Rebooking The WWF: Week, 24 1993

The fallout from King of the Ring sees the 1993 KOTR winner compete in singles action against Tatanka on RAW. Plus, on Wrestling Challenge Randy Savage competes in singles action against Quebecer Pierre! All that and much more this week in the Rebooking The WWF!

WWF RAW 6/14/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Yokozuna defeated Chris Kanyon in 1:44 following the Bonsai Drop. After the match, Crush tried to come down to ringside but was prevented by several enhancement wrestlers and referees. Crush was heard telling Yoko that he is going to pay for screwing him over last night at the King of the Ring!
2. Bret Hart Interview: Fans erupted as WWF World Champion, Bret Hart made his way down to the ring to be interviewed by Jim Ross. Ross credits Hart with a great hard fought win over the monstrous Bam-Bam Bigelow last night. Hart thanks the fans for their support before saying that last night he showed the world why he is the best wrestler going today. Hart never gave up and overcame the physical difference to retain the greatest championship to hold. Ross mentions Lex Luger winning the King of the Ring Tournament and how Luger will now square off against Bret Hart at SummerSlam on August 30th for the WWF World Championship. Hart knows that Luger is well structured man who seemingly doesn’t have ounce of fat on him. But, despite how great Luger’s physical appearance may be, Hart believes that his wrestling ability is far and away better than Luger’s. Hart doesn’t care if he bleeds or breaks any bones. He thinks that Luger is scared of ruining his looks. “You can’t beat a man who doesn’t care about hurting himself. I’m here for one reason and that is to keep my WWF World Championship.”
3. The Smoking Gunns defeated Duane Gill/Barry Hardy in 2:15 when Billy pinned Gill following a top rope leg drop while Gill was being held by Bart.
4. Ric Flair Interview: Backstage, Jim Ross attempted to interview Ric Flair, but Flair wasn’t interested in talking to Ross. Instead, Flair searched for Mr. Perfect as it appears Flair has gone nuts trying to destroy Mr. Perfect once and for all!
5. Jeff Jarrett defeated Jim Neidhart in 5:01 following a jumping DDT. After the match, Jarrett retrieved scissors from inside his boot and attempted to cut off Neidhart’s signature goatee until Owen Hart ran down for the save and clotheslined Jarrett over the top rope to the floor!
6. King of the Ring Report: Mean Gene reviews what happened last night at WWF King of the Ring highlighting Shawn Michaels WWF Intercontinental Championship, Steiner Brothers winning the WWF World Tag Team Championships, Bret Hart retaining the WWF World Championship and Lex Luger winning the King of the Ring.
7. Lex Luger defeated Tatanka by count-out in 6:14 when Shawn Michaels and his bodyguard came down and attacked Tatanka. Randy Savage ended up leaving the broadcast table to fight off Michaels and Diesel with a chair.

WWF Superstars 6/19/1993
1. Crush defeated Pat Tanaka in 2:47 with the Kona Vice. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Jim Cornette and Yokozuna were aired. As Cornette ripped into Crush, we saw Yokozuna eating chicken wings while using the American Flag as a bib!
2. Steiner Brothers Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the WWF World Tag Team Champions, the Steiner Brothers. McMahon gives props to the new champions for being able to dethrone Money Inc. last Sunday at the King of the Ring. Scott talks about how he sacrificed everything and the pain that he endured before winning the championships. He notes that he broke his damn nose to win the championships! Rick chimes in saying that there is no better feeling than to win the tag team championship with his brother, a man that he has had battles with for his entire life. Scott finishes off the interview stating that unlike Money Inc. they will take on all challengers!
3. The Headshrinkers defeated Steve Taylor/Brian Wilson in 1:09 when Fatu pinned Taylor following a big splash off the top rope.
4. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Mean Gene conducted an interview with a pissed off Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow didn’t wait to hear what Gene had to say to him. Bigelow knows that he lost to Bret Hart at the King of the Ring. Bigelow knows the fans are going to taunt him and that Gene is going to ask him dumb questions. Bigelow believes that he got complacent and too confident but knows that he is the better man than Bret Hart and someday he will be able to prove that to him. Gene transitions into another topic, which is the impending return of the Undertaker which Paul Bearer has been talking about as of late. Bigelow doesn’t believe the Undertaker will be returning at all. He thinks that Bearer is a liar and wants the attention. “I ended the Undertaker, and Paul Bearer needs to accept that.” Gene asks Bigelow what he would do if the Undertaker were to return. Bigelow finishes off the interview by saying “I’d bury him.”
5. Rick Martel defeated Koko B. Ware in 3:03 with the Boston Crab.
6. Mr. Perfect defeated Tim Lawson in 3:48 following the Perfect Plex.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/20/1993

1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Mike Jones in 2:55 following a super kick.
2. Mr. Perfect Interview: Jim Ross conducted a pre-tape sit down interview with Mr. Perfect at his home in Minnesota. Perfect says that he has waited a long time for Ric Flair to snap, and he has finally got him to lose his edge. Ever since he was cheated out of his Wrestle Mania moment by Ric Flair back in February he has been waiting patiently for his opportunity to get his revenge and now he knows that he has Flair right where he wants him. Ross asks what Perfect has in mind for Ric Flair. Perfect simply says “When the time is right I will issue my challenge, Jim. When the timing is perfect I will issue the perfect challenge!”
3. Marty Jannetty defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:24 following the Rocker Dropper.
4. Money Inc. Interview: Mean Gene conducted an interview with the former WWF World Tag Team Champions. DiBiase isn’t happy about losing the tag team championships and knows that at some point they will reclaim what is rightfully theirs. However, he reveals that he and IRS have decided to temporary put their tag team title quest on hold. DiBiase and IRS have a common goal to be singles champions and while they will remain a tag team force, they are going to dominate every aspect of the WWF. IRS chimes in to end the interview by saying that every person should be on notice!
5. Jerry Lawler defeated Mark Starr in 2:57 following a pile driver. During the bout, Lawler shared pre-tape comments where he revealed the return of Kings Court on RAW next week!
6. Randy Savage defeated Quebecer Pierre by disqualification in 4:33 when Quebecer Jacques crotched Savage on the top rope while he attempted the elbow drop.

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