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WCW Worldwide 2/26/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Nasty Boys defeated Quinn Nash & Adam Flash
2.)Alex Wright defeated Buddy Vale
3.)Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Todd Morton
4.)Brian Pillman defeated Ned Brady
5.)WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeated The Butcher & Avalanche

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Sting this week. Gene talks about Sting’s match at Uncensored with Big Bubba. Sting thinks Bubba is confused and shaking because he is wrestling Sting. Sting doesn’t consider Bubba all that big. Sting is going to tie Bubba in a knot. Sting is going to break Bubba’s hands and knees!

2. This is the debut of Sgt. Craig Pittman in WCW. Pittman’s finishing move is the cross arm breaker.

3. Mean Gene interviewed Blacktop Bully regarding his match with Dustin Rhodes at Uncensored. Their match will be happening on the back of a truck. Parker says that the truck is Bully’s second home. Rhodes is going to be paying his dues at Uncensored. Bully is going to use Dustin’s body to get all the dust off his truck!

4. I’m quite surprised to see Hogan on Worldwide. I would’ve thought Hogan would wrestle on Saturday Night, which is WCW’s top program at the time. Hogan and Butcher kick off the match. Butcher hammers away on Hogan in the corner but Hulk quickly comes back with a clothesline in the corner and a series of chops. Savage tags in and comes off the top to axe handle Butcher’s arm. Avalanche tags into the bout as well. Savage avoids a clubbing blow in the corner and jabs Avalanche a series of times. Savage is dropped with a clothesline, though. Avalanche misses an elbow drop and Savage goes up top to hit a double axe handle. Savage tries a scoop slam but Avalanche weighs too much. Avalanche drives Savage to the mat with a powerslam. Avalanche signals for the sit down splash but Savage rolls to the ropes to avoid it. Butcher comes back in and clubs away on Savage. Kevin Sullivan gets a few cheap shots on Savage while Hogan distracted the referee. Avalanche with an elbow drop and leg drop on Savage but Hogan broke up the cover again. Avalanche casually steps on Savage and taunts Hogan. Avalanche splashes Macho in the corner but misses a second splash attempt. Hogan gets the hot tag and Butcher begs off. Hogan hammers away on his former friend and delivers a big boot on both men, but neither man goes down. All four men are wrestling in the ring. Sullivan kicks Butcher on accident and Hogan rolls Butcher up for the win. (**. Well, the heels got most of the offense this time around but still couldn’t get the win. I guess Worldwide isn’t worthy of Worldwide. A decent match and they had a good enough work rate to go with it.) After the match, there appears to be some issues between Butcher and his fellow members for losing the match.

5. Mean Gene interviews Hogan and Savage in the arena after the match. Hogan says everyone in WCW is turning red and yellow because of them. Hogan doesn’t care if there is Vader Time 24/7 because he will beat Vader anytime! Savage chimes in and says they can’t be controlled. There is no stopping them!

Final Thoughts:
It’s refreshing to see top names on Worldwide, but the trend continues for the show being just averaged. The show follows the same formula every week, which isn’t bad since it’s not bad stuff. There just isn’t anything all that noteworthy going on at the moment.

Thanks for reading.

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