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Extreme Rising 6/29/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Rising
From: Corona, NY

Robbie Mireno comes out to cut a promo and the fans want BLK OUT. Robbie was associated with them in CZW, but I’m not aware if Robbie is part of the group in this promotion. He is getting some heel heat as he puts over Philadelphia. He says that New York has been riding Philly’s coat tails. Especially his co-host. That man is Joel Gertner. Gertner makes his way down to the ring and cuts the usual promo that he has been doing for thirteen years. The content for the promo is centered around Obama Care. Gertner tells the fans that his semen is the cure that everyone needs.

Opening Contest: Papadon vs. Sabu: This is Sabu’s debut for the company as he wasn’t on the first show due to passing out backstage after taking drugs with Justin Credible. The fans greet him with a nice reception. Papadon gets the cheap advantage by attacking Sabu from behind and goes to work with several strikes. Sabu plants Papadon with a tornado DDT and takes him out with a slingshot dive on the floor. On the floor, Sabu tosses a chair at Papadon. Papadon tosses Sabu into the guard railing and lays him across a table. Sabu slams Papadon face first onto the apron to avoid a moonsault attempt on the floor. Sabu gets a near fall after a slingshot somersault leg drop. Sabu leaps off a chair to splash Papadon in the corner for a near fall. Sabu hits a standing Arabian face buster before sliding a table into the ring. Papadon gets a two count after a lariat to a seated Sabu. Papadon delivers a series of punches and a super kick. Sabu is placed on a table and Papadon heads to the top rope. Sabu cuts him off on the top and suplexs Papadon onto the table, which doesn’t break. Sabu misses a splash in the corner and Papadon delivers a running boot in the corner. Papadon hits a TKO of sorts and a modified F5 but Sabu kicks out at two. They do a dueling chairs spot with Sabu getting the better of the exchange. Sabu leaps off the top to hit a top rope Arabian face buster through the table and wins the match. (**. Sabu actually needed help getting out of the broken table. It was nothing special of a match, but Papadon seems to be a quality heel for the promotion. The crowd ate everything up that Sabu had to offer.)

Taya Parker is the special guest for the show. She is a model for Penthouse, I guess. I’m not sure what the point of her at the show is.

Second Contest: FBI vs. Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney: I really can’t believe that Blue Meanie is being booked still. I mean, I get that he is an ECW original but what does he offer to the show other than a comedy skit that he has been doing since 1997. Guido and Balls start the match with nothing of note happening. Balls jabs Guido several times and tags out to Meanie. Mamaluke is tagged in and is punched by Meanie after looking up to the ceiling. Meanie cleans house by slamming both Guido and Mamaluke. The FBI decide to leave the ring but they are stopped and sent into each other on the floor. Meanie is double teamed back in the ring as the FBI hits a double dropkick. Late in the match, Meanie and Mahoney have the FBI down. Meanie looks to hit Mamaluke with a chair, but an African American man wearing a BWO shirt comes down. It’s not JT Smith but the fans think it is. The man slaps Mahoney and leaves the ring. Guido and Mamaluke hit a double side Russian leg sweep off the middle rope on Meanie to win the match. (*. That match sucked. Meanie and Mahoney are really bad and the angle involving this random dude is just odd and out of place.) After the match, Mahoney cuts a promo about drinking with Meanie and whatnot for six weeks. Eventually, the random guy is beaten up and Meanie hits a top rope splash.

Third Contest: CW Anderson vs. Gary Wolfe: CW works on Wolfe’s arm in the opening moments asking Wolfe “where is your partner?” That just didn’t seem right to say, CW! Anderson drops Wolfe with a wild left hook and sends Wolfe shoulder first into a corner. Wolfe gets brief offense but is stopped by a superkick. CW grabs Wolfe’s lady friend at ringside and pulls her into the ring. She begins to flirt with CW and runs away. CW runs into a leaping punch but Wolfe only gets a near fall. Wolfe gets out of the spine buster and pins Anderson after a forearm shot. (DUD. A hilariously awful contest here. What a shame. CW Anderson use to be on the better talents out there, but this was just a poor showcasing of him.)

Reby Sky is being dubbed “the new Queen of Extreme.” I’m not sure how I feel about that comment. Makes me wonder if Francine will ever come into the promotion to put her in her place. Sky is really excited to be in the ring here. She gives Francine a shout out. That was all she wanted to do. Homicide runs out and is trying to recruit Sky to be with him, it looks like. Homicide tells her that he is a lover. Sky is telling Homicide that he needs to back up. Sky slaps Homicide and deliver a low blow! Homicide plants Sky with an ace crusher! Homicide taunts Sky and mocks peeing on her. Matt Hardy runs out and Homicide bails to the floor taunting Hardy as well.

Fourth Contest: BLK OUT vs. El Dramaticos: El Dramaticos are a couple of masked guys who don’t appear to be regulars for the company. Besides, there is something else more important going on than this match. Jeez hit a nice middle rope DDT on one of the masked wrestlers late in the match. BLK OUT hit a double stomp double team move and Ruckus got the pin. After the match, Mustafa made his way down to the ring and tossed a trash can into the ring full of weapons. Mustafa is destroying both men. The fans want New Jack. As expected, BLK OUT is able to get the better of Mustafa after a few moments and they head backstage. They set up a table on the entrance way. New Jack appears and saves Mustafa from a balcony dive. The Gangsta’s get the better of BLK Out now. Jack eventually runs out of the arena and leaves in a waiting car outside.

Shane Douglas makes his way down to the ring and the fans chant “Thank you Shane.” Douglas puts over Corona as the best area in the earth. Douglas notes that people think the company sucks. Shane says he watched the show from April 28th and thought it was a damn good show. Shane asks if it was better than Dixie and Vince McMahon. Douglas tells McMahon that a billion dollars can’t buy loyalty, which he has earned. Douglas goes over the history of Lucha Libre being introduced in America. Eventually, he introduces the two men competing in the next match.

Fifth contest: Pesadilla vs. Bestia 666: Bestia takes Pesadilla over with a head scissors in the opening moments of the contest. They trade arm drags and have a stand off. This is just the typical starting point for these type of matches. Bestia gets a near fall after a standing moonsault. Pesadilla walks right into a superkick but kicks out at two. Pesadilla bails to the floor and Bestia takes him out with a twisting dive over the top rope. Pesadilla sends Bestia into the guard railing and whacks Bestia over the back with a steel chair. Pesadilla puts a chair over Bestia’s head and sends him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Pesadilla plants Bestia with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Pesadilla avoids a springboard by dropkicking Bestia off the apron to the floor. Pesadilla takes Bestia out with a moonsault! Bestia fights back with a chair shot. Pesadilla blocks a suicide dive attempt by nailing Bestia with a chair shot to the head! Pesadilla tosses a busted open Bestia over the guard railing and onto several chairs. Pesadilla hits a moonsault back in the ring for a near fall. Bestia hits a Muscle Buster but can’t get a three count. Pesadilla drop toe holds Bestia onto a chair for a near fall. Bestia hits a sunset flip powerbomb onto several chairs and gets the pin after a standing moonsault. (**1/4. I mean, there were a few good spots but this was just sloppy and followed the formula of most Lucha matches. You can find much better Lucha wrestling somewhere else, no doubt about that.)

Sixth Contest: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards: Hawx appears to be one of the few homegrown talents that is getting a serious push in the company. The fans are really giving him some good heat so much to the point I can’t really understand what he is trying to say. Hawx brings out Sylvester Turkay to be his backup to make sure he gets a fair shot. Hawx spits in Richards face and they talk trash to one another. Richards shoves Hawx away and Hawx decides to stall on the floor. Hawx controls Richards with some amt wrestling to start the match. There was a feeling of hatred and intense fighting before the bell, but that has been lost. Richards backdrops Hawx, who bails to the floor again. Stevie slaps Hawx and gets a near fall with a roll up. Richards focuses on Luke’s left arm with a leg drop. Hawx delivers several kicks to send Richards into a corner. Hawx hits an impressive running hurricanrana to take Richards off the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Hawx drops Richards with an arm trapped neck breaker for a two count. Richards gets his knees up to block a springboard moonsault attempt. Richards has a flurry of offense including clotheslines and a side slam. Richards plants Hawx with a DDT but doesn’t go for the cover. Richards goes for the Stevie Kick. Turkay gets involved to distract the referee as Richards hits the move. Richards can’t get the pin and goes for a powerbomb but Turkay enters to kick Richards. The Sandman’s music hits. Sandman eventually gets to the ring and takes care of Turkay. Hawx whacks Richards with the kendo stick over the back of the head and gets the win. (*1/2. The match was really flawed with how it was structured, I thought. When the match started I felt like they were going to brawl and just rip into each other. Hawx spat in Stevie’s face, after all. Instead, it started flat and just continued to be a slow match. The involvement of Sandman was boring, too. If this was a brawl it would have been much better, in my opinion.)

Seventh Contest: Homicide vs. Devon Storm: A slow start to the match as Storm works on Homicide’s arm and Homicide has the same idea for his point of attack on Storm. Homicide hits a head scissors take down and chokes Storm in the corner. Storm dropkicks Homicide from behind after leaping off the middle rope and delivers a splash from the middle rope for a two count. Homicide splashes Storm in the corner and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Storm counters the Cop Killa with a release German suplex. Storm tosses Homicide with a couple of suplexs but Homicide kicks out and goes to the floor. Storm drops Homicide throat first across the railing. Storm sets up a railing on three chairs on the floor. Storm lays Homicide on the railing and and hits a slingshot splash from the ring onto Homicide! That causes the railing to bend! They completely botch a suplex attempt onto the railing. Homicide takes Storm out with a somersault dive off the apron. Homicide gets a near fall after a neckbreaker and comes off the middle rope to deliver a knee drop. Homicide locks in a submission move where Storm is all tangled up. Storm drives Homicide face first into the middle turnbuckle. Storm puts Homicide on the railing and hits a moonsault! Homicide manages to put the railing on Storm and hit a slingshot senton splash but Storm gets his foot on the bottom rope. Homicide uses a chair but Storm gets a second wind. So, Homicide uses the chair again and boots the chair into Storm’s face. Storm monkey flips Homicide and hits a Death Valley Driver onto the chair for a near win. Storm drives Homicide down with a spine buster and has a surfboard locked in but can’t get a submission. Storm splashes Homicide from the top rope for a two count. Homicide hits a top rope hurricanrana but Storm botches the landing part. Homicide nails Storm with a lariat to the back Devon”s head. Homicide gets the win following an ace crusher onto a chair. (**. This went on for far too long and the only entertaining aspect of the match was when they were using the guard railing. The win for Homicide makes sense as he is going to be feuding with Hardy.)

Main Event: Jerry Lynn vs. Matt Hardy: Hardy actually came out to the Hardy Boys theme back in the WWE. They do some mat wrestling with neither man getting the advantage until Hardy delivers a few right hands. Hardy hits a running bulldog out of the corner. Lynn stomps away on Matt in the corner. Lynn hits a bulldog of his own for a two count. They go to the floor where Lynn sends Hardy into the apron. Hardy sends Lynn into the railing and crotches Jerry on the railing. Lynn avoids a chair shot and is able to plant Hardy with a tornado DDT on the floor. Lynn goes under the ring to get a table. Lynn drops Hardy throat first across the top rope. Hardy stops Lynn on the top rope but Lynn hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. Lynn tries to knock Hardy off the apron and through the table, but Hardy isn’t having it. Lynn dropkicks Hardy to the apron and leg drops Hardy across the middle rope. Hardy drives Lynn through the table off the apron with a Side Effect! Reby Sky runs down to ringside. Hardy gets out of a TKO and hits the Twist of Fate but Lynn kicks out. Here comes Homicide. Hardy leaps off the apron to attack Homicide on the floor. Hardy tosses Homicide into the ring. Reby decides to get in there as well and gets on his back. Security enters and pulls her off of Homicide. Hardy hits a forearm drop and Lynn is driven face first into a chair. Hardy leg drops Lynn from the middle rope onto a chair. Hardy slides a table into the ring as well. Lynn plants Hardy with a DDT on the chair for a near fall. Lynn counters the Twist of Fate with a roll up for a near fall. They botch a Side Effect. Lynn avoids a powerbomb through a table in the corner. Lynn hits a top rope hurricanrana but Hardy avoids the piledriver. Lynn spears Hardy through the table! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate with a chair wrapped around Lynn’s head. (**. These two just didn’t have good chemistry. Lynn’s age is really starting to show at this point, or at least in this match. The match didn’t stick out from anything that happened on the show and if anything had same spots from the matches on the under card. Not a good match, which I was expecting to see.)

Final Thoughts:
A bad second show for Extreme Rising. Their first show was a better show than this and a lot of people crapped on that show. There was nothing on this show worth your time to go out and watch. Without a doubt this gets a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.


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