Extreme Rising 6/30/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Rising
From: Philadelphia, PA

In comparison to the last show, there is a lot more people attending this show. I should note that the show starts off with the ECW on TNN theme song. So, yes, they are really going with the route of being a copy of that company.

Robbie Mireno comes out and continues to get heel heat. He notes what he said in Corona but the fans just don’t care. Joel Gertner walks out to a good ovation. This is basically the same beginning as the Corona show it looks like. Gertner talks about a female having plenty of pubic hair and he could make a sweater out of it. He finishes his promo and heads out.

Opening Contest: Papadon vs. Perry Saturn: Saturn sneaks a roll up in the opening second of the match as Papadon was taunting the crowd. This is just a weird start as Saturn was trying to be funny but the fans didn’t appreciate his efforts. Saturn clotheslines Papadon over the top to the floor. Here comes a muscular man to attack Saturn from behind and help Papadon beat him down. Saturn is being double teamed until Gary Wolfe makes his way down to the ring and makes the save. Wolfe sends the muscular guy to the floor and Saturn hits a leg sweep on Papadon to win the match. (1/2*. Well, that was just an awkward match. It’s good to see Saturn back and healthy, but this was just odd.)

Second Contest: FBI vs. Los Dramaticos: Mamaluke is double teamed in the opening moments of the contest as the masked wrestlers hit a double kick in the corner. Mamaluke plants one of the guys with a suicide dive turned into a tornado DDT on the floor! The other masked guy hits a top rope moonsault to take everyone out on the floor. Mamaluke blocks a top rope hurricanrana to hit a spinning arm breaker off the middle rope. Dramaticos are being worked over by the FBI for a few moments now. Mamaluke has a choke on the top rope but is tossed off with an overhead suplex! Guido gets a near fall after a middle rope leg drop. Dramaticos hit the Spanish Fly on Mamaluke but Guido pulls the referee out to make the save on the cover attempt. Guido trips the masked guy and Mamaluke lands on top to win the match. (**. A few good spots, but wasn’t consistent enough to be all that good. Dramaticos are a good team and could be a good addition to the roster over time.)

Third Contest: CW Anderson vs. Balls Mahoney: They brawl to the floor where Mahoney uses a fans sign and there ends up being a stop sign or something wrapped underneath it. Balls and Meanie punch Mahoney on the outside too. Balls hits the ring post after missing a spear in the corner. Anderson focuses his offense on the shoulder that Mahoney hit the post with. Mahoney hits a sit out spine buster for a near win. Anderson plants Balls with his own version of the spine buster but can’t keep him down long enough. Anderson drop toe holds Balls into a chair in the corner. Meanie has a chair but CW sees him and superkicks the chair into his head. That brings out the Sandman. He takes CW out with a side Russian leg sweep and wakes Balls up with some beer but Anderson kicks out of the cover attempt. Meanie ends up hitting Anderson with a chair after a failed roll up and Mahoney wins. (*1/4. I didn’t understand the point of using Sandman. That’s all he does for this company. How did that help the match?)

Shane Douglas comes out and cuts a promo. Douglas says he does whatever he wants to do even if he is part of the office now. This guy is still ripping on Eric Bischoff. He is wearing sandles and casual wear. This is quite literally the same promo he cut the previous night to introduce the luchadors for the next match.

Fourth Contest: Pesadilla vs. Bestia 666 in a Extreme 2/3 Falls Match: Bestia controls Pesadilla on the mat with some wrestling but that doesn’t last long. Bestia takes Pesadilla over with a head scissors and they eventually have a stand off. Bestia hits a spinning heel kick and a standing somersault leg drop for a near fall. Pesadilla is dropkicked to the floor where Bestia takes him out with a corkscrew dive. Bestia hits a Muscle Buster and a standing moonsault to get the first fall (Bestia 1, Pesadilla 0). Pesadilla avoids a leg drop and kicks Bestia in the face. He counters a head scissors attempt with a sit-out face buster. Pesadilla DDT’s Bestia off the apron onto the concrete floor! Pesadilla hits a middle rope moonsault to take Bestia out on the floor. Pesadilla gets a near fall back in the ring with a swinging neckbreaker. Bestia delivers a double knee to Pesadilla’s chest. Holy shit, Pesadilla just hit a Spanish Fly off the apron onto the floor to get the second fall. (Bestia 1, Pesadilla, 1) Pesadilla is using a barbed wire chair on the floor. Bestia is tossed over the railing into the crowd. Pesadilla dropkicks the barbed wire chair into Bestia’s face in the corner while in the tree of woe but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt! Pesadilla slams Bestia gut first on a few chairs as well. Bestia comes back with a snap suplex on the chairs but only gets a two count. They go to the floor where there is a barbed wire table. Pesadilla is placed on the table where Bestia hits a swanton bomb off the top through the table! Bestia covers and wins the match. (***1/4. Well, that’s the first good match since the April show between Storm and Lynn. These two put on a good show and hit their spots. It was refreshing to be entertained.)

Fifth Contest: Stevie Richards vs. Luke Hawx: Hawx doesn’t have Turkay with him tonight so that must have been a one night deal. Richards leg sweeps Hawx to the mat early on. It looks like we will be getting a slow start to the match, again. They trade a lot of chops in the early stages of the contest. Richards drops Hawx with four straight neckbreakers. Luke crotches Richards on the top and hits a running jump up hurricanrana! Hawx kicks Richards a few times to get a near fall. Hawx avoids a dropkick and continues to work over Stevie. Hawx decides to hit the four neckbreakers on Richards. Jesus, I just don’t care about these two wrestling. Richards clotheslines Hawx over the top to the floor. Hawx drops Richards throat first across the guard railing. Hawx knocks Stevie out with a spinning roundhouse kick back in the ring. Hawx hits a slingshot DDT from the apron back into the ring. Hawx has a chair and leaps off he middle rope but Richards connects with a superkick for the win. (*1/2. Hawx had a few nice spots in the match, but these two don’t seem to work overly well together. The fans weren’t into the match all that much either.) After the match, Hawx attacks Richards and plants him with a piledriver. Hawx comes off the top to hit a Blockbuster, too. Hawx says he kicked out before three. Luke wants a piece of Shane Douglas, folks. The aftermath should have had the same energy as the match had and it would have been so much better. Fans are chanting that Richards still has it. I didn’t know people thought he had lost it.

Sixth Contest: Devon Storm vs. Sabu: Another rematch from the previous night. Storm attacks Sabu from behind to get the advantage early on. Storm hangs Sabu over the top rope with his own ring gear! Sabu tosses Storm into the guard railing and they begin to brawl on the floor. Back in the ring Storm works over Sabu with a series of kicks. Sabu fights back with a few springboard heel kicks. Storm avoids a springboard splash in the corner but can’t avoid a slingshot dive by Sabu on the floor! Sabu hits a slingshot somersault leg drop and locks in an arm bar. Sabu has the camel clutch locked in but Storm reaches the ropes. Storm hits a middle rope dropkick. Storm gets another near fall after a splash. Storm continues his offense with a delayed vertical suplex. Devon rams Sabu head first into the turnbuckle while he was on the apron. Devon goes to the backstage area to bring a guard railing to the ringside area. Back in the ring, Storm low blows Sabu. Devon sets the railing up but Sabu is able to get up and stop him at first. Devon puts Sabu on the railing anyway and hits a springboard moonsault, which he just barely hits and the railing bends extremely easily. These two seem to be struggling as Sabu looks to be hurting and is winded. Storm takes Sabu over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Sabu kicks a chair into Devon’s face but runs into a chair shot. Sabu splashes Storm in the corner after jumping off a chair. They head to the outside where Storm crotches Sabu on the railing. Sabu takes Storm out with the triple jump moonsault in the crowd! Sabu hits a middle rope leg drop on Storm who was dangling over the middle rope. Storm nearly wins with a sit-out spine buster. Sabu hits the Arabian Facebuster off the top through the table but Devon kicks out! Devon hit a chair assisted Northern lights suplex for a two count. Devon nearly wins with a top rope splash on the chair! Sabu fights back with a top rope hurricanrana and a middle rope Arabian Facebuster to finally win. (**3/4. A decent match as these two did a lot here. It’s clear that Sabu’s age is catching up to him and that this style of wrestling just isn’t going to work for him. There were a few boring moments, but the effort was nicely done and I was entertained for the most part.) After the match, they embrace but Storm attacks Sabu with a chair and chokes him out. Uh, Sabu just leaves the ring and eventually hits Storm with a baseball slide. They brawl to the backstage area.

Seventh Contest: BLK OUT vs. The Gangstas: Well, the Gangstas just destroy BLK OUT for the entire match, which was just a brawl involving weapons. You know, the usual New Jack routine. Jack hit a top rope splash with a chair on Jeez and Mustafa got the win. That’s all for that. To think this was billed as “the most anticipated tag team grudge match” is humorous and sad at the same time.

Reby Sky cuts a promo saying she is honored to be part of the history of women in the extreme atmosphere. Again, this is the same promo she did the previous night. She had more success with this in Corona. The Philadelphia fans just don’t like her.

Main Event: Homicide vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jerry Lynn: You can just tell that Lynn is struggling to get to the ring and has a bad bruise on his lower back. Hardy tackles Homicide after getting spat in the face. Lynn gets a few shots in on Homicide as well. Homicide knees Hardy from the apron as he runs the ropes. Homicide runs away but is worked over by Hardy and Lynn in the ring. Hardy drives Homicide down with a running bulldog. Lynn does the same move but Hardy breaks the cover. Lynn rolls Matt up for a two count and they trade a few cover attempts. Homicide returns to deliver a double clothesline. Lynn hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Homicide for a two count. Homicide hits an awkward looking neckbreaker after leaping off the middle rope for a near fall. Homicide tosses a chair at Matt’s head and has control of the bout. Homicide slides a table into the ring. Hardy kicks Lynn to the floor. Homicide rams Hardy face first into a chair. Reby Sky grabs Homicide’s boot and runs away from Homicide on the floor. Hardy dropkicks Homicide into the guard railing. Hardy puts Homicide on a table. Matt goes up top but Homicide rolls off the table. Lynn takes them out with a cross body from off the top rope. Hardy hits the Side Effect on Homicide by Jerry breaks up the cover. Lynn sunset flips Hardy who takes Homicide over with a German suplex. Homicide yanks Hardy off the middle rope. Lynn hits a double sunset flip powerbomb on both men! Lynn DDT’s Hardy on a chair but Homicide breaks up the cover. Lynn sends Homicide face first into a steel chair in the corner for a near fall. Lynn leg drops Hardy over the middle rope and elbow drops Homicide through a table on the floor! Homicide kicks out on a Hardy cover. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate but Lynn breaks the cover up. Hardy misses a moonsault as Lynn rolled out of the way. Hardy plants Lynn with an ace crusher off the top rope but Homicide breaks the cover up. Homicide nails Hardy with a chair several times. Reby Sky enters the ring and covers Matt up. Homicide drops the chair and goes for the Cop Killa but Lynn saves her. Homicide low blows Lynn and hits an ace crusher on the steel chair for the win! (**1/4. Not as good of a match as I was expecting, but a good win for Homicide. The fans weren’t 100% into the bout, either. This would have been more effective if it had just been Hardy and Homicide in a singles match. Lynn could have been put in the match before this. The company can’t put on a great main event it seems like.) After the match, Hardy and Lynn hit their finishing moves on Homicide. Homicide is put on a table and Reby Sky jumps off the middle rope to elbow drop Homicide through the table!

Final Thoughts:
A better show than the previous night, that’s for sure. There was some rough moments but I can’t give it a thumbs down. I’m going to consider this an average show. The show picks up halfway through, that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading.

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