WWF RAW 2/25/2013


John Cena puts his WWE Championship shot on the line against a man he can never beat, CM Punk! Plus, much more!

WWE Monday Night RAW Results 
Dallas, Texas
February 25, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

There are 41 days until Wrestlemania 29!

Video opens RAW highlighting Brock Lesnar’s attack on Vince McMahon. Subsequently, Vince McMahon challenged Paul Heyman to a match.

Later on RAW: John Cena will face CM Punk with the winner going on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania.

Vince McMahon’s music hits and he is in the ring. He says that he is just three weeks out of his hip replacement but he is ready for whatever happens tonight. Vince calls out Paul Heyman.

Heyman comes out onto the entrance ramp and he is in fighting gear. Heyman says that tonight we are going to see a one legged man in a fight. Heyman compliments himself as all man. Heyman takes a shot at Tony Romo, and then steps into the ring. Heyman points out that Vince is in his executive suit. Heyman says that before they fight he just wants to say straight to his face –

Heyman dives at McMahon. Heyman grabs a crutch as Vince falls to the mat. Heyman strikes McMahon as he gets to his feet. Heyman is stalking McMahon and swings again. Vince catches the crutch and swings at Heyman. Heyman falls to the mat as the crowd erupts.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Brock jumps up onto the apron and then slowly gets into the ring. Vince is holding a crutch in defense as Lesnar stares him down.

HHH’s music hits which turns Lesnar’s attention towards the ramp. Vince scurries out of the ring. HHH walks out and makes his way down to the ring. Hunter’s hair is closely shaved. Lesnar rolls out of the ring and charges at his foe. They clash and exchange blows. HHH grabs Brock and throws him head first into a steel post. HHH then clothesline Brock over the barricade and into the time keeper’s area. HHH finds a crutch and walks towards Brock. Lesnar has gotten to his feet and is ready to meet him.

Lesnar grabs HHH and slams him onto the commentary booth. Brock’s head is revealed to be bleeding profusely. WWE is trying hard not to show the blood and his head due to the early hour of the broadcast. Shots are showing only up to his neck when they can get away with it.

Brock rolls HHH into the ring and then grabs a chair. Brock gets into the ring but HHH dodges and hits a spinebuster. HHH grabs the chair and hits it over the back of Lesnar. HHH’s music hits as he celebrates in the ring. Lesnar is shown on the ramp, but only from the side of his face that is not bleeding. Lawler mentions the blood, but stutters mid-speech as if already being scolded for the slight. Cole explains that HHH is here to avenge his father in law.


Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler plug the 5 Million Dollar ‘Tout’ investment as they invite fans to send in their ‘Touts’ about Brock Lesnar and HHH.

Ryback’s music hits and he walks down to meet Dolph Ziggler in the ring.

Ryback v. Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ & Big E. Langston

Ryback charges at Dolph and is at first rebuffed. Ryback responds by tossing Ziggler around the ring. The rest of the match proceeds in a similar fashion. Ryback slams Ziggler from side to side only to be occasionally eluded by a burst of speed. The show cuts to commercial as Ryback starts to look hungry.


As the show comes back from the break Ryback is standing on the outside only to be plowed over by Langston. The official doesn’t see it. Ziggler rolls Ryback back into the ring and tries a cover. Ryback kicks out. Ziggler attempts a dropkick and then a cover but Ryback tossed him into the air. Ziggler then attempts a DDT and cover, but again Ryback kicks out. Ziggler jumps on Ryback’s back and applies a Sleeper to the standing Ryback. Ryback breaks it by dropping down and completely jaw-jacking Ziggler with his shoulder. Ryback tosses Ziggler to the side and then slams him down. Ryback hits a Spinebuster and then lifts Ziggler up onto his shoulder and stomps around the ring. Ryback hits Shell-Shocked and this match is over.

Winner via Shell Shocked: Ryback


CM Punk is in the ring and says that tonight is a night that the audience will tell their grandchildren about. Punk says that they are about to witness an epic match between John Cena and CM Punk. He argues that tonight is not about John Cena, nor as much as they want it to be is tonight about The Rock. Punk says that tonight there is something that is more important than The Rock, John Cena or Wrestlemania. Tonight is about CM Punk. Tonight is about the most significant Superstar of this age and ages past. Punk has held the WWE Championship longer than anyone in decades. He is the best in the world. The best in the world deserves to go on to Wrestlemania and main event. Punk declares himself immortal, a legend, and icon. Punk declares himself God.

WWE announces the celebrity inductee for this year’s Wrestlemania: Donald Trump.


The Great Khali v. Mark Henry

They spar back and forth and engage in feats of strength. Henry eventually lifts Khali up into the air and hits a World’s Strongest Slam. This match is over.

Winner via World’s Strongest Slam: Mark Henry

Trailer plays to tease the release of the Miz in Marine 3.


Fandango promo airs.

The Miz is in the ring for a new MizTV. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are in the ring as Alberto Del Rio enters with Ricardo Rodriguez. Zeb exchanges mics with a sound tech. Miz is first to speak. He says he is cutting to the point and introduces the guests. Miz gives Zeb and Swagger the opportunity to say whatever they want. Zeb first takes a shot at Glenn Beck for chickening out. He says that we have 11 million illegal aliens in our country. He attacks those who want to reform the system and give them amnesty. Zeb says that Alberto and his people drain the American system.

Alberto is furious but Zeb continues on. He points out that the Mexican system is incredibly strict in regards to foreigners and those wishing to immigrate. He says that Del Rio represents to his people success. He represents the American Dream. As a result he inspires millions of others to illegally cross the border to seek that same dream. But there is only one Del Rio, the rest leach on the system and by definition are criminals.

Del Rio tells Swagger to shut up, and then says that America doesn’t belong to Zeb or Del because America is the greatest country on earth and belongs to everyone. Del Rio points out that Zeb and Swagger are decedents of immigrants. Del Rio says that they are hiding behind the constitutions. He says he has heard about people like him, but until now was lucky enough not to meet one. Rio says that if Swagger has the guts, he should do something to make them leave right now.

Swagger looks on as Rio begins to undress. Swagger speaks into the mic that he will see them at Wrestlemania. We the people.

A video airs showing that during the commercial Zeb antagonized Miz while Swagger ran up from behind for a cheap shot.

Randy Orton v. Antonio Cesaro

They lock up and Cesaro cinches on a side headlock. Orton leapfrogs and then lands an elbow. Orton tosses Cesaro over his shoulder and attempts a cover. Cesaro kicks out and is able to land a slam of his own. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Cesaro attempts a headlock but Orton starts to fight back. Cesaro responds by hitting a flurry of uppercuts. Orton responds with one of his own and a snap power slam. Orton has his head pulled down on the top rope. Randy gets his wit about himself and responds with a backbreaker. Cesaro leaps off the second rope for an uppercut but Orton hits an RKO out of “nowhere”. This match is over.

Winner via RKO: Randy Orton

Kane and Bryan are talking backstage. Bryan says he could win this match blindfolded. Kane says he could win it with his hand tied behind his back. Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox walk up. Vickie is going to grant them just that. Brad interrupts Vickie as she talks and dons them “Brickie”.


Sheamus is in the ring to discuss his Oscars Snubs, of all things. Sheamus says he missed the Oscars because he was driving to Dallas. When he got to Dallas he watched the recording and woke up with a bone to pick with the Academy. They missed Wade Barrett’s performance in ‘Dead Man Down’. Sheamus says he wants to show another trailer because Wade was hard to see in that one. Sheamus slows down a scene to show Wade in the background. Sheamus mocks him repeatedly for not doing anything in the film.

Wade’s music hits and he makes his way into the ring. It’s worth mentioning that Sheamus has put a red carpet down in the ring for this segment. Wade says he’ll be walking down a real red carpet tomorrow night. Sheamus makes fun of Wade’s nose. Wade tries to swing and Sheamus attempts a boot, but Wade exits the ring to end the segment.


Video recaps last week’s return of R-Truth as he aided Kofi Kingston. Sandow joins in on commentary for this match.

R-Truth v. Cody Rhodes

Truth and Rhodes lock up. Cody looks to the knee of Truth which was the limb that has cost him so much ring time. Cody punches Truth repeatedly. Truth is able to get back to his feet and turns the tide with a hard uppercut. Truth hits his spinning heel kick and this match is over.

Winner: R-Truth

After the match, Sandow runs into the ring to try and attack. Truth evades and tosses him out of the ring.

Video: Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger on Jobs.

Daniel Bryan & Kane v. Titus O’Neill & Darren Young

Bryan is blindfolded and Kane has his hand tied behind his back. Bryan starts the match against Titus. He grabs the referee by mistake. Titus attacks Bryans and Young begin blowing their whistles. Titus finally attacks Bryan. He slams him a few times and then tosses Bryan out of the ring. Bryan punches Kane by mistake and then reenters the ring. Kane finally gets the tag and comes into the ring against Young, the now legal man. Kane is successful at first, but Titus runs towards Kane to intercede. Kane tosses him out of the ring. Kane hits a chokeslam on Young to end this match.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Kane


The Shield’s music hits and they make their way in through the crowd. Ambrose is the first to speak as they are all in the ring. He says that things have to get worse before they get better. Ambrose says that he is here to shatter the comfort zones of the WWE. He invites the WWE Stars to create whatever super team they want. The Shield will defeat them. Seth runs down their track record and asks if there are any other challengers.

Sheamus’ music hits and he comes out onto the ramp. He challenges them to come down and meet him. Ambrose and Reigns make their way up the ramp. Orton comes in from behind and hits an RKO on Rollins who had remained in the ring. Orton runs back to the crowd as Ambrose and Reigns are furious that they were caught off guard.


The Miz v. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Miz is on fire as he tosses Swagger out of the ring. Miz then hits a baseball slide to keep him outside. Swagger gets back into the ring and regains control. He punishes Miz with a few clotheslines. Miz looks beaten until he hits a swinging neckbreaker to ground the ‘Real American’. Swagger slams Miz down hard to the mat and attempts a cover. Miz kicks out. Swagger backs him towards a corner and delivers a few punches. Miz comes out swinging and sends Swagger repeatedly to the mat. Miz hits a hard kick and flies across the ring for his signature splash. Miz climbs to the top rope and leaps for an axe handle. Cover, but Swagger kicks out.

Miz runs at Swagger but is lifted up; Miz rolls through for a cover. Swagger kicks out. Swagger tosses Miz at the ropes and Miz lands with his ankle caught in between the ropes. The referee attends to Miz as Swagger charges for a vicious chop block. Swagger grabs the ankle of Miz and twists for the submission victory.

Winner via Patriot Lock: Jack Swagger


John Cena is backstage with Josh Mathews and puts over his match tonight with Punk. He says that tonight Punk either steps up or steps aside. Cena says that this match tonight is about his return. Cena announces that ‘Our Time is Now’.

John Cena v. CM Punk

They lock up and Cena attempts to ground punk. He locks on a side headlock but Punk gets his feet on the bottom rope to nullify the hold. Punk locks up and drags the head of Cena. Punk pulls on his arm and then traps Cena in a headlock. Cena delivers an arm drag so Punk rolls out of the ring.


Punk covers Cena put Cena kicks out. Punk has Cena caught in a Venetian Head Lock. Cena escapes and delivers his signature bulldog. Punk kicks out of a cover. Cena cinches on the headlock but Punk escapes and hits a heel kick. Punk has Cena in a rear headlock now, and there sure have been a lot of headlocks in this match. Cena slowly gets to his feet as the crowd gets behind him. Cena punches at Punk and then whips him into the ropes. Punk responds with a bit of offense and then dodges at the feet of Cena which causes Cena to fly out of the ring. Punk follows after with a suicide dive.


Back from the break, CM Punk has Cena in an Anaconda Vice. Cena counters by rolling into a pin. Punk kicks out and tries for a cover of his own. Cena kicks out. Cena grabs the leg of Punk, but Punk shoulders him in the gut and then springboards for a flying clothesline. Punk rolls towards the corner and looks for another springboard. Cena counters this time and catches Punk in the STF. Punk is held hard, but then reverses into an Anaconda Vice. Cena reverses and applies a modified LeBelle lock. Punk breaks free and tries a cover, but Cena kicks out. Both men fall to the mat exhausted.

Back on their feet, they exchange blows with the crowd oooing and ahhing. Cena and Punk go back and forth trying to hit their finishers, but each misses. Punk charges towards Cena and hits a high knee to the face. Cena blocks a running bulldog and hits a side slam. Cena hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena looks for the AA, but Punk lifts him up for a GTS. Cena scurries down and Cena hits a sit-down powerbomb.

Cena climbs to the top rope. Punk gets to his feet and punches Cena in the head. Punk climbs to the second rope and looks for a Superplex. Cena starts to counter and headbutts his way to freedom. Punk falls down to the mat. Cena leaps and connects with a leg drop to the back of Punk’s neck. Cover, but Punk kicks out.

Punk runs for another high knee, but Cena blocks. Cena hits a vicious slam. Punk kicks out and Cena is flabbergasted. Punk tosses Cena out of the ring and then follows after. Punk rolls back in after a quick attack and allows the ref to count. Cena makes it back into the ring at the last second. They again exchange counters until Cena locks on an STF. Punk crawls with all of his strength towards the bottom rope for a desperation break.

Punk is on his feet as Cena walks over. Punk scoops Cena up and hits a Piledriver!

Cover, but Cena kicks out. Punk is astonished and attempts another cover. Cena kicks out once again. Punk climbs to the top rope. Punk jumps but lands on his feet as Cena moves out of the way. Cena hits a hurricarana. He follows up with the AA as the crowd explodes and Cena moves on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania.

Winner via Attitude Adjustment: John Cena

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