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Bob’s Opinion On: 2CW’s IPPV Event


I went to the first internet pay per view for 2CW last night. Here is how the experience went.

Myself and some friends arrived to the arena at around 4pm or so. We waited around for an hour for the doors to open at 5. We waited in line at 4:55pm thinking we only would wait a few minutes. We instead had to wait until 5:30pm for the doors to open. It was a cold day and was really windy. If you say the doors will open at a certain time… open the doors at that time. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine.

The dark match of the night was the Electric Dream Machine taking on Dick Justice, EMT and Pete D. Order. It was an awful match. These five men were used as a way to test the equipment from what I know.

The opening contest saw Cabana take on Slyck Wagner Brown. It was a decent match, but nothing too special. The crowd enjoyed Cabana. I’m a fan of Slyck and I’m glad he has a manager. The manager was really tall and would get in the way. I think he realized this and would walk around ringside to prevent the fans from heckling him too much. Slyck won, which is the right call since he is a regular.

The only bad match of the night saw Bin Hamin and Milan X beat Zaquary Springate III. They did a fireball spot to beat Springate here. This was just bad and the angle needs to die. Judging by the finish, it will continue.

Next up we had Colin Delaney take on a new member of 2CW, Dalton Castle. I actually enjoyed Castle. He has a personality and played the crowd well. They put together a good match and Delaney is doing his best work right now.

Masada was able to beat Spike Dudley in a no holds barred match. It wasn’t gruesome, like I was expecting or hoping. I guess that would have to do with the fact that Spike has a normal job and is up there in age, I guess. Jason Axe and Steen attacked Dudley to screw him over. I didn’t think that was necessary at all.

The tag team battle royal was actually good once they got rid of the awful teams. That would be the cops, mainly. Sean Carr was really impressive here as was Graham and Pun. I don’t like Kage. He looks like King Kong Bundy and wrestles like him too. The champs retaining the belts got a good pop.

I thought Sami vs. Hardy was the best match on the card. ROH fans hate Hardy, but this was a really good match. They teased count out finishes but both men got back in the ring. A nice job by both men.

Jacobs/Von Eeri vs. Parks/Cherry bomb was just a match to kill the crowd, I thought. It wasn’t all that good.

The ladder match between Ephex and Axe saw the new champ Ephex get busted open pretty badly. He was literally dripping blood. They had several sick spots. The match seemed really quick, making me think they didn’t get a lot of time. I kinda wish it went on for a few more minutes because everyone in attendance was eating it up.

It appears that Terry Funk will be coming to 2CW to wrestle Kevin Steen. The reason behind it is because Steen is angry with Funk for not retaking a blurry picture. Go ahead and read that again and tell me that isn’t the dumbest reason you’ve ever heard.

The main event between Steen and Morrison was good. Morrison winning was predictable but these two put on a good show. I thought the speech by Morrison about being a 2CW guy was out of nowhere. The guy has worked three matches for the promotion. Several people in the crowd weren’t buying it… myself included.

I spent 60 bucks on a ticket to get front row seats and was satisfied with the event. If you didn’t watch it for free, then that’s your fault. It’s still on the site for FREE. So, go check it out and enjoy a damn good show.

Thanks for reading.

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