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WCW Worldwide 4/9/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Alex Wright defeated Mark Starr
2.) The Nasty Boys defeated Southern Posse
3.) Avalanche defeated John Crystal
4.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Rip Sawyer
5.) The Blue Bloods defeated Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene talks to Randy Savage and Sting. They are still feuding with Big Bubba and Avalanche. They decide to chop each other. These promos are ridiculous. They tell us that the pain they just felt is only a sample of what Bubba and Avalanche will feel.

2. Mean Gene also talks to WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson and Col. Robert Parker. This is literally the same promo that was aired last week. They simply reused it. Good job, WCW!

3. The final stage of transformation of Bobby Eaton is aired next. Eaton is having his nails worked on to give him the final touchups. Regal is now teaching Bobby how to properly speak. Bobby is knighted as Earl Robert Eaton. Regal is seen crying at the moment taking place before him. Eaton is officially a blue blood!

4. The show has about fourteen minutes left, so the main event should get some good time to close the program. Horner and Regal start off the bout with both men trading holds until Regal yanks Tim down by the hair. Horner fireman carry’s Regal and Eaton tags in. Eaton is double teamed with a snapmare and elbow drops. Test of strength between Armstrong and Eaton saw Eaton get the upper hand after a knee lift. Brad leaps off Eaton’s shoulders to jump on Regal! Horner leaps off the top to his a Thez Press on Eaton and they send the heels to the floor. That was a nice sequence! Regal and Armstrong are the legal men. Armstrong is worked over in the corner by Eaton hitting him from the apron. Brad continues to get worked over by the Blue Bloods. Armstrong hits a suplex on Eaton and tags in Horner! Horner cleans house with right hands and a scoop slam. The referee is distracted getting Armstrong out of the ring. Regal put the Regal Stretch on Horner, but Brad broke that up. Eaton comes off the top to hit the Tower of London and pins Horner. That is the new name for the Alabama Jam leg drop. (**. Not a bad match as there was some good action with a neat sequence early in the contest. I like the Blue Blood tag team and Eaton needed a new character.)

Final Thoughts:
Worldwide continues to be an average show with not whole lot going on. The main event was a highlight of the program this week. It’s usually an easy hour program to watch with low midcarders getting time to compete in the ring.

Thanks for reading.

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