Rebooking The WWF: Week 16, 1993

On RAW, Ric Flair is a guest on Kings Court. On Superstars, Scott Steiner competes in singles action against IRS. Lastly, on Wrestling Challenge, a vignette promoting the debut of a new wrestler airs. Plus, much more!

WWF RAW 4/19/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Randy Savage defeated Repo Man in 4:13 to advance to the second round in the 1993 King of the Ring.
2. Kings Court w/Ric Flair: Jerry Lawler interviewed “the greatest WWF World Champion” Ric Flair on this weeks edition of Kings Court. Lawler brings up Mr. Perfect and how Perfect has made it clear that he wants to fight Flair one more time. Flair laughs off the challenge by telling Lawler that he has nothing to gain from beating Perfect, again. Flair heavily puts himself over as the greatest athlete in professional wrestling while Perfect is layer of dog crap on the bottom of his $800 shoes. Flair makes it clear that he “has moved on from that piece of scum” and is focused on the King of the Ring tournament. Flair talks about how Bret Hart is just a “flash in the pan” and that Hart got lucky at WrestleMania IX. Flair makes it clear that he will not settle for being number two in the WWF. Flair is the man and will not stop until the WWF World Championship is back around his waist! WOOOO!
3. Shawn Michaels defeated Russ Greenberg in 1:06 following a super kick. During the bout, pre-tape comments from WWF Intercontinental Champion Tatanka were aired. Tatanka made it clear that he is more than willing to give Michaels another shot and prove to Michaels yet again that he is better than Michaels. Tatanka isn’t worried about this “big surprise” Michaels continues t bring up.
4. Nasty Boys/Headshrinkers Brawl: Backstage, two of the toughest tag teams in the WWF had a pull apart brawl. All four men were tossing each other into walls and at one point Knobs smashed Fatu over the head with a trash can but Fatu wasn’t affected by it. Several referees and security guys break up the brawl with the Nasty Boys telling the Headshrinkers that they are to not be messed with!
5. WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated Scott D’Amore/Mark Starr in 2:42 when DiBiase pinned D’Amore.
6. WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated PJ Walker in 1:22 with the Sharpshooter. After the match, Bigelow attacks Hart by nailing Hart with the urn. Bigelow beats down Hart for several moments before posing with the championship to close out the show.

WWF Superstars 4/24/1993
1. Scott Steiner defeated IRS by disqualification in 8:02 when IRS nailed Scott with a briefcase. After the match, the Steiner Brothers and Money Inc. brawled until several officials broke up the brawl. Jack Tunney appeared and announced that at the King of the Ring on June 13th, the Steiner Brothers will get one last title shot against Money Inc. with a no disqualification stipulation. The fans erupted at the announcement while Money Inc. flipped out!
2. Yokozuna Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji and their new American consultant Jim Cornette! McMahon asked what Cornette was doing here in the WWF. Cornette believes that because Yokozuna hasn’t had an American associate he hasn’t been able to get proper matches with the “big names” in the WWF. Cornette is going to make sure that Yokozuna gets his shot at the WWF World Championship. McMahon brings up Crush’s challenge for a match against Yokozuna. Cornette points out that the last time someone challenged by Yoko, their career was over. “Do you remember Jim Duggan? Whatever happen to that guy? He lost to Yokozuna and went home like the scared little boy that he truly is. He clearly wasn’t tough enough to compete here in the World Wrestling Federation. The same will happen to Crush, who must have a coconut for a brain.” Yokozuna finishes off the segment by yelling Bonsai!
3. Doink the Clown defeated Scott Jones in 2:09 following the Whoopee Cushion.
4. WWF Intercontinental Champion Tatanka defeated Terry Taylor in a non-title match in 5:32 following a Samoan Drop. During the bout, Shawn Michaels shared some pre-tape comments. Michaels repeated that he has the perfect plan to reclaim his WWF Intercontinental Championship. Michaels suggests that Tatanka have as much fun as possible with the belt, because Michaels will get it back sooner rather than later.
5. Rick Martel Interview: Jim Ross conducted a interview with Rick Martel. Ross wants to know why Martel has been targeting Owen Hart. Martel tells Ross that Owen has been in the WWF for six months compared to his six years. Martel feels that he has been disrespected by Owen. Martel doesn’t understand how the female fans have been supporting Owen, who Martel claims is a comic book nerd, but are not supporting a model. Martel is going to rearrange Owen’s face to the point that Owen will be forced to go into exile.
6. Lex Luger defeated Joe Kilpatrick in 1:06 following a running forearm smash.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/25/1993
1. Jerry Lawler defeated Scott Taylor in 2:47 following a pile driver.
2. Jeff Jarrett Vignette: During the vignette, Jarrett reveals that he will make his WWF debut at the May 15th edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Jarrett says that his path to greatness begins in only a few weeks. Jarrett wants the fans to accept the fact that he will be the greatest WWF superstar and champion of all time. “Because I am great at everything I do. Beating you’re heroes will be no different.”
3. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Virgil in 2:56 following a diving head butt. During the bout, WWF World Champion shared some pre-tape comments. Hart knows that Bigelow must feel great for attacking him on RAW. Hart points out that only a coward attacks someone from behind or when they aren’t paying attention. Hart is going to put out Bigelow’s fire when they meet in the ring.
4. Mr. Perfect defeated Barry Hardy in 1:45 following the Perfect Plex.
5. Owen Hart Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Owen Hart. Hart talks about how much his career changed after beating Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania IX. Hart never thought that after one match his career would take off like it has, but he loves it. Ross brings up the KOTR and that Owen will be wrestling Doink the Clown on next weeks RAW in a first round match. Owen knows that he is a underdog but he has been a underdog before and overcame the odds. Owen believes that he can beat Doink and will do the very best he can to get the job done.
6. Crush defeated Glenn Ruth in 1:49 with the Kona Vice. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Crush were shown. Crush told the fans that he will defeat Yokozuna and show Yoko, Fuji and that “turncoat” Cornette that America always prevails in the end.

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