2CW IPPV Predictions: Living On The Edge 8 Night Two


Tonight at 8pm, Squared Circle Wrestling is putting on their first internet pay per view. Considering this is a company in my area and the card is loaded, myself and several of my friends are going to the event. We got front row seats and are looking forward to this historic event for the company. I figured I would share my predictions for the event and afterward share my reaction to the show afterward. Here is the card for the event along with my predictions.

Handicap Match:
Zaquary Springate III vs. Bin Hamin & Milan X

This is an angle that I don’t overly care about, at all. Hamin and Milan are basically two guys looking to take over 2CW and have hacked the 2CW website/Facebook a few times. 2CW must need a better password or something. I’m not a fan of the feud or the men involved, really. I’ll assume that Hamin and Milan get a win.

Pun & Graham’s Tag Team Title Challenge:
[champions] Pun & Kevin Graham vs. CK vs. Planet Fitness vs. Electric Dream Machine vs. EMT

Graham and Pun continue to get better each and every show as a team. None of the teams that are involved in this match should win the titles here. Thus, the titles take remain with them. The Super Smash Brothers were also promoted for the show, but that doesn’t appear likely to happen.

Colin Delaney vs. Dalton Castle

Apparently Delaney has gotten himself in really good shape and is now sober. That’s great to hear. I’ve never watched Castle perform so this should be rather interesting. I’m figuring Delaney goes over the new guy here.

Mixed Tag Match:
Jimmy Jacobs & Christina Von Eerie vs. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb

I’m excited to see Jacobs perform live. I remember Pepper Parks several years ago when he performed as a male cheerleader. He no longer does that gimmick, probably for the better. Parks has been getting booked quite a bit, too. I think Jacobs and Von Eerie win here.

Colt Cabana vs. Slyck Wagner Brown

I really don’t enjoy Cabana’s wrestling. He is a comedy act, who just isn’t all that funny to me. Wagner is a solid wrestler and is capable of a good match with almost anyone. Wagner should go over Cabana since he is the regular guy and Cabana hadn’t been in the company since 2009.

For the 2CW Heavyweight Championship – Ladder Match – Jay Freddie is the special referee
[champion] Isys Ephex vs. Jason Axe

Ephex just won the championship last night when he beat Kevin Steen in Rome. The victory doesn’t surprise me all that much. The local guy having the strap defending against another local guy in a stipulation match is probably the best idea. That being said, this should be a good brawl with some hopefully sick spots. Ephex retains, though. I doubt we see a Freddie heel turn or anything, but it would be neat to see that. Give the character some edge.

No Holds Barred
Spike Dudley vs. MASADA

It’s good to see Spike back in the ring and I’ve been wanting to see MASADA live. These two will probably go all over the building and blood will be shed. A victory for MASADA is likely, I think.

Matt Hardy vs. Sami Callihan

This could be one of Sami’s last appearances before he goes to the WWE since he has been doing the testing to get there. In order for this match to be any good, it’s up to Hardy. I would think Hardy has the motivation to put on a good showing. Excited to see Callihan live, too.

Kevin Steen vs. John Morrison

This was originally suppose to be Eddie Edwards vs. John Morrison but Edwards has a commitment in Japan. That would have been a great match, I think. Not sure what to expect here between these two, but I would predict a Morrison victory.

Plus, we will hear from Terry Funk… I would think via satellite, to see if he were to accept a challenge issued by Steen. I hope he says no since I don’t want to see Funk wrestling at this point in his life.

You can watch the internet pay per view at http://www.livesportsvideo.com/golive/goliveevents.asp?q=SquaredCircleWrestling&name=guestfree

Thanks for reading.

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