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WWF No Mercy 5/16/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents No Mercy
From: Manchester, England

The Corporate Ministry comes out to the ring to start the show with an interview segment. Shane McMahon says the greatest force ever assembled is standing in the ring. Their destruction begins tonight. Tonight, their focus will start with the Brood tonight as they are defectors of the group. The mission continues with Mideon taking on Kane. Also, Shane will defend his WWF European Championship against X-Pac. Then, in the main event we will see WWF World Champion Steve Austin try to retain the championship against the Undertaker and Triple H in an anything goes match. McMahon is confident that either HHH or Undertaker will win the championship tonight.

Opening Contest: Gillberg vs. Tiger Ali Singh: Singh press slams Gillberg early on after absorbing a few right hands. Gillberg hits the spear and signals for the Jackhammer but Singh recovers and hits a neckbreaker for the win.

Second Contest: Viscera, Faarooq & Bradshaw vs. Edge, Christian & Gangrel: Viscera and Gangrel start the contest. Viscera isn’t affected by any punches from Gangrel in the opening moments of the bout. However, a clothesline has some impact. Viscera just casually scoop slams Gangrel to get the control of the bout. Gangrel avoids a splash in the corner and tries a suplex but Viscera counters with one of his own for a near fall. Gangrel avoids a leg drop to hit a dropkick and Edge is tagged in. The Brood double team Viscera to keep him on the canvas. Bradshaw tags in and scoop slams Edge. Edge dropkicks Bradshaw to get the advantage. Christian enters to clothesline Bradshaw from behind. Faarooq tags in and works over Christian. Faarooq is met with a spinning heel kick and Edge jumps off Christian’s back to splash Faarooq. But, that comes to an end when Faarooq hit a spine buster! Edge is dumped to the floor where Bradshaw sends him into the ring post shoulder first. Edge is being worked over by the Ministry but is able to plant Faarooq with a DDT. Neither team has been able to get long lasting offense. Christian dropkicks Bradshaw and Faarooq. Bradshaw catches Christian with a fall away slam. Faarooq tosses Christian into the guard railing on the floor. Bradshaw squeezes Christian with a bear hug. Viscera side slams Christian to keep control of the bout. Viscera counters a crucifix attempt by Christian and hit a Samoan Drop! Christian slams Faarooq face first into the canvas to try and make a comeback. However, Bradshaw enters and cuts Christian off from tagging out. Bradshaw hit a snap scoop slam on Christian. Christian nearly gets a win on Faarooq with an inside cradle. Shane McMahon and Mideon begin to make their way out to the entrance way to watch the match. Edge yanks Bradshaw off the middle rope and Christian hits a tornado DDT! Gangrel tags in and nearly pins Bradshaw after Edge dropkicked him on top. The match breaks down as Christian hit a frog splash onto Bradshaw from off the top for a near fall. Edge and Christian plant Bradshaw with a double DDT for a near fall. Mideon runs to the ring and DDT’s Gangrel on the floor! Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell to win the match. (***. It went a little long, but it was a good competitive match that saw each team showcase some good offense. A nice job by these guys on the under card.)

Third Contest: Droz vs. Steve Blackman: Droz has the early advantage working over Blackman with a spinning back elbow. Blackman ducked a clothesline and starts to strike Droz several times in the corner. Blackman baseball slides Droz from behind while Droz yelled at some fans on the floor. Blackman kicks Droz as he jumps off the middle rope. Blackman locks in an arm bar and Droz taps out. The fans simply didn’t care about these two.

A video promoting Beaver Cleavage is aired. This is Headbanger Mosh under a different gimmick.

Mankind makes his way out to the ring to cut a promo. He says they are going to have to speak up because he only has one ear. He has been told a little rumor and has to check with the fans. He says he was told they play football here in Manchester. He asks if the team is any good. Mankind gets a cheap pop by mentioning the British Bulldog. Mankind is missing any attempt of humor as he talks about his inability to talk to Bulldog on the phone. He continues by saying that he has a real bad ass and wants the fans to enjoy the night.

Fourth Contest: Kane vs. Mideon: It takes Kane under two minutes to drop Mideon with a choke slam, but the Ministry runs out and attack Kane to cause a disqualification. Shane McMahon is out there as well as Bradshaw hits a big clothesline on Kane. Viscera big splashes Kane a couple of times! X-Pac runs down with a stick to run everyone off.

Fifth Contest: Nicole Bass vs. Tori: Bass quickly beats Tori after hitting a choke slam. That was less than thirty seconds.

Sixth Contest: WWF European Champion Shane McMahon vs. WWF World Tag Team Champion X-Pac: Pac tosses McMahon to the floor two times to kick off the bout as the champ tried to get a cheap advantage. Shane decides to head backstage but he is cut off by Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. They punch McMahon a couple of times and Pac hits a clothesline on the floor. Pac works over McMahon with a couple of leg drops. Here comes Chyna to even the odds. Chyna knocks both Patterson and Briscoe down with right hands. Pac is sent to the floor and Chyna proceeds to ram Pac shoulder first into the ring post. Shane hammers away on Pac and hits a vertical suplex back in the ring. Shane hits a middle rope forearm drop but Pac kicks out at two on the cover. Pac battles back with a back suplex. Pac follows up with a spinning heel kick but Chyna gets on the apron. Shane misses a clothesline and knocks the referee out. Pac delivers a few kicks in the corner. Chyna prevents the Bronco Buster by whacking Pac with the championship! Shane goes for the cover but Pac kicks out at two! Triple H makes his way down to the ring. Pac avoids a Bronco Buster in the corner and hits the X-Factor but the referee is knocked down by Chyna! Pac crotches Chyna on the top and knocks Triple H off the apron. Chyna blocks the X-Factor by getting her foot up. Triple plants Pac with the Pedigree and Shane covers to get the win. (**1/2. Well, the bullshit finish could be seen from a mile away. It was a decent match that the fans were really interested in.) After the match, Kane comes down but the heels bail from the ring quickly.

Backstage, Michael Cole asks Mankind if he thinks the Ministry will attack him. He thinks they kind of like him. Naturally, he is attacked by the Ministry The Undertaker whacks Mankind over the hip with a chair a few times.

Seventh Contest: Mankind vs. Billy Gunn: Mankind comes out when his music plays the second time. They start to brawl on the floor with Mankind able to get the better of Gunn with a series of right hands. Gunn dropkicks Mankind’s left knee to get the advantage. They are on the floor where Mankind gets tossed over the railing into the crowd. Gunn is back dropped over the railing back to the ringside area. Mankind misses a leg drop and Gunn kicks Mankind on the knee. Gunn wraps Mankind’s leg around the ring post. Mankind hits a snap suplex on the floor. Gunn continues his offense with a chop block. Gunn puts a figure four leg lock on Mankind as the fans get behind Mankind. Gunn uses the ropes for leverage but that doesn’t help him get a submission. The referee finally sees the cheating and Mankind reverses the hold. Mankind delivers a running knee strike in the corner. Mankind goes to the floor to grab a chair. The referee stops him and Gunn tried a backdrop but is met with a DDT instead. Mankind gets Mr. Socko out and puts it in Gunn’s mouth. Gunn is able to get out of that and drives Mankind’s face into the steel chair. Gunn tries for a piledriver and plants Mankind onto the chair for a near fall. The bell sounds, but it was only a two count. Gunn hits the Fame-Asser on the chair and wins the match! (**. Well, this is probably the biggest win of Gunn’s career and makes is clear that Gunn is being pushed as a heel here. Gunn did an alright job, but Mankind just didn’t have a lot going on for himself here. I’m kind of surprised that Gunn wasn’t more successful as a singles heel.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker vs. Triple H in an Anything Goes match: This is basically a four against one match as Taker has Paul Bearer with him and Triple H has Chyna by his side. Austin has to pummel HHH on the floor with right hands. Taker comes down as well and grabs the championship. Austin scoop slams HHH on the floor but Taker whacks Austin with the championship two times. Austin sends HHH into the guard railing but Taker comes over to club Austin in the ribs. Taker chokes Austin with a cord by the entrance way. Austin is being double teamed, as expected. Austin sends Taker into the guard railing but HHH is there to toss the champ into the ring. Austin mounts HHH with a series of right hands but walks into a right hand from Taker. Austin is double teamed by the challengers in the corner and the champ falls to the floor where Taker punches him into the crowd. Austin hits a suplex on HHH on the floor! Taker backdrops Austin to counter a piledriver on the floor. Austin comes out of the corner with a clothesline on HHH but Taker puts the stops to that with a clothesline of his own. A referee stops HHH from using a chair, but Austin grabs it and whacks both heels with it. Austin wraps HHH’s leg around the ring post but Taker punches the champ on the floor. There is a little friction between Taker and HHH as both men want their hands on Austin. Austin rams Taker groin first into the ring post. Austin rams HHH face first into the ring post. Austin sends HHH into the ring steps as well. HHH and Taker shove each other on the floor as Taker was working on Austin. Taker attacks HHH from behind with right hands. Austin drops Taker throat first across the top rope. HHH falls into the crowd but is knocked back over to the ringside area by the champ. Taker tries for a choke slam, but HHH cuts that off. Now, Austin and HHH are working together to work over Taker. HHH nails Austin with a clothesline. HHH hits a face buster across the knee on Austin for a two count. Austin tries for the Stunner on Taker but he counters. Austin catapults HHH into Taker who hits a choke slam for a near fall. Austin hit the Stunner on Taker but HHH breaks the cover up! Austin hits the Stunner on HHH but the Ministry runs out to attack Austin! X-Pac and Kane run down to the ring to save Austin from the beating. The Brood also runs down to get in on the action! Mankind even comes down to clear the ring and help the battle. Mankind is fighting the Undertaker to the backstage area. HHH drops Austin with a high knee lift. Chyna enters the ring but misses a cartwheel splash. Austin hits the Stunner on Chyna and HHH to win the match! (***. Well, it was a fine main event but nothing all that special. It’s not surprise that the top face is the one guy to get the big win over the heel stable.) After the match, Austin attacks Shane after X-Pac tossed him into the ring. Austin hits the Stunner and Pac hits the Bronco Buster on Shane, HHH and Chyna!

Final Thoughts:
A couple of good matches, but that’s about it here for No Mercy. The six man tag was a surprisingly good match and the main event was good as well. The rest of the show was just filled with uninteresting action and guys who aren’t all that interesting in the first place. Thus, I will give this a thumbs down overall.

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