Rebooking The WWF: Week 30, 1993

On RAW, Randy Savage is a guest on the Kings Court. Ron Simmons competes in singles action against Doink the Clown. On Superstars, the Steiner Brothers square off against the Beverly Brothers, but Money Inc. get involved. Lastly, on Wrestling Challenge Jim Neidhart wrestles Jeff Jarrett in singles action. All this and more!

WWF RAW 7/26/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated the Brooklyn Brawler in 4:06 with the Sharpshooter. During the bout, Lex Luger called in to discuss how he is going to win the WWF World Championship at SummerSlam and there isn’t anything Hart can do about it.
2. Kings Court w/Randy Savage: Lawler conducted an interview with Randy Savage this week. Lawler notes how much younger and faster Shawn Michaels is then Savage and suggests that the WWF Intercontinental Champion will run circles around Savage. Savage reminds Lawler that he held his own back in January against Bret Hart, but is reminded by Lawler that he lost that match. Savage pulls on his chin to refrain from hitting Lawler. He goes on to say that Michaels is stuck in his own little world and he is looking forward to knocking some reality into him. He wants Michaels to think that he his old and washed up because at SummerSlam, the Macho Man is going to turn back the clocks and beat Michaels 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring, OH YEAH!
3. Diesel defeated PJ Walker in 1:25 following a power bomb. After the match, Diesel tried to power bomb Walker a second time but Tatanka ran down and managed to send Diesel over the top to the floor!
4. Owen Hart defeated Joey Maggs in 2:34 following a missile dropkick.
5. Rick Martel Interview: Jim Ros conducted a quick interview with Martel who said he was sick and tired of being an after thought and that his model looks should be on television much more often then he is. He ends up issuing a open challenge to anyone for next week. Martel wants to be noticed and he will be starting next week!
6. The Quebecers defeated Chris Kanyon/Barry Horowitz in 2:48 when Pierre pinned Horowitz. During the bout, pre-tape comments from the Quebecers were aired where they said they want a tag team title shot after SummerSlam.
7. Ron Simmons defeated Doink the Clown in 6:11 following a spine buster. During the bout, Jim Cornette called in and told the announcers that Simmons will become another fallen hero come SummerSlam. Yokozuna can’t be stopped and will not be stopped!

WWF Superstars 7/31/1993 
1. Randy Savage defeated Vito Lograsso in 2:58 following a top rope elbow drop. During the bout, Shawn Michaels called in and said that at SummerSlam, he will be bringing a wheelchair to roll Savage into a retirement home after their match.
2. Money Inc. Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the former tag team champions. He mentions how DiBiase had said that he was going to pursue a singles career but is back to teaming with IRS. DiBiase said that he still has plans to go alone, but after he caught wind of people saying that the Smoking Gunns are one of the best tag teams going today, he felt that he and IRS needed to show those same people that they are still the best at what they do, despite not having the championships. DiBiase mocks the Gunns by saying when they wrestle, they are going to hog time them and send them back to “whatever farm they came from.” IRS chimes in to say that he will audit their barns!
3. Yokozuna defeated Virgil in 1:27 following the Bonsai Drop.
4. Rick Martel defeated George South in 2:30 with the Boston Crab.
5. Mr. Perfect/Ric Flair Hype Video: A video promoting the feud is aired. Moments such as Perfect winning the Royal Rumble, losing the spot to Flair at SNME and the several encounters they have had in the months since are highlighted.
6. WWF World Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers defeated the Beverly Brothers 8:56 in a non-title match when Rick pinned Blake following a top rope bulldog. After the match, the Natural Disasters attacked the Steiner’s as they delivered sit down splashes. They ended up getting their Michigan jackets and tore them apart. They proceed to put the ripped up jackets on the champions and delivered second splashes to as the show came to an end with Rick Steiner coughing up blood.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/1/1993 
1. Tatanka defeated Mike Bell in 2:13 following a Samoan Drop.
2. Mr. Perfect Interview: Vince McMahon conducts an interview with Mr. Perfect. Perfect says that he is excited to get Ric Flair in the most brutal match in WWF history, a steel cage! He likes knowing that Flair will have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. He has been waiting for this moment ever since February when Flair screwed him out of going to WrestleMania. Perfect finishes off the segment saying that at SummerSlam, he will have the “perfect ending.”
3. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Jose Estrada in 2:47 following a super kick.
4. The Smoking Gunns defeated Terry Austin/George South in 2:58 when Bart pinned Austin.
5. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bigelow stating that he believes Bigelow is afraid of the Undertaker. Bigelow continues to deny the claim saying that while he is surprised that Taker is back, he isn’t afraid. Rather, he is looking forward to inflicting more punishment and take credit for ending the Undertaker once and for all. Bigelow mocks Taker to finish off the segment by saying that the Undertaker will Rest In Peace at SummerSlam!
6. Jeff Jarrett defeated Jim Neidhart in 7:44 following a jumping DDT. After the match, Jarrett gets some scissors and cuts off a piece of Neidhart’s goatee as Doink held him. Owen Hart runs down and delivers a nice springboard dropkick to both Doink and Jarrett before Jarrett could cut off the goatee completely. Owen checked on Neidhart while Jarrett showed the fans that he got what he wanted!

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