WCW Worldwide 2/12/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Avalanche defeated Leroy Howard & Butch Long in a handicap match
2.)Blacktop Bully defeated Todd Morton
3.)Lord Steven Regal defeated Brian Costello
4.)Jim Duggan defeated WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene interviewed the Nasty Boys regarding their tag team title match at Superbrawl V against Harlem Heat. Jerry Sags knows that Sherri Martel was behind Harlem Heat’s big title victory. Sags believes the titles will be back around their waist. Knobs says what comes around goes around and the belts will be theirs once again. He also warns Sherri that Pity City will be in her future if she gets involved.

2. A video promoting how the Blacktop Bully got into WCW. He was bailed out of jail by Col. Robert Parker. It cost Parker $75,000.

3. Brian Pillman also gets a video promoting himself. Pillman had a guest spot on Baywatch, apparently.

4. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Dustin Rhodes. Dustin doesn’t know who Blacktop Bully is. Rhodes says he isn’t going to allow Bully to run over him. Dustin says plenty people have tried to take him out but have failed. Dustin doesn’t like bullies and he will not be a victim of a bully!

5. Duggan atomic drops Anderson and hits an atomic drop causing the champ to roll to the floor to regroup. Duggan continues to control Arn with jabs. Duggan goes after Arn on the floor but is distracted by Meng, which allows Anderson to attack from behind and rams Duggan back first into the ring apron. Arn is focusing his attack on Duggan’s lower back. Arn controls Duggan with a bear hug but Duggan fights out of it rather quickly. Duggan misses a splash in the corner. Arn stops Duggan with a knee to the midsection for a two count. Duggan rams Arn face first into the turnbuckle pads several times and the champ crashes to the mat. Duggan backdrops Anderson and drops a knee across Arn’s chest. Duggan slams Anderson and goes for the running clothesline but Parker distracts Duggan. Anderson has the 2×4 but the referee prevents Arn from using it. The referee decides to call for the bell despite Arn not using the 2×4. (**. Again, a predictable main event that had a stupid finish to it. Duggan hardly ever loses during this era, so I guess they protected him for whatever reason. The seed for a Duggan/Meng feud may have been planted on this show, too.)

Final Thoughts:
I’m sounding like a broken record when I say that Worldwide is an average show each week, but it continues that trend. For an hour show, it’s not offensive to sit through.

Thanks for reading.

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