Extreme Rising Remember November 11/17/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Rising presents Remember November
From: Monaca, PA

Opening Contest: Jay Bradley vs. Christian York: York takes Jay over with a hurricanrana and a dropkick in the early moments of the contest. Jay drops York across the top throat first and hit a big boot for a near fall. Jay comes off the middle rope to drive York head first into canvas after having his knee against York’s neck. Bradley gets a two count after a back suplex. York fights back with a springboard back elbow. York delivers a jaw breaker to break a sleeper hold. York avoids a knee drop and hits a bulldog. York nails Bradley with a rolling senton kick and drop toe holds Jay into the corner. York cannonballs Jay in the corner as well. Jay drops York across the top turnbuckle and gets the win after a running lariat. (*1/4. These two just didn’t click whatsoever. York isn’t all that good and seems to wrestle a style that just doesn’t work for him.)

Second Contest: Stevie Richards vs. Papadon in a Extreme Rising Championship Title Tournament: They trade some chops in the opening moments and Stevie goes for the Stevie Kick but Papadon bails to the floor. Richards kicks Papadon into the railing but is tripped onto the guard railing. Papadon keeps control of Stevie with a clothesline. Papadon uppercuts Richards off the top rope and delivers a running boot in the corner. Papadon misses a diving headbutt and Stevie battles back with a side slam. Papadon counters a powerbomb with a double leg slam. Richards blocks a superkick and hits a Flatliner before locking in the Koji Clutch to get the submission win. (*1/2. Nothing good here to see.) After the match, Richards hits the Stevie Kick.

Third Contest: Luke Hawx vs. Perry Saturn in a Extreme Rising Championship Title Tournament: Saturn quickly attacks Hawx and shows a lot of energy. Saturn works over Hawx with a series of knees and an overhead suplex. Saturn gets a near fall after a swinging neckbreaker. Hawx drops Saturn with a spin kick to get the advantage. Hawx hits a nice dropkick for a near fall. Saturn is trapped in an arm bar but makes his way out of the hold after only a few seconds. Hawx barely hits his springboard moonsault from outside the ring back in. Saturn gets a second wind and tosses Luke over with a suplex. Saturn nearly wins with a sit-out spinebuster. Hawx drops Perry with an arm trapped neckbreaker. Saturn hits the Death Valley Driver but Hawx counters the pin with a submission hold for the win. (*1/4. What the hell? Saturn looked pretty good here, actually. Hawx isn’t all that great it seems like. Hawx is good at getting heat, though. Hawx going over makes sense as he will be facing Stevie Richards in the tournament, which will advance their feud if not end it there.)

Fourth Contest: Balls Mahoney & Blue Meanie vs. Da Lost Boys: Well, Da Lost Boys have brought broken glass to the ring and put the glass on their fists. Meanie isn’t interested in doing this. Mahoney whacks the Boys over the head with a steel chair. Meanie comes off the middle rope with a splash on both men and they win the match quickly.

Fifth Contest: Bestia 666 vs. Facade: An uninteresting match to me here and they start off with some basic wrestling. It’s just your standard exchange that is over played and lame. Facade hits an arm drag and head scissors sending Bestia to the floor. Bestia comes off the apron to hit a hurricanrana on the floor! Bestia grabs a table from under the ring. Bestia gets a near fall after a cradle driver. Facade comes back with a heel kick. Facade takes Bestia out with a springboard somersault dive to the floor! Bestia tosses a chair at Facade while he was standing on the top rope. Bestia takes Facade out with a twisting press on the outside! Facade drops Bestia with a springboard kick and a running kick to the face for a two count. The table is set up in the ring and Bestia gets the win after the Spanish Fly off the top through the table. (**1/2. A few good high flying spots and the table spot were nicely done. I’m not a fan of Facade, though. Bestia is a quality talent for the company and could put on great matches with the right talent, I think.)

Sixth Contest: BLK OUT vs. FBI: Jeez and Ruckus attack the FBI before the bell on the floor. Mamaluke is double teamed in the ring as Jeez hits a cartwheel moonsault for a near fall. Guido misses a slingshot dive and hits the floor. Mamaluke takes them out with a top rope somersault dive! Jeez is double teamed by the FBI for a few moments as Guido hits an arm breaker for a two count. Late in the match, Mamaluke has a choke hold on Ruckus but Jeez hits a double stomp from off the top and dropkicks the chair into Guido. Ruckus pins Mamaluke to win the match. After the match, BLK OUT rip on the fans. Here comes the Gangstas. We get the mandatory brawl between these four men. Jack dives off the balcony and misses Jeez. Yes, he missed Jeez. So, Jack does it a second time and hits it. The FBI actually held Jeez down. (**. Ya know, the match with the FBI seemed to be okay. However, the aftermath was just the same old stuff. I’m not sure how this has been a feud since BLK OUT has been getting destroyed by the Gangstas on every show. I was under the impression the feud was far more even, but that isn’t the case at all heading into the December show.)

Raven comes out to cut a promo. He repeats the words that he said on YouTube. Raven believes that extreme wrestling should be dead and the fans shouldn’t be here. Raven says it was a revolution in style and wrestling. The revolution can’t be done again and Raven is taking credit for the whole revolution. Raven is going to destroy the company from the inside. He is going to beat everyone up to prove that the revolution is dead. Raven says he was supposed to wrestle Gary Wolfe, but Wolfe didn’t show up. Raven proceeds to leave. He is nearly out but Stevie Richards comes out and stalks Raven back to the ringside area. They get back to the ring. Stevie tells Raven to shut the fuck up. Richards has held in his feelings about how much Raven disgusts him. Stevie tells Raven that he means nothing to him now. Stevie says he will be first Extreme Rising champion at December 29th. Raven tells Richards he will take the belt away from him. Richards says he is going to carry the company and do more than what Raven did in ECW. Richards wants a rematch from their match back in 1997. Stevie says if he loses he will leave Extreme Rising. However, when Stevie wins then Raven will leave the company. Raven accepts the challenge. Stevie wants the match right now!

Seventh Contest: Raven vs. Stevie Richards: Raven low blows Richards and rubs his face into the canvas. Raven pummels Richards in the corner. Stevie fights back but Raven’s New Flock runs out and attacks Stevie. Stevie hits two Stevie Kicks and a powerbomb! Raven has bailed from the ring. So much for that fight. (I really enjoyed the promo segment involving both men. The no-match allows them to drag out the feud for a little while. If only Raven was in good condition. This could be one of the better angles for the company as there is some depth to it.)

Eighth Contest: Devon Storm vs. Sabu in a Extreme Rising Championship Title Tournament: Storm leg drops Sabu in the early moments of the contest, which has been rather slow. Storm stomps away on Sabu’s hand and gets a two count with a roll up. Sabu hits a springboard heel kick. Sabu locks in a camel clutch but Devon doesn’t give in. Devon pushes Sabu’s face into the ring post while on the apron. Sabu leaps off a chair on the floor and splashes Devon against the guard railing. Sabu follows up with a slingshot somersault dive to take Storm out on the floor. Sabu hits a somersault leg drop back in the ring for a two count. Sabu tries to use a table but Storm recovers and places him on the table. Devon attempts a springboard but is slammed face first onto the apron. Sabu plants Storm with a tornado DDT in the ring. Storm leg drops Sabu’s midsection and may have delivered a low blow as well. Storm gets a two count after a middle rope splash. Storm stops Sabu with a sit-out spinebuster and locks in a modified surfboard. Devon tosses a chair into the ring and grabs the guard railing. Devon sets the railing across a few chairs on the outside. Sabu leg drops Devon as he was laying across the middle rope for a two count. Sabu knocks Devon silly with a chair shot. Devon avoids a splash in the corner. Devon rams Sabu back first into the corner with a chair and hits a chair assisted Northern Lights suplex for a near fall! On the floor, Sabu is dropped throat first across the railing. Storm puts Sabu on the railing and hits a slingshot splash on Sabu! The referee puts an “X” up saying that Sabu is hurt, but they keep on wrestling. Sabu hits a top rope hurricanrana. Sabu tosses a chair at Storm again. Sabu hits a springboard splash after leaping off a chair. Sabu delivers an Arabian Facebuster for a two count. Sabu brings a table into the ring. Sabu ends up putting Storm through the table with a top rope Arabian Face Buster. Storm manages to still kick out! Devon trips Sabu and sends him face first into a chair. Storm hits two reverse DDT’s onto a chair and wins the match. (**1/2. A decent match, but it was similar to the match to what they have done previously with each other. This has to be considered a huge win for Devon Storm. An underrated wrestler who never seems to get a push in a company he works for. I’d fully support a push for him in Extreme Rising. The fans were not happy with the Sabu loss, though.)

Ninth Contest: Rhino vs. Homicide in a Extreme Rising Championship Title Tournament: Homicide tries to attack Rhino on the floor but is sent into the railing instead. Rhino drops Homicide with a clothesline but Homicide comes back with a head scissors. Homicide takes Rhino out with a somersault suicide dive! Rhino press slams Homicide to the mat gut first. Rhino signals for the Gore but Homicide bails to the floor. Rhino follows him and chokes Homicide for a moment. Rhino takes Homicide out with a slingshot cross body on the floor! Rhino goes for the second rope piledriver but Homicide tosses Rhino off the top onto the apron and Rhino crashes to the floor. Homicide tosses a couple of chairs into the ring. Rhino sends Homicide head first into a chair in the corner but Homicide sends Rhino back first into the chair as well. Homicide hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. They begin to trade right hands with Rhino getting the better of the exchange and hits a leaping shoulder block. Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex to avoid an ace crusher. Homicide avoids the Gore with a kick and hits the ace crusher but only gets a two count! Homicide sets up for the Cop Killa but Rhino pushes Homicide away and hits the GORE for the win! (**3/4. A solid match between these two, I thought. Rhino continues to have a rejuvenated career on the independents and Homicide looks like he has gotten past the rough phase of his career. The best match on the undercard.)

Main Event: Matt Hardy vs. Shane Douglas: Neither man can get the advantage in the opening minutes of the contest. Douglas drops Hardy with a short arm clothesline to avoid a hip toss. On the floor they go where Hardy sends Shane shoulder first into the ring post a few times. Hardy sends Shane into the guard railing as well. Hardy tosses Shane into the crowd and they begin to fight in the audience. Hardy tosses Shane into the bleachers. They brawled towards the RF Video merch table. Hardy dumps trash onto Douglas! Shane tries to drown Matt in ice water and puts a trash can over Matt’s head. Shane hits Hardy with a mop and Matt is sitting in another trash can. Hardy works over Douglas with a few chair shots. Back in the ring, Douglas uses the middle rope to low blow Hardy. Douglas avoids the Twist of Fate but is met with a clothesline. Shane has been busted open, but I’m not sure what caused the cut. Reby Sky comes down to the ring with a ladder after running backstage. Hardy brings the ladder into the ring and rams the ladder into Shane’s midsection. Douglas is tossed onto the ladder that was placed in the corner. Hardy climbs the ladder but Shane tips it over and Matt drops throat first across the top rope. Hardy recovers quickly and hits Shane over the back with a chair shot. Matt drop toe holds Shane face first onto a chair. Douglas is met with a drop toe hold onto the chair as well. Reby has grabbed a table from under the ring. Hardy places Shane on the table and heads to the top rope. Luke Hawx runs out and shoves Hardy off the top! Matt hits the floor really hard and Hawx attacks Douglas. Perry Saturn runs out and attacks Hawx. Papadon comes running down to the ring as well. Balls Mahoney gets in the ring as well to continue the brawl. Homicide comes in and tosses Balls to the floor. Sandman’s music hits and he comes out to get a piece of the heels. Sandman uses his cane on Hawx and Papadon. Sandman confronts Homicide who was attacking Douglas after the original attack. Saturn punches Homicide and Sandman delivers a cane shot. (*1/2. Well, Hardy was legitimately hurt when Hawx tossed him off the top rope. Prior to that, the match was boring. The fact of the matter is that Douglas shouldn’t be wrestling. He couldn’t help but main event the Golden Dome like he did in 1997. Shane should remain retired for at least Extreme Rising events. His presence just hurts the show more.)

Final Thoughts:
Extreme Rising has yet to put on a good overall show. Their shows are either really bad or really average. This show happens to be really bad. There were some positives like the Raven/Richards segment and the Rhino/Homicide match. The Facade/Bestia match was okay as it stood out from the rest with the high flying. However, the show just didn’t deliver. It didn’t come across like their biggest show of the year or anything like that. I’ve got one more show to review for this promotion. I hope the 2012 year ends on a good note for them.

Thanks for reading.

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