Rebooking The WWF: Week 40, 1993

On RAW, A huge six man tag main events the show. On Superstars, Scott Steiner meets Quebecer Pierre in singles action. Crush squares off with Samu on Wrestling Challenge plus a lot of developments as the WWF heads to Saturday Night Main Event!

WWF RAW 10/4/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Jim Neidhart defeated Blake Beverly in 5:14 following a power slam. After the match, Jarrett came down and nearly distracted Neidhart long enough for Beverly to attack him. However, Neidhart fought back and put him to sleep with a sleeper hold. Neidhart got scissors out of his boot and cut of a junk of Beverly’s blonde hair to show Jarrett his fate on October 23rd!
2. Kings Court w/Jerry Lawler: This week Jerry Lawler didn’t have a guest and instead spent the segment insulting Tatanka and Chief Jay Strongbow. Lawler talks about how the fans are supporting someone who hasn’t won a match in months but they boo royalty! Lawler decides to insult the fans intelligence as they chant Burger King. Lawler taunts the fan and Tatanka by saying that Strongbow “sure does know how to take a punch.” which was in reference to Lawler hitting Strongbow on Kings Court a few weeks prior. Lawler says next week on RAW Tatanka will be kicked out of the his tribe and will be the laughing stock of the World Wrestling Federation when he gets through with him!
3. Doink the Clown defeated Neil Walker in 3:05 following the Whoopee Cushion.
4. Mr. Perfect Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Mr. Perfect who made it clear he is focused on defeating Lex Luger on October 23rd. Perfect tells Ross that he is sick and tired of being doubted by the fans and critics. On October 23rd he will walk out as the WWF World Champion.
5. The Smokng Gunns defeated Terry Austin/Louie Spicolli in 3:52 when Billy pinned Austin.
6. Hart Family Video: A video promoting Bret Hart and his relationship with his family is aired. The video focuses on Hart’s care for his parents, who he takes care of. Hart had a sit down conversation where he says that within a few months it looks like he will be unable to keep his parents home which he was able to keep while he was WWF World Champion. Hart gets emotional saying that there are far too many family memories in the house to just let them go away. He is going to fight his way back to the top and regain the WWF World Championship so his family can be happy once again.
7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels/Diesel/Rick Martel defeated Razor Ramon/Marty Jannetty/the Kamikaze Kid in 13:32 when Michaels pinned Ramon after Diesel power bombed Ramon behind the referees back. After the match, Michaels taunted Ramon by holding the championship in front of his face before delivering a stomp to his face.

WWF Superstars 10/9/1993
1. Bret Hart defeated PJ Walker in 3:06 with the Sharpshooter.
2. Lex Luger Hype Video: A video promoting the WWF World Champion, Lex Luger is aired. The focus of the video is Luger’s physique and power as we get various clips of Luger posing and destroying people. The narrator of the video says “who can prove Lex Luger wrong? Lex Luger is the most dominate, powerful champion the WWF has seen in several years and by the looks of things he could reign as the champion for a long, long time!”
3. Yokozuna/Ludvig Borga defeated Barry Horowitz/Russ Greenberg in 2:03 when Yoko hit a double Bonsai Drop.
4. Randy Savage Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Randy Savage. Before the interview, footage of Bam-Bam Bigelow attacking Savage and tossing McMahon to the floor is aired. Savage checks on McMahon’s condition who says he is fine after a weeks rest. Savage talks about his recent losing to the younger talent like Ramon, Michaels and Bret Hart. Savage isn’t going to be bullied around by a big bully like Bigelow tries to be. “You want to attack me from behind, brother? Well, get ready for a fight because you have awaken the dark side of the Macho Man! OH YEAH!”
5. Jeff Jarrett defeated Jason Donald in 3:32 following a jumping DDT.
6. WWF World Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner defeated Quebecer Jacques in 9:56 following a Frankensteiner. After the match, Johnny Polo entered the ring and broke a hockey stick over Scott’s back. Rick Steiner tried to save his brother but the Quebecers double teamed Rick as well. The Quebecers posed with the WWF World Tag Team Championships to close the show as Polo jumps around the ring.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/10/1993
1. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Scott Steele in 2:52 following a diving head butt.
2. Chief Jay Strongbow/Tatanka Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Tatanka and Strongbow. McMahon first talks to Strongbow who calls Lawler a loud mouth who will be shut up by Tatanka on RAW tomorrow night. Strongbow assures us that he is proud of Tatanka and will celebrate with Tatanka after he defeats Lawler in the middle of the ring. Tatanka chimes in saying that he will make his people proud when he makes sure Lawler pays for the consequences of his actions.
3. The Undertaker defeated Paul Jones in 2:49 following a tombstone pile driver. During the contest, pre-tape comments from Earthquake were aired. Quake says he is the only man that can end the Undertaker because there isn’t a way for the Undertaker to beat him. Quake finishes off by saying that no matter what the urn posses, it is not strong enough to overcome Earthquake!
4. Jim Cornette Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Jim Cornette who says that he has new talent to introduce to the fans, two men who will have the primary focus of bringing him the WWF World Tag Team Championships sooner rather than later. These two men well known in the South and have been involved in some of the bloodiest matches ever, showing him that they will do whatever it takes to win a match. Cornette introduces his new tag team, Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Pritchard, the Heavenly Bodies. The Heavenly Bodies make their way down to the ring and pose for the crowd while Cornette puts them over as a force to be reckon with here in the WWF!
5. Ted DiBiase defeated Carl Williams in 2:14 with the Million Dollar Dream.
6. Crush defeated Samu in 6:13 with the Kona Vice.

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