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ROH TV 3/23/2013

Adam Cole squares off against Matt Hardy with a future ROH Television Championship shot on the line.

The show opens up with a recap of the post-match attack from SCUM at the “11th Anniversary Show” and Nigel McGuinness’ reaction on last week’s television show.

Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show and say SCUM is free to enter the building. They hype up the main event of Adam Cole going one-on-one with Matt Hardy.

Silas Young vs. Michael Elgin

They exchange submissions on the mat before Elgin uses his power to send Young to the outside. He hits a slingshot back elbow for a one-count on Young. Young takes out Elgin’s leg to gain control of the match. Elgin fights back and clubs Young in the corner. Elgin connects with a rolling elbow and then hits a German Suplex into the turnbuckles. He gets another near fall on Young following a powerslam. Young goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Elgin rolls through it for a deadlift German Suplex. Young fights back and hits an Angel Wings-type move for a two count. Young goes for his moonsaut, but Elgin moves. He hits two crazy looking backfists and follows it up with an Elgin Bomb for the pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Michael Elgin’s Thoughts: This was a good opener and I’m happy to see Young getting opportunities like this. I would love to see another match between the two with more time to flesh out the match. This was a good exhibition and built up Elgin’s match against Jay Lethal at “Supercard of Honor VII” well.

In a prerecorded interview, Adam Cole says it doesn’t make a difference that he lost his title because he’s going to continue to fight like a champion.

Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring, which makes this show instantly better. Haas runs down Chicago’s sports teams and calls the Blackhawks the Redhawks. Oops. He says he carried Benjamin for 10 years. He says he will never put the tag team back together and that he’s always been better than Benjamin. He says McGuinness wants to make a match between him and Benjamin, but that Benjamin will never be back. He tries to lure some fans to a fight. He calls out SCUM and then the ROH locker room. Grizzly Redwood answers the call.

Charlie Haas vs. Grizzly Redwood

Haas takes Redwood’s head off with a big boot. Redwood gets a quick roll up before going back down with a clothesline. Haas launches him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly. He locks in the Haas of Pain and Redwood taps.

Haas refuses to let the hold go and Mike Mondo runs down to make the save.

Winner by Submission: Charlie Haas’s Thoughts: This was just a quick squash, so there’s not really too many thoughts I can have on it. It was better than Redwood’s usual squashes because he usually makes his opponents look bad, but Haas came out looking dominant. I guess this will lead to a Mondo vs Haas feud, which has a chance to be entertaining.

After the break, Veda Scott is in the ring interviewing Mondo and Redwood. Mondo says he was told be would be out for 12 months but he knocked it to four months because he’s in beast mode. He says he feels great and will show no fear. BOOM!

Steve Corino’s voice comes over the PA system but he’s nowhere to be seen. He says evil is here and SCUM storms the ring. They ambush Mondo and Redwood. Cliff Compton grabs Scott by the throat and holds her hostage. Some ROH wrestlers try to save her, but Corino stops them by threatening Scott. Corino says next week it’s the SCUM show and McGuinness can make the matches because there’s no one who can stop them. McGuinness comes to the ring and says Corino has a deal and they let Scott go.

McGuinness joins the commentary team and says next week it’s on and it’s an end to the madness.

Corino comes back through the crowd and to the ring, but this time alone. He says he get the opportunity to introduce a man with god-like abilities. He does an incredible job introducing Matt Hardy. What a waste of energy. Hardy enters through the crowd, which is a nice touch.

Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole

The winner gets a ROH World TV Title match at “Supercard of Honor VII.” They immediately start slugging it out. Cole superkicks Hardy and sends him to the outside. Cole hits a suicide dive and they brawl around ringside. Cole locks in a Figure Four around the ring post. After some jockeying for position, Hardy slings Cole hard into the barricade and Hardy gets in the ring. Cole barely makes it back to the ring in time. Back in the ring, Cole sits Hardy on the top rope. Hardy fights him off and he hits a Side Effect from the top and both men are down as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Hardy is still in control. Hardy hits a Razor’s Edge-type powerbomb for a two count. Hardy hits another Side Effect. Cole Hulks Up and connects with a bicycle kick and an enziguri. A shining wizard gets a two-count for the former TV Champion. He gets another near-fall after a missile dropkick. Cole goes to the top and tries for a crossbody, but Hardy is able to avoid it. Hardy locks in a Figure Four of his own and Cole rolls it over reverse the pressure. Cole responds with a Figure Four of his own but Hardy reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Cole tries a springboard DDT onto the apron, but Hardy moves. Hardy pulls up the protective mat and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Cole reverses it into the Florida Key. He tries to throw Hardy back in the ring, but Rhino jumps the barricade and Gores him! Coleman and Alexander hit the ring to take out Rhino as the match is thrown out. The rest of SCUM (except for Kevin Steen) hit the ring, but ROH wrestlers run down to fight back. It’s a massive brawl to end the show!

No Contest’s Thoughts: This was easily Hardy’s best showing so far in the company and it was a very good main event. There were some good spots and Hardy didn’t overly rely on the Side Effect like he did at “Final Battle.” The ending was the only logical way to end it, too, and it did a fine job building up next week’s ROH vs SCUM show.

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