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Bob’s Opinion On… Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger and Dutch.

It’s been a topic of conversation over the past 20-hours or so. Jack Swagger, who just won a number one contenders match at Elimination Chamber to be in one of the top matches at WrestleMania, was arrested for speeding and a DUI. The DUI has nothing to do with alcohol, but rather marijuana. Talk about horrible timing for Swagger.

Personally, I had been enjoying the new look and new attitude that Swagger had been portraying. His manger, Dutch Mantell, is an excellent touch. Swagger isn’t a good talker as I find him to be annoying and unappealing in that regard. He is a fine wrestler and having a mouthpiece is exactly what he needs, in my opinion.

I’ve noticed a lot of people hating on the gimmick and saying it isn’t going to work and all that jazz. I’ve noticed the complete opposite. People are talking about Swagger and the WWE has been getting publicity for the controversial angle. Is it controversial? Sure, but pro wrestling is scripted and should be noted that probably no one in the role feels the way they do (Unless you’re John Walters who has a similar gimmick in LLUSA and by all accounts has been doing a great job well before Swagger did this).

Should his push be stopped because of the incident? In any other case, yes. But, if it were my choice, I wouldn’t put the brakes on Swagger and his push. This incident could be brought into the angle, but I doubt the WWE will acknowledge it on television, though the fans are surely going to let Swagger hear it.

It’s a shame that Swagger used such poor judgment. The judgment shouldn’t be rewarded with a push, but when the angle is rather interesting and has a lot of people talking about it, how can you pull the plug on it? I suppose if you are the WWE, is rather easy since they have the ability to make a star over night.

Jack Swagger had a chance to redeem himself for the failed push he received in 2010, but now he has to deal with public backlash and perhaps doubt from WWE management on whether or not he can ever be trusted. Then again, Randy Orton has done so many things wrong it’s shocking he has a job in the WWE still.

Nonetheless, we won’t find out what direction the WWE will be going in with Swagger until Monday. I am hoping they push through this and kept Swagger at the top and keep his angle going with Del Rio.

What are your thoughts on the Swagger situation? Do you expect him to be de-pushed? Agree or disagree with what I had to say? Feel free to share below!

Thanks for reading.

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