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Rebooking The WWF: Week 22, 1993

On RAW, Rick Martel and Owen Hart meet in singles action. Also, Kamala and Jerry Lawler look to advance in the KOTR Tournament. On Superstars, the Repo Man looks to steal the WWF World Championship from Bret Hart. Lastly, on Wrestling Challenge, Rick Steiner takes on Doink the Clown. Plus, much more!

WWF RAW 5/31/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Owen Hart defeated Rick Martel in 7:08 following a missile dropkick.
2. Randy Savage Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Randy Savage. Savage quickly announces that he has accepted Ramon’s challenge and says that he is ready to fight Ramon tonight, but Ramon isn’t at the arena. So, they will do battle next week! Savage tells McMahon that he has done some crazy things in his life but McMahon and the fans haven’t seen anything yet!
3. the Beverly Brothers defeated Joe Simpson/Chris Kanyon in 2:37 when Beau pinned Kanyon.
4. Marty Jannetty defeated Jim Powers in 4:32 following the Rocker Dropper
5. Lex Luger Video: A video of Luger going to a tailor to get fitted for the King of the Ring robe is aired. Luger isn’t worried about wasting money because he is confident that he will be the King of the WWF and at SummerSlam, he will be the WWF World Champion.
6. WWF Intercontinental Champion Tatanka defeated Terry Taylor in 6:15 in a non-title match following a Samoan Drop. During the bout, Shawn Michaels called in to continue to hype up his big surprise for the King of the Ring pay per view where Michaels continues to say he will regain his championship.
7. Jerry Lawler defeated Kamala in 6:18 following a pile driver to advance in the King of the Ring tournament.

WWF Superstars 6/5/1993
1. Jeff Jarrett defeated Max Moon in 4:17 following a jumping DDT. During the bout, Jarrett talks about how he is going to be the most successful WWF wrestler and will get his own section in the wrestling Hall of Fame. Jarrett claims to be a champion just waiting to get his fair shot to prove to the world that he is indeed great!
2. Crush Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Crush about the flag match challenge made by Jim Cornette on behalf of Yokozuna last week on Wrestling Challenge. Crush tells Ross that he would happy to take on Yokozuna in a flag match so he can proudly wave the American Flag while Yokozuna is left laying on the mat. Crush assures the fans that America will always prevail!
3. Mr. Perfect defeated Mark Starr in 3:25 following the Perfect Plex.
4. Shawn Michaels defeated Duane Gill in 2:56 following a super kick.
5. Money Inc. Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the WWF World Tag Team Champions. McMahon brought up Money Inc. breaking Scott Steiner’s nose last week on Wrestling Challenge. DiBiase says that they always have a plan to retain their titles and now that Scott is having difficulty breathing, they will take advantage of that and beat the Steiner’s with their endurance. IRS chimes in saying that it was never the Steiner’s destiny to win the titles but instead just a dream that will become a nightmare as they will be forced to live with the fact that they are forever losers.
6. WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Repo Man in 5:24 in a non-title match with the Sharpshooter.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/6/1993
1. The Quebecers defeated Mike Bell/Reno Riggins in 3:17 when Pierre pinned Bell after a senton splash.
2. Ric Flair Interview: Mean Gene conducted an interview with Ric Flair. Flair continues to state that there isn’t any reason for him to bother wasting his time with Mr. Perfect. Flair wants to focus on more important things like getting the WWF World Championship back rather than be bothered with someone who can’t over the fact that he is just not talented. Gene tells Flair that he has been talking to Perfect and believes that Perfect has come up with a good plan that would surely get Flair back into the ring with him. Flair just laughs at that statement and tells Gene that their isn’t anything Perfect could do. Flair is going to forever be the guy that Perfect could never beat.
3. Razor Ramon defeated Steve Johnson in 3:02 following the Razors Edge. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Ramon were aired. Ramon stated that on RAW tomorrow night, he will beat the Macho Man on national television and force Savage out of the King of the Ring tournament.
4. Crush defeated Mike Sharpe in 2:53 with the Kona Vice.
5. Nasty Boys Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a quick interview where the Nasty Boys challenged the Headshrinkers to a Texas Tornado tag match. The Nasty Boys want to show that they are still the toughest, meanest and baddest tag team in the WWF!
6. Rick Steiner defeated Doink the Clown in 6:16 following a top rope bulldog. After the match, Money Inc. tried to attack Rick Steiner but Scott Steiner came down with a steel chair to save his brother to close the show.

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