2CW Living On The Edge VI 4/22/2011

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living on the Edge VI
From: Watertown, NY

There were a few changes to the show. Originally, the 2CW Tag Team Champions the Olsen Twins were to defend against the New Age Outlaws. However, it would be changed to Road Dogg vs. Colin Olsen. Jimmy Olsen would square off against Eddie Edwards, who was originally booked to be involved in the 2CW Heavyweight Championship match against Slyck Wagner Brown and Brodie Lee.

Living on the Edge is 2CW’s WrestleMania, and is typically a very strong show with plenty of notable names. This is the sixth installment.

Opening Contest: Pete D. Order & Superbeast vs. Tim Ruff in a handicap match: Well, this lasts all of thirty seconds. Ruff gets splashed a few times and put out of his misery. The point of this? I wish I knew.

Second Contest: Sara Del Ray vs. Portia Perez: Portia tries to pay off Del Ray with a dollar, and Sara takes it but still wants to wrestle. Del Ray controls Perez early on with some mat wrestling, but Portia gets to the ropes quickly. Perez kicks out of a cover after a northern lights suplex. Del Ray continues her offense with a series of dropkicks. Perez plants Del Ray with a DDT to gain the advantage. Perez has to let go of a front face lock due to using the ropes, and Del Ray briefly has control after a leg drop. Portia drop toe holds Del Ray face first into the middle turnbuckle. Del Ray flips into the corner and breaks the bottom rope. Del Ray manages to hit the forward roll splash in the corner on a second try. A couple of standing front kicks and a roaring elbow for a near fall. Perez drives Del Ray down to the mat with a running bulldog. Sara hits a Stunner! Del Ray attempted a back breaker but Perez counters a roll up with a handful of tights to win the match. (1/2*. Well, that was really boring. I expected these two to put on a good match, but they didn’t click at all.)
After the match, Del Ray calls Perez a little puke and says she cheats every time they wrestle. She issues a challenge for July 15th when the company returns to Watertown.

Third Contest: “Muscle” Marcos vs. Isys Ephex in an MMA match: I have essentially zero interest in an MMA match in pro wrestling. At least after this match the matches seem to be good on paper. The judges are quite young looking and are two students while the other is former 2CW wrestler Gordy Wallace.

Round 1:
Marcos got an arm bar on Ephex briefly before Ephex delivered a series of right hands to get out of the hold. The first round comes to an end after a few punches by Ephex. Literally nothing all that great happened there.

Round 2:
Marcos is backed into a corner and punched several times in the body. Isys takes Marcos down to the canvas for a brief control. Isys had an ankle lock but time ran out for the round before a submission could be made.

Round 3:
Ephex has the control of the round with countless strikes while having Marcos on the mat. Ephex has an arm breaker locked in but the bell sounds for the end of the round. Ephex clearly won the bout, but Marcos wins thanks to corrupt judges. (A complete waste of time, folks.)

Fourth Contest: Killer Steves & Loca Vida vs. First Class in a elimination tables match: All six men are fighting on the floor to quickly start the bout. Pun is working with Mackenzie in the ring while a Ricky Martin song is still being heard. Kruz hits a neck breaker on Graham, sending him to the floor. The music is shut off, finally, as Vida goes after Springate. Mackenzie hits a cross body on Graham and Springate on the floor! A table is set up in the ring with the Steves having Graham cornered. Mackenzie places Graham on the table but is knocked off the top to the concrete floor. Vida counters a piledriver and manages to backdrop Springate on the floor. Pun clotheslines Kruz several times in the corner.

Springate catapults Vida into Graham and Pun who were laying against a table in the corner, but it didn’t break. Vida monkey flips Graham onto a table that isn’t set up. Mackenzie hits a sit down splash as well on Graham. Springate is sent through a table, but I don’t think he has been eliminated. The referee is saying he didn’t go through it, but it’s broken. What?

Graham goes for a sunset power bomb through a table on the floor, but Vida blocked it. Pun has been hitting variations of suplexs throughout the match. Vida blocks a piledriver from Graham on the apron. Graham misses a splash and hits the turnbuckle on the apron. Vida plants Kevin with a DDT on the apron. Vida hits a hurricanrana on Springate on the floor. Vida nearly sends Graham through a table but it doesn’t break. Springate misses a Swanton bomb as Loca rolled off the table.

Pun and Springate are placed on table. Mackenzie splashes Springate through a table while Pun’s table didn’t break. So, we get a double splash off the top to put Pun through the table. Kruz heads to the top and falls off because of bad balance. Graham rolled off but Kruz puts him back on. Kruz can’t get his balance, which is humorous. Kruz leaps off but Graham rolls off and Kruz crashes through the table. Graham has a chair and whacks Vida over the back, the same for Mackenzie.

Graham delivers a Flatliner to Mackenzie. Graham decides to put Vida and Mackenzie next to the broken tables to steal the victory. That’s hilarious. (*1/2. I mean, it’s a simple brawl and the finish isn’t exactly original. It gives the heels more heat, so it accomplishes that, I guess. Vida is an impressive talent that gets lost in these type of matches.)

2CW Tag Team Champions the Olsen Twins come down to cut a promo. Jimmy threatens to send his manager into the crowd. He informs the crowd that Billy Gunn was unable to make it to the show. Colin tells us that the match is off between themselves and the New Age Outlaws. They proceed to brag about still being the tag champs. Eddie Edwards comes out to put an end to the fun and games. Edwards attacks both men! Edwards dropkicks the champs to the floor and gets a microphone. We have ourselves a new match!

Fifth Contest: Eddie Edwards vs. Jimmy Olsen: Edwards takes the champs out with a suicide dive on the floor! Eddie sends Jimmy into the crowd and they brawl amongst the fans. Colin attacks Eddie from behind but doesn’t help Jimmy all that well. Edwards is just chopping Jimmy quite a bit as they make their way back to the ring. Olsen gets a few shots in but can’t maintain control for a long period of time.

In the ring, Olsen hits a snap suplex for a near fall on Edwards. Olsen clubs Edwards across the back to keep control of the bout. Edwards crotches Olsen on the top rope and puts him in the tree of woe. Eddie proceeds to deliver a running dropkick in the corner, twice. Edwards is sent to the floor where Colin gets a few cheap shots in. Eddie cuts Olsen off on the top rope again. Eddie hits a superplex off the top and both men are down! Edwards drops Olsen with a series of elbows and clotheslines. A sit out fireman carry slam by Eddie but Olsen manages to kick out before three!

Olsen gets a knee up in the corner but is kicked while on the top rope. Edwards hits a backpack stunner but only manages to get a near fall. Olsen hits a modified Canadian Destroyer and a piledriver, but Edwards kicks out at two! Edwards knocks Jimmy off the top rope and delivers a double stomp to the back of Olsen and locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Colin gets on the apron but Jimmy runs into him. Edwards has the single leg Boston Crab locked in and Jimmy gives up. (***. A good match between these two which was refreshing considering the start of the show was underwhelming.) After the match, Colin attacks Edwards until Road Dogg runs down to make the save. Here’s our next match.

Sixth Contest: Road Dogg vs. Colin Olsen: Colin uses his speed to avoid Dogg early on and mocks him to get some heat. Dogg nails Olsen with a big boot and follows up with a series of forearm shots and sends Colin over the top to the floor. Jimmy is watching from the entrance way. Colin gets control of the bout and is working over Dogg in the corner. Dogg runs into a big boot in the corner after trying to make a comeback. Dogg tries again with his comeback and knocks Jimmy off the apron with a forearm shot.

Several jabs and a knee drop by Dogg for a near fall on Olsen. Dogg hits a pump handle slam and gets the three. (*. A simple match and not much work needed to be done here. Not sure what was expected here since Dogg is older and Gunn usually carried the work rate for the team.)After the match, Dogg says he got a text message from Billy Gunn. The message said they had two words for them, and well you know what they were.

Seventh Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Brodie Lee: A slow start to the title match as they feel each other out. Brown attacks Lee from behind after a rope break, but his offense doesn’t last too long. Lee sends Slyck to the floor following a dropkick. Lee takes Brown out with a suicide dive on the floor! Brown hits a leaping leg lariat to regain control of the title match. Slyck leg drops Lee throat first across the middle rope. Lee stops Slyck with an uppercut but Brown regains control of the match with strikes. Brown tries a scoop slam but Lee counters with one of his own.

Lee misses a knee drop and Brown regained control. They go to the floor where Lee is working over SWB. Brown works over Lee in the corner with strikes in the corner. Slyck goes to the top but misses a moonsault as Lee rolled out of the way. Lee nails Brown with a big boot and a slide slam for a near fall. Lee super kicks Brown who is kneeling down. Brodie misses a big boot in the corner and falls over the top to the floor. Slyck manages to plant Lee with a tornado DDT on the floor! Brown hits a sit out spine buster and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf! Brodie manages to reach the bottom rope.

Slyck yanks Lee off the top rope but is kicked away. Brodie delivers a running boot in the corner and a half nelson suplex followed by a big boot for another near fall. Lee drives Brown down with a package piledriver but still can’t get a three count. Slyck dropkicks Lee’s knee and locks in the Cloverleaf again in the middle of the ring. Brown manages to get a submission victory in the middle of the ring. (**3/4. A fine match here with the action picking up down the stretch. Seemed like the fans were a little deflated after the tap out as they really wanted Brodie to win the match. A huge victory for SWB managing to beat the top babyface clean. I was surprised to see that, honestly.)

Eighth Contest: Honkytonk Man vs. Cheech: Quite a bit of stalling early on in the match which isn’t surprising at all. Cheeck knocks Honky to the mat, but that didn’t last long at all. Honky jabs Cheech with this thumb to the throat while on the floor. Honky ends the match with the Shake, Rattle and Roll. That was quite boring.

Main Event: Jay Freddie vs. Jason Axe in a Steel Cage match: Freddie slams the door on Axe and they quickly go at it on the floor with Freddie sending Axe into the railing. Axe is sent head first into the cage. Axe returns the favor by sending Jay into the cage as well and the railing. In the cage, Freddie drops Axe with a series of clotheslines. Freddie blocks being sent into the cage so Axe delivers right hands but misses a splash and hits the cage. Freddie continues to send Axe into the cage. Axe backdrops Freddie into the cage and delivers a spinning kick.

Axe sends Freddie into the cage and Freddie is busted open. Axe drives Freddie down with a vertical suplex and taunts the fans. Axe starts to climb the cage but is stopped. Freddie hammers on Axe and yanks him down. Freddie hits a missile dropkick from off the top rope! Axe dropkicks Freddie after he is crotched on the top and is sent into the cage. Axe hits a death valley driver having Jay land across his knee. Axe tries to escape but is stopped once again. Freddie tries for a German suplex off the top but Axe is hanging onto the cage.

Freddie rams Axe into the cage and is able to hit a German suplex! Jay follows up with a tornado DDT to spike Axe head first into the mat. Axe stops Freddie from escaping and hits a superplex from the top of the cage! Freddie hits a running bulldog on Axe and both men are down again. They are on the top rope chopping each other and they both fall off after being rammed into the cage chest first.

Once again they are battling on top of the cage and Freddie proceeds to hit a sick leaping hurricanrana while Axe is sitting on top of the cage! The fans loved that as Jay climbs up the cage. Freddie could clearly escape but instead he goes to the top of the cage and hits a diving head butt. Porita Perez comes down and hands Axe chair, who proceeds to hit Freddie with it. Axe drives Freddie onto the chair with a fisherman buster, as well. Axe has a pair of handcuffs. Freddie is handcuffed to the cage and Axe uses a chair on him. Freddie wants a chair shot to the head but instead Axe drops it and escapes though Freddie breaks the cuffs but not in time. (***1/4. Quite a few good high spots but the finish again kind of kills the crowd. Freddie was probably better off just winning the match and ending the feud there. I just have the old way of thinking that the cage settles feuds and not just a way to advance them.)

Final Thoughts:
Edwards/Jimmy, SWB/Lee and the cage match were the good matches on the show, but the crap just outweighs the good here. LOTE is their WrestleMania and to be honest this one lacked quality matches. The first hour or so was just bad local guys working. I have to give the show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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