suplex, but Velvet blocks it and shoves Tara into Jesse. Velvet rolls her up, 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Velvet hits a Facebuster and then Storm runs in and nails Jesse with Closing Time as Jesse tried to interfere! Storm sets up for the Last Call but Tara stops him only to eat the In Yo Face from Velvet! 1…2…3!

Winners: Velvet & Storm via pinfall (In Yo Face)

A replay of the attack by Aces & Eights on Hardy last week is shown.


Mike Tenay says that Jeff Hardy had an MRI on his knee and they will have more information next week. A replay of what happened earlier between Hogan & Ray is shown.

Hulk talks about Bully Ray backstage and he says the way he fought for his daughter makes him okay in Hulk’s book. He says he finally feels what the fans felt about him and now they’re in this thing together.

Highlights from Anderson & Angle’s brutal Steel Cage Match back in 2010 at Lockdown are shown. That was the night where Angle damn near fell on Anderson’s head when he did the Moonsault off the top of the cage.

Backstage Anderson says that Aces & Eights have shown him more brotherhood in the last few weeks than anyone in TNA has the last several years. He says that he and Angle have “played” inside a cage before so he’s ready and Kurt isn’t living England the same way he got there.

In the locker room Joe is shown laid out as Angle, Brisco, & Garett check on him.


Main Event
Steel Cage Match
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle w/Wes Brisco vs. Mr. Anderson

As Angle climbs in the cage Anderson attacks him. The cage itself is very different than the one TNA typically uses as I’m assuming they either had this one made when they got over there or just rented it from an indy promotion in the UK. It’s several sections of chain link put together pretty much. Anderson chokes Angle and then tosses him into the corner before covering him for an early nearfall. Anderson beats on Angle in the corner and then goes for a Suplex, but Angle blocks it and hits the ropes only to eat a back elbow. Anderson covers Angle for another nearfall and then chokes him in the ropes. Anderson knees Angle and then whips him into the corner and charges, but Angle catches him with a knee and climbs up the ropes and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! Angle hits a series of clotheslines and then whips him into the corner and charges, but Anderson gets his boots up. Anderson then swings at Angle but he ducks and connects with a German Suplex! Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but Anderson blocks it and hit’s the Green Bay Plunge! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Anderson tosses Angle into the cage wall and then hits an Elbow Drop. Anderson tosses Angle into the cage wall again and then tries again, but this time Angle reverses it slamming Anderson into the cage. Angle hits the Olympic Slam, 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out!


Back from the break Angle is beating on Anderson but Anderson comes back with a rake to the eyes and then a Forearm Smash. Anderson starts climbing up the cage but Angle stops him and pulls him back down to the top rope. They exchange punches on the top rope until Anderson drops down and then snatches Angle’s feet out from under him causing Angle to crotch the ropes. Anderson pulls Angle down and covers him for a nearfall. Anderson slams Angle with a series of knees and then tosses him into the corner and puts the boots to him. Anderson climbs up to the top to try and climb out again but Angle quickly leaps to the top and catches Anderson with a Super Olympic Slam off the top! A big “TNA” chant erupts and then Angle covers him, 1…2…NO Anderson still kicks out! Anderson goes to pick Anderson up but he low blows Angle and then hit’s the Mic Check! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Anderson covers Angle again and again Angle kicks out before the 3. Anderson climbs up the cage but Angle stops him and Superbombs him! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out but Angle immediately transitions into the Ankle Lock! Angle grapevines the leg and Anderson taps!

Winner: Angle via submission (Ankle Lock)

After the match a masked Aces member scales the cage while Wes Brisco starts unlocking the cage door. Angle tells Wes to lock the door behind as he gets in the cage and then he squares off with the Aces member. He unmasks himself as Garett Bischoff and then Angle freaks out and Wes chop blocks Angle’s knee! Wes takes his shirt off revealing an Aces & Eights patch and then Garett holds Angle as Wes kicks Angle in the nuts. Wes holds Angle now so Garett can hit him. Garett & Wes put the boots to Angle and continue to beat Angle down as the fans chant for Sting. Garett hits a Snapmare Driver on Angle and then they pose over the prone body of Angle.

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