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Rebooking The WWF: Week 36, 1993

On Superstars, WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defend against the Natural Disasters in a rematch from SummerSlam. Razor Ramon is a guest on King’s Court. On Wrestling Challenge, the Kamikaze Kid looks to defeat the giant Diesel!

RAW was pre-emptied, again. Will return next week.

WWF Superstars 9/11/1993
1. Jeff Jarrett defeated Charles Davidson in 3:06 following a jumping DDT. During the bout, pre-tape comments by Jeff Jarrett were aired. Jarrett made it clear that he is confident in his ability and issues a challenge towards Jim Neidhart for a hair vs. hair match!
2. Kings Court w/Razor Ramon: Jerry Lawler insults the fans before introducing the man who turned on Rick Martel last Monday at SummerSlam. As Ramon makes his way down to the ring, Martel attacks him from behind and Lawler leaves the ring to the aisle way to add insult to the attack. Martel rams the chair in Ramon’s midsection a few times before putting the Boston Crab on Ramon! Lawler is heard telling Ramon that you don’t make Martel look like a fool! Martel keeps the hold on until several officials come down to pull Martel off of Ramon.
3. The Undertaker defeated PJ Walker in 2:35 following a tombstone pile driver.
4. Crush defeated Mike Bell in 2:48 with the Kona Vice.
5. Jim Cornette Interview: Jim Ross conducts an interview with Jim Cornette and the mystery man who attacked Ron Simmons last week on Superstars. Cornette says that with the addition of the man to his left, the toughest man ever to come out of Finland, along with Yokozuna they will be unbeatable. Ross asks who the man is, and Cornette tells us he is Ludvig Borga. He talks about Borga being feared in Finland and is now here to control the World Wrestling Federation. Cornette tells us that it’s not over with Simmons, Crush and now Randy Savage. “This isn’t over until we are satisfied and we are far from being satisfied.” Borga chimes in and says in broken English, “Simmons… Crush… Macho Man… you will all find out what Ludvig Borga is all about!”
6. WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated the Natural Disasters in 6:56 when Scott pinned Typhoon. After the match, Earthquake turned on Typhoon by hitting a belly to belly suplex and splashing him three times. Earthquake screamed into the camera saying that he doesn’t need any more “dead weight.”

WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/12/1993
1. Rick Martel defeated Barry Horowitz in 3:52 with the Boston Crab.
2. Bret Hart Hype Video: A video promoting former WWF World Champion Bret Hart is aired. At the end of the video, clips of an emotional Hart sitting in the locker room at WWF SummerSlam and refusing to be filmed by WWF cameras.
3. Ron Simmons defeated Duane Gill in 2:38 following a spine buster.
4. The Smoking Gunns defeated David Jones/Jose Lopez in 2:51 when Billy pinned Jones.
5. Shawn Michaels Interview: Vince McMahon interviews the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Michaels is full of smiles as he has beaten an icon like Randy Savage and believes that he has run out of opponents. He doesn’t believe that there is anyone right now close to having earned a title shot. McMahon reveals to Michaels that tomorrow night on RAW, a ten man battle royal will be taking place with the winner meeting Michaels at the October SNME on October 23rd. Michaels doesn’t appear to be worried and says that the battle royal is just full of losers because the WWF Intercontinental Championship is going to be around his waist for a long, long time!
6. Diesel defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 5:14 following a big boot.

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