WCW Worldwide 2/5/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Blacktop Bully defeated Barry Houston
2.)Stars and Stripes defeated Tony Mella & Derek Lambert
3.)Dustin Rhodes defeated Jimmy Rogers
4.)Sting & Jim Duggan defeated WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. We hear from Avalanche and Big Bubba regarding their tag match against Sting and Randy Savage at Superbrawl V in two weeks. Bubba says he has had to live by a different set of standards. He was demoted while Sting was being promoted. Bubba says he lives his own way of life and thus hated being a Guardian Angel. Avalanche simply says he will be by Bubba’ side at the event to take Savage and Sting out.

2. Mean Gene also interviewed Sting and Randy Savage about the match at Superbrawl V. Sting puts over Macho Madness and says he is the target in WCW. Sting says everyone wants to get in his face no matter what. Savage talks about being Sting’s partner and assures Sting he has nothing to worry about.

3. Looks like the main event will get some decent time as there is about twelve minutes left in the show when it starts up. Duggan and Anderson start the match with both men trading right hands until Duggan knocks Arn to the floor with a back elbow. On the floor, Duggan clotheslines Anderson and grabs his 2×4 before entering the ring. Anderson avoids a 2×4 shot by bailing to the floor. Duggan fights out of the corner with right hands. Buck enters the match and is met with a clothesline out of the corner. Sting tags in and works over Buck’s left arm with a wrist lock. Anderson tags into the match and knee lifts Sting in the midsection before delivering a clubbing shot to the back. Sting comes back with a running one hand bulldog! Arn sends Sting into Buck’s boot and Sting is briefly double teamed in the corner. Duggan tries to tag in but Buck prevents that from happening. All four men are brawling in the ring. Sting has Anderson rolled up but Arn kicks out and Sting rolls Buck up for the win. (**. A really basic match beyond belief here. I guess on Worldwide they don’t want to do anything too risky. Not a bad match, but it surely wasn’t memorable. I think I already forgot about it, actually.)

Final Thoughts:
An average episode of Worldwide this week. The main event featured some top names, but wasn’t all that great. I find Worldwide to be a fine little hour program to pass the time.

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