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WWF Superstars 6/11/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Duluth, MN

1.)Jim Duggan defeated Billy Anderson
2.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the Young Stallions by disqualification in a non-title match
3.)Koko B. Ware defeated Rick Gantner
4.)Hercules defeated Chris Bassett
5.)Ron Bass defeated Louie Spicolli
6.)Ken Patera defeated Larry Simpson
7.)Sam Houston & The Rougeau Brothers defeated Danny Davis, Chris Curtis & Pete Sanchez

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Greg Valentine says he doesn’t need any kind of foreign object but if it hurts his opponents more than he is fine with it. He is talking about his shin guard.

2. Smash and Roma kick off the match with Smash getting the advantage early on with several clubbing blows. Roma tags in Powers who dropkicks Smash from behind. Smash is double teamed briefly until he puts Powers on the top rope and along with Ax punch him several times. Powers is now being double teamed in the corner and Smash connects with a scoop slam. Powers continues to be beaten down by the champs. Ax scoop slams Powers for a two count. Smash misses a splash in the corner and Roma gets the hot tag. Roma cleans house with a series of dropkicks and clotheslines. Roma hits a top rope sunset flip but only gets a two count on Smash. Ax gets the cane from Mr. Fuji but Strike Force runs out to attack the champs and that causes the disqualification. (*. The fans exploded for the Strike Force run in. A simple match that was more designed to continue the feud between the champs and Strike Force.)

3. Craig DeGeorge conducted an interview with Jake Roberts. Roberts says everyone has been coming up to him about the issue with Rick Rude. Jake wants Rude and Heenan to talk to him face to face. Roberts thinks Rude’s ego was bruised when Cheryl denied him. Jake brings out his wife Cheryl. Cheryl says Rick Rude isn’t enough man for her! Rude is also not enough man for Jake! Cheryl says that she has pity for Rude. Jake puts his snake over Cheryl to end the segment.

4. The Rougeau Brothers shared some comments about Dino Bravo. They don’t like Dino Bravo and they love the US. Sam Houston is with them but they take over the pre-tape comments.

Final Thoughts:
An okay episode this week that at least had a featured match. The promo with Jake Roberts and his wife was nicely done. She comes across like she would be a good valet for someone. A mild thumbs up for the episode.


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