WWF Superstars 5/21/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Duluth, MN

1.)WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Virgil
2.)Greg Valentine defeated Jim Evans
3.)Bret Hart defeated Steve Lombardi
4.)Don Muraco defeated Billy Anderson
5.)Rick Rude defeated Scott Casey
6.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated Buck Zumhoffe & Warren Bianchi
7.)Koko B. Ware defeated Terry Gibbs

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Savage tries to hit Virgil with the WWF World Championship but Virgil bails. Virgil returns to the ring to attack Randy from behind and gets the cheap advantage with clubbing blows. DiBiase yanks Savage down by the hair from the floor and gets a few cheap shots in on the champion. Virgil misses a top rope big splash! Savage knee lifts Virgil into a corner and hits a top rope double axe handle smash. Savage with a scoop slam and heads to the top but DiBiase gets on the apron. Randy jumps off to go after Ted but the number one contender avoids the champ. Savage jumps to the floor and chases DiBiase. Ted puts Elizabeth in front of him and Virgil attacks Savage from behind. Virgil gets a near fall after a back elbow strike and gets a two count after a clothesline. Randy is tossed over the top to the floor. DiBiase taunts Elizabeth with money and Randy comes off the top to hit Virgil with a double axe handle on the floor! Savage ends up hitting the elbow drop off the top and pins Virgil! After the match, DiBiase enters the ring and attacks Savage! Virgil holds Savage and DiBiase puts money in the champ’s mouth. Ted misses a clothesline and hits Virgil on accident as the champ broke free. The locker room empties to keep DiBiase away from Savage. It’s not jobbers, but rather actual WWF superstars. Savage breaks free to hit Virgil with another double axe handle from off the top rope! (**. The whole segment was actually not that bad. This is a good bout to have on television and kept my interest throughout. The feud between DiBiase and Savage is progressed along well as well. Nothing but good came out of this.)

2. This appears to be the debut of Greg Valentine using the protective shin guard.

3. Craig DeGeorge conducted an interview with Brutus Beefcake this week. Beefcake believes he got fear inside Jimmy Hart. Speaking of Hart, he comes out to the podium to distract Beefcake. The distraction allows Honky Tonk Man to come up from behind and hit Brutus with a guitar. The guitar doesn’t break at all and there is a loud thud. Brutus is helped to the backstage area. He is bleeding from the back of the head it appears.

Final Thoughts:
A solid edition of Superstars this week. The feature match kept my interest and the angle advancement between Honky and Brutus gives them a reason to continue to fight for a little while longer. A thumbs up from me.

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