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WCW Main Event 1/1/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Dustin Rhodes defeated Bobby Eaton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Most of the show was dedicated to highlights from 1994 and what happened in the year for the company. The feature match was new action, thus that’s the part of the show I’ll cover this week.

2. Dustin starts the match taking Eaton over with an arm drag. They trade hip tosses with Eaton taunting the fans after hitting his. Rhodes controls Eaton on the canvas with a head scissors. Blacktop Bully and Col. Robert Parker appear at ringside to watch Rhodes in action. Dustin uses his legs to catapult Eaton to the mat to regain control of the contest. Rhodes nails Eaton with a series of elbow strikes and punches Eaton over the top to the floor. Bully and Parker have left the ringside area now. Eaton drops Dustin arm first across the top rope to regain control. Eaton drops Rhodes with an arm breaker and works over the arm of Dustin. Rhodes tries to fight back but is met with a clothesline. Dustin tries to get out of an arm bar, but Eaton keeps the hold on for a few moments unable to get a submission. Eaton heads to the top rope and hits a knee drop! Dustin is able to kick out at two. Rhodes comes off the ropes to hit a running bulldog to win the match. (*1/2. Not all that good between these two as Eaton’s offense was decent at best. I was surprised that Eaton got as much offense as he did. I feel like I’ve said that before.)

Final Thoughts:
It was really just a review show of what has happened in WCW for the past year. The show wasn’t all that interesting and seemed to be just a buffer as to what will be happening for WCW during the year. I’ll give the show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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