WCW Nitro 9/11/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

A limo pulls up. Out comes David Flair and Crowbar is there and he has his hand out wishes him the best and gives him a hug. Daffney is there too and hugs him too.

JJ talks about the Band playing tonight.

Filthy Animals come out. Konnan starts to do his thing. Disco interrupts and he is pissed about getting jumped and he wants to get some revenge on KroniK…It is a backwards K now! Cool, man….Okay, Disco offers up Rey and Juve as the scapegoats and tells Kronik to get their fat asses out here.

Match 1: Filthy Animals (c) v. Kronik for WCW Tag Titles

Kronik is owning them. I mean just murdering them for the first couple of minutes. FA get in some brief offense but it does not last. Rey gets the High Time and Juve is tossed and then Rey is too. Harris’ come out and attack. Juve spikes a member but he kicks out but Rey is back and he helps out and they win.

*1/2 Hey the Animals won at least.

Kiebler has arrived and Goddamn is she hot.

Cat comes out and he is back in charge. Baby….Yeah what happened with him on that Nitro two weeks ago. Oh yeah, he was hauled off in an ambulance. Shit I miss a lot but I did remember. At the PPV the title match will be in a cage. Nash will defend it tonight against his buddy: Big Poppa Dump. Now for the Slap Ass and Ms Jones says it will be her. She pushes the Cat back and acts black and she is going to put her foot up. Bleeped out. Here comes JJ. He calls her Ms. Slap Ass and she will get it. He will cuff himself together and prove that men are superior to women. Poppa and Nash when they arrive they will show the Cat who runs this place. Cat calls him mini slappy and then JJ attacks but gets pummeled. Steiner comes in and gets hit but Cat turns right into the Stroke and now the Recliner.

Terry Taylor is pitching a fit about the takeover and finds Booker and Sting who have just arrived and begs for help.

Match 2: Big Vito v. Reno

Vito and Reno start brawling. Vito takes him down and punches away and then slams him. He goes up top….This is something on a Pole match. WHY? JUST FUCKING WRESTLE. Sorry, anger issues. Palumbo is down there and the ref is shoved into him and down both go. Vito brainbusts Reno and grabs the Stick Ball bat and leaps down and right into Reno who spikes him and then hits Roll the Dice. Johnny the Bull runs out and fends them off. A swerve. Yep, I was right and plasters Vito and wakes up the ref for the count.

*1/2 Overbooked but these two can fight. I am going to turn off the Bold for the matches. Mozilla seems to randomly turn it on.

Vito is up and goes off on Reno and company but he is swarmed and mauled by the Thrillers.

Apparently Sting and Booker are still taking a stroll. Jesus. Cat is pissed and wants them all do get these chumps.

Torrie is facing Madusa next.

JJ is with Nash and Steiner is there too and they are happy about how much ass they are kicking. Here comes Booker with a crowbar and Sting and the Cat and they are yelling at each other.

Madusa calls Paulshock a skank and goes off about Torrie and how she is stupid. I guess she was to train the women or some shit.

Match 3: Torrie Wilson v. Madusa

Torrie retreats to the apron and gets yanked into the ring and slapped around. Shane Douglas comes out and gets kicked but he takes her down and puts her in and STF and calls her a bitch and so on. Kidman runs out and cleans house.

DUD. Probably should be an NR but who cares as it sucked.

Madusa now calls them bitches. She wants Torrie and the Franchise. She sets up a Scaffold Tag Match at the PPV. Another gimmick match. SHIT. Douglas accepts and says bitch again.

David and Crowbar are getting ready.

Keibler (is it ie or ei….I am dumb). is getting ready and Jimmy Hart wishes her luck and gives her a registered letter.

Another limo arrives and the Partridge Family bus comes up behind it. Awesome gets out.

Steiner is pissed as he wants Goldberg. He is pissed that Nash is so calm. Nash reminds him of the Fingerpoke and turns off the monitor to go over what happened. Steiner is slow to realize that he would be the one to get pinned.

Match 4: Jeff Jarrett v. Ms. Jones

Jesus, JJ is doing his WWF gimmick. He mocks women and wrestling and how the men are supreme and he will put her in her place. Cat and Jones come out and he puts the cuffs on and decks him. She demands the Cat to go to the back. Her acting sucks.

Jones slaps him around and runs him into the railing and post after he falls to the floor. She nuts him but JJ pulls the ref in the way and then kicks and uses his guitar. He wins. Awesome comes out and destroys JJ and finally JJ runs.


Nash and Steiner did not come out because the monitor was turned off.

Nash is drawing on the board the Fingerpoke. He has three legs and Steiner wants him to make him taller. Steiner wants to draw and wants him to lay down. He wants to win. Steiner wonders if Nash thinks he can beat his ass and then slams the pen and leaves. JJ comes in and wonders where they were….Did he have the cuffs on? Rewind. They are off. How? The Cat had the keys. Oh well. Nash tells him what they were doing and JJ reminds him that Steiner will never get it. Nash calls Steiner retarded and wants JJ to talk to him. JJ seems peeved about that word….okay. Take a stand there. He repeated it twice in bafflement.

Duggan! Duggan is giving the same cancer speech. Oh well. He is basically retiring as it is time but he is happy to do so and pass the torch. He announces it formally and acts sad as he has loved this business and the good old USA. He wants to pass the torch to someone tough and young and that man will do him a great honor. He calls out General Rection. Fucking MIA. They are saluting one another. Lance Storm comes out and no one gives a damn about Duggan or his country. Rection may have a title shot on Sunday but that does not mean he cannot kick his ass for fun right now.

Match 5: Lance Storm (c) v. General Rection

Storm ambushes Rection and beats him. He knocks him to the floor and hammers him. He runs him into the railing but Rection returns the favor as Duggan freaks out about the USA at the announce table. Rection tries to suplex him into the ring and he lands on his feet and then Storm counters with a swinging neckbreaker. He gets two. Gunns looked happy after the move. She is up for grabs at the PPV. Another fucking gimmick match. Storm goes to the middle rope but he leaps into a powerbomb. Two count. Rection delays his finisher and misses and is put in the crab. But Duggan makes sure his foot is under the rope and shows the ref. Storm is pissed and decks him. He goes up top and is hit by the board and he falls into a powerslam. Rection wins. Gunns is giddy there too….

** Angle advancement.

Stacy finally reads the message and says: Oh My God.

Fuck me: Wedding time.

Here comes David Flair. Now a grinning Kiebler comes down. Flair has the mic and he has done some bad things as of late and he has been not too nice to some people and calls out Arn. Arn comes out and compliments how David looks. He gives him advice: David will be tempted by his friends to party and it is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Also, he needs to keep some money for himself and keep it hidden and then he may come home after a hard night of partying and he may get the business but she will stop and tell him to just rest. He needs to take the money and run! David states that there is one more person and he would love for his dad to be his Best Man and here comes Flair! Ric that is. Flair thought that would have been the last time he would have heard that music due to the issues with his son. But they have buried the past and it is about his son and his beautiful bride and he thanks the fans for coming. Police officers come down as it gets started. Russo had them arrest Flair due to him breaking the restraining order that was put on him. Flair warns them that he ran for governor and the fans chant bullshit and despite some exhortations he is hauled off. Here comes Stacy and her breasts are perky and her legs are LONG. WOW.

After the break Arn assures a departing Flair that he will take care of everything.

Russo due to his injuries had brain surgery on Saturday and they go to a doctor who explains what they did.  They showed all the headshots he took and brain scans and it will take 2-5 months for him to recover. SWEET! Now, later will claim that when he leaves in October it was from multiple concussions. Sure….but I am sure that was part of it and WCW probably hinted that he should leave.

Match 6: Sting v. Harris Boys

Sting starts off strong against one but is soon doubled up. Why is he fighting them? I am confused. One is knocked to the floor and the other Stinger Splashed and then again. He is going for the Deathlock but he is hit with a chain and then stomped. Kronik comes out to help. Shit they are facing the Harris’ in a Chain Match at the PPV. FUCK ME. I am really unclear as to the point of this match. Sting was to maintain order….Why wasn’t Booker his partner? Why would Cat book this? Schiavone figures out this must be a no DQ match as Kronik places Sting on top to win.


JJ just tells Scotty to get through the night and he refuses and storms off.

David convinces Stacy to come back out and redo the wedding despite her protestations. Clearly the child is someone else’s!

After the break he is in the ring and she comes back down the aisle. The pastor is screaming about trust and dedication and she is looking more and more glum. Time to speak or hold your peace. No one does. Nope, she raises her hand! Something has been eating at her and at first he thinks she is not pregnant. She is but David is not the father and David looks at Arn who mouths don’t look at me. David is stunned and she leaves and her “mom” is pissed. Panty shot though!

After the break she takes off in a limo and David is throwing a fit. Awesome walks by with Paulshock and he is spitting game. JJ attacks but gets tossed. The Thrillers end that and they stomp the shit out of him.

Steiner is screaming about being the genetic freak and he has the largest arms in the world. He freaks out about size and how it does matter and he talks about an equinox and the Big Dipper. But the ladies do not need to wait for that as his freaks just need to call for him and do the bump and grind. He screams about Goldberg and his freaks and peaks. So much fucking rhyming. Confused. He calls him a bitch too.

Cat has come down to the announce table. Here comes Booker and he is the ref. He will get his title back and don’t hate the player but hate the game.

Match 7: Scott Steiner v. Kevin Nash (c) for WCW Title

Now Goldberg comes out! Why not return the favor with what Russo did. Make the Cat the ref, Goldberg the enforcer and have Booker face Nash? Well, I guess they are faces.

It starts and Steiner pushes Nash in order to have him tip over. He does not and they glare at each other. Nash goes to leave but Steiner stops him and they start fighting. Steiner knocks him down and gets a two count and Steiner attacks Booker and then Nash joins in. Finally Goldberg comes in and decimates both men. However, Steiner uppercuts him in the nads. Steiner knocks him to the floor and beats him with a chair. Another ref had come down and Steiner tosses him. Booker was mugged out on the floor. Goldberg is suplexed and hammered. Booker is rolled back in as Cat refuses to help. Now the Cat pulls a chair away and Goldberg and Booker mount a comeback and tee off on the heels. Goldberg is mauling Steiner on the floor as Booker takes care of business inside the ring. Goldberg screamed at some fan. Wow, I think he threw something and some girl in the crowd was scared to death! She huddled against her boyfriend. I would be scared too. Goldberg brings him back into the ring and powerslams him and then spears him. Nash is about to be Book Ended and here comes the 70s bus and the Thrillers and JJ overwhelm the faces and the beatdown is on. Nash takes Booker to the bus and then drives the back of his head through the windshield. Goldberg is cuffed to it and belted with a pipe over and over. Goldberg breaks loose and we fade…..

NR. Angle advancement.

* A mess of a show. I mean it was pretty damn bad. Overbooked nonsense. Just horrific. Too many gimmick matches. Not enough wrestling. Lifeless promos. How many fucking times are the heels about to turn on each other. Russo did this shit in the WWF and it was shitty then and it is shitty now. The Sting match made no sense. I swear I did not miss anything. The wedding was fucking lame. But I guess it brought ratings as Flair came back but still….Overall one of the worst go home shows in some time. Too much going and most of it was nonsensical.

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